Easy Blueberry Jam [VIDEO]

This 4-Ingredient Easy Blueberry Jam is thickened with chia seeds, lightly sweetened, and seriously delicious!


Another week, another great Healthy Food Friday with American Express!

This month we’re celebrating Summer fun, and what better than to celebrate with a healthy kid-friendly jam that can be topped or spread on everything!

Ice cream, crepes, oatmeal, muffins, yogurt, pancakes, waffles, toast, or even have a spoonful plain



Blueberries are a superfood that I simply cannot get enough of.


When they are back in season I stock up weekly and when they’re just about to go out of season, I freeze a bunch for smoothies and muffins!



Say goodbye to store-bought jam loaded with preservatives and sugars.

This jam is free of refined sugars and such a fabulous healthy alternative to traditional jam.

You are going to be amazed at just how quickly it comes together and how thick it gets!

I give the credit to the chia seeds, a super healthy seed used as the thickener!

This jam is also so customizable! Want to add more fiber? Toss in ground flaxseeds! Want to add more lemon flavor? Add some lemon zest! You can even switch up the fruit and make this with strawberries or raspberries if you want to try another flavor!

My go-to spreadable jam recipe all Summer long!



Easy Blueberry Jam

Preparation 5 min 2017-08-24T00:05:00+00:00 Cook Time 15 min 2017-08-24T00:15:00+00:00 Serves 2     adjust servings


  • 2 cups fresh organic blueberries
  • 2 tablespoons raw honey
  • 2 tablespoons lemon juice
  • 2 tablespoons chia seeds


  • 1. Coat blueberries with raw honey
  • 2. Transfer coated blueberries to a pot and add lemon juice
  • 3. Heat over medium/low heat until blueberries are soft and bubbling (5 minutes)
  • 4. Lightly smash blueberries and reduce heat slightly
  • 5. Add in chia seeds and mix to combine
  • 6. Bring heat back to medium/low and let bubble (but not burn) until jam thickens (another 5 or so minutes)
  • 7. Turn heat off and let cool for 5-10 minutes before transferring to jars
  • 8. Store in fridge for up to 2 weeks

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