Copy-Cat Paleo McGriddle Breakfast Sandwich

I’ve never actually had a McDonald’s McGriddle sandwich. I don’t think I need to get into why, but even when I did eat that kind of stuff, I never thought to order the McGriddle (slash let’s be real, I was all about Taco Bell back then)… Judge away! Maybe a little too indulgent for my breakfast palette? Not sure.

Anyway, I’m in New York visiting friends and family for the week, so I wanted to make Mike and I a fun breakfast before I departed. He’s been wanting my take on this breakfast sandwich for quite some time now, so I decided to go for it. Let me tell you, it definitely did not disappoint. Maybe we can get him to comment here {hint hint}, but he, my trusty and honest taste-tester, really did say it was better than the real thing. PLUS, it’s made with my protein pancakes, organic farm fresh eggs, and nitrate-free bacon. Take that, McDonald’s!

Copy-Cat Paleo McGriddle Breakfast SandwichI went for pure syrup. I think next time I’ll go with a little grass-fed butter instead!

Copy-Cat Paleo McGriddle Breakfast Sandwich

Copy-Cat Paleo McGriddle

Preparation 10 min 2017-03-24T00:10:00+00:00 Cook Time 10 min 2017-03-24T00:10:00+00:00 Serves 1     adjust servings


Protein Pancakes

Everything else

  • 4 organic farm-fresh eggs
  • 4 strips nitrate-free bacon (or sausage)
  • Optional: serve with pure maple syrup


  • Prepare bacon as desired
  • In a bowl, mix together pancake ingredients
  • Grease pan (coconut oil or grass-fed butter), place molds onto pan, and pour pancake mix into each mold, cook over medium/low heat
  • When pancakes begin slightly bubbling on the sides, carefully remove the mold and flip pancakes
  • Cook for an additional 2 minutes or until fully cooked through, and set aside
  • Using the same size molds, crack eggs into the egg molds, once egg whites begin cooking, gently break the yolk, let cook until fully done
  • Assemble sandwich and serve
  • Recipe Notes

    1. Don't pour too much pancake batter into the molds, we wanted them a bit thinner then they ended up in the end
    2. Servings: 4
    3. Amount per serving: 1
    4. Calories: 235
    5. Fat: 11g
    6. Carbs: 15g
    7. Protein: 18g

    Copy-Cat Paleo McGriddle Breakfast SandwichDid/do you ever eat fast food? If so, what was/is your ultimate order? *No Judgement Zone*

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