7-Minute Warm Apple Crumb Minis

Last week on Tuesday’s Treats I introduced a January mini series featuring mini desserts! I thought we could all kick-off the New Year (or just me, and I’m dragging you guys into it) with bite-size indulgences rather than the whole tray of donuts. Are you on board?TUESDAY-TREATS-JANUARY-EDITIONLast week we had mini Brownie Sundaes, and this week… 7-Minute Warm Apple Crumb Minis! No, seriously. They are loaded with soft apples that are oozing with warm cinnamon flavor and topped with a nutty-sweet crumble. Perfection, in under ten minutes!

7 Minute Paleo Apple Crumb

7 Minute Paleo Apple Crumb


Apple Filling

Crumb Topping


  • Preheat oven to 350
  • Place chopped apples in a microwave safe bowl and add cinnamon, lemon, and water
  • Microwave for 1 minute
  • Mix and microwave for another 1 min
  • Mix and microwave for a remaining 30 seconds or until soft- set aside
  • In a bowl combine topping ingredients until crumbly
  • Place on baking tray and bake (in toaster oven or oven) for 5 minutes
  • Place apple filling in shooter glasses and layer with crumb topping
  • Recipe Notes

  • Serve warm with dairy-free whipped cream!
  • 7 Minute Paleo Apple Crumb

    7 Minute Paleo Apple Crumb

    Last week’s mini: Warm Brownie Sundaes  

      Healthy Brownie Sundae {Mini-Indulgences}

    Today marks 2 weeks into the new year. Are you sticking to your resolutions?

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