What I Ate: Travel Edition + Farm to Table Trip

After sharing my first What I Ate Wednesday last week, so many of you said you’d like me to continue sharing these on the blog! So here I am, with week two. Only, this week’s a little different (again) since I’ve been in California on a Muir Glen Organics farm-to-table trip! I was torn whether or not to post a day of eating on my trip (which I was likely to do anyway all over social media), or do it a little different and share a day of eating while traveling. After a little Facebook/Instagram poll, the travel day won, but I decided to do BOTH anyway (since my travel food was far from excellent or eventful). So, a little bit of a long post, but lots of good eats on this amazing trip!

Let’s start with Tuesday, my travel day:

I woke up, took a shower and get ready for the trip. My flight was in the morning so we left the house for the airport but first I had my coffee with collagen (as talked about in last week’s WIAW), since I wasn’t ready for a meal just yet.

I arrived at Boston-Logan, got settled in, and sat down at Stephanie’s in the United Terminal for some breakfast. I ordered an omelet with bacon and avocado (um… YUM), to fill me up for as long as possible, since I knew the day would be a little hectic. I ate and relaxed, contemplated a mimosa but decided against it, and waited for my first flight with an almond milk iced latte from Peet’s. I love that they have almond milk there!

I arrived in Chicago with half an hour to kill so sat down to check my emails. I should have really planned this a little better and brought something for lunch (see, this is why meal prep is SO important). Anywho, I overlooked that lunch aspect and had to settle for a fruit and nut bar and some fruit on the plane to hold me over. Those bars aren’t awesome for my stomach but it was the best flight option they had, unfortunately. 

I arrived in Sacramento with a few hours to kill before dinner. I decided on a hotel workout (see below) and then was beyond starving and wanted some protein. Not wanting to totally kill dinner, and not knowing the area where I was, I went over to Starbucks and the nice guy hooked me up with two egg things (not sure what you call microwaved egg patties). You guys really haven’t been seeing a normal eating day for me yet- I rarely let myself get so hungry or go for the last option! In desperate times, you make do the best you can. I’m human, too!


A bunch of us met for an amazing dinner at Grange (this made up for my not-so-great travel food), and then I hit the hay for a big following day. Here is my travel day eats:


You guys are not going to believe the amount of food consumed next. Seriously.

I awoke the next morning in Sacramento to a perfect breakfast in my room. We then met downstairs to head to one of the Muir Glen organic farms. It was a great experience tasting tomatoes fresh off the vine, learning about organic farming, and the process.

From there we headed back to Mulvaney’s B&L for a tomato tasting led by Lynn of The Splendid Table, and then a HUGE lunch. Huge and delicious, and of course, farm-to-fork.

Following the lunch, a group of us opted for a walking food tour of Sacramento. Even MORE food. We stopped at Mayahuel Museo, Downtown & Vine, Mother, Ambrosia, then detoured to Ginger Elizabeth for some chocolates. Full yet?

Back to the hotel we went to freshen up for the big event of the trip: a dinner at Windmill Vinyard  (seriously, that place is beyond stunning) hosted by Lynn and Sally from The Splendid Table, who by the way are so so sweet. The dinner was amazing. The food, the scenery, the band, the wine pairing. A perfect evening.


It was a truly great trip and I am so glad I got to meet and spend time with some seriously awesome people (check some of them and their work out here: Sean from Punk Domestics, Robin from MNN, Emma from The Kitchn, Stephanie from Vibrantly, Jenny from Nourished Kitchen, Lynn & Sally from The Splendid Table, and so many more fantastic foodies).

And now I’m ready for a detox!


Do you know much about organic farming? How do you eat on travel days? And, what is one of your favorite places in the US to visit?

This was a sponsored trip from Muir Glen Organics, all opinions are always my own.

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