Strawberry Asparagus Salad with Bacon & Almonds

Strawberry Asparagus Salad [gluten-free, paleo-friendly, dairy-free] | Lexi's Clean Kitchen

This Strawberry Asparagus Salad with Bacon & Almonds is bursting with flavor and full of nutrients!

Sweet fresh and local strawberries combined with salty bacon, nutty almonds, steamed asparagus and perfectly cooked chicken = the ultimate mid-Simmer salad!


Spring produce is back! Asparagus, strawberries, radishes, artichokes… I love this time of year. Just when you think the Winter will last forever, the sun starts coming out, there is less and less need for that heavy jacket, and you’re just about ready to turn the grill on permanently.

Asparagus is one of those vegetables that is just so Spring.

My go-to? Simple roasted asparagus seasoned and finished off with a touch of lemon!

You can’t go wrong. This season I have made it my mission to explore the ways to use asparagus, though… Salads, soups, you name it!

How To Prepare Asparagus

Let’s kick the season off with this Strawberry Asparagus Salad!

Strawberry Asparagus Salad with Bacon & Almonds | Lexi's Clean Kitchen


Add in grilled or pan-fried chicken to make it a rounded protein-packed meal (even though asparagus is a good source of protein), and ta-da, a perfect Spring meal!


Paleo-friendly, dairy-free, and grain-free! Omit the honey in the dressing to make this salad Whole30 compliant!





Shaved Asparagus and Sausage Sweet Potato Noodle Pasta from Inspiralized

Lemon Ginger Asparagus with Toasted Almonds from The Healthy Maven

Sesame Roasted Asparagus from The Corner Kitchen

Cream of Roasted Asparagus Soup from Nutmeg Nanny

Hot and Spicy Balsamic Vinegar Asparagus from Imagina Inventae Intenta

Pan-Seared Halibut with Corn Hash and Asparagus Pureé from Crazy Foodie Stunts

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Asparagus, Dill, and Onion Egg Casserole from Everyday Maven

Dijon Maple Asparagus from Food Faith Fitness

Spring Harvest Buddha Bowl with a Dill Vinaigrette from With Food & Love

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What is your favorite way to cook asparagus?

Strawberry Asparagus Salad with Bacon & Almonds

Preparation 5 min 2017-08-24T00:05:00+00:00 Cook Time 10 min 2017-08-24T00:10:00+00:00 Serves 4     adjust servings


  • 1 bunch fresh asparagus
  • 4 slices nitrate-free bacon
  • 2 cups fresh strawberries
  • 1/2 cup almonds, chopped
  • Optional: 1 lb grilled chicken breasts
  • Optional: 3 cups fresh spinach

Strawberry Vinaigrette

  • 1 cup organic strawberries
  • 1 tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil
  • 1 teaspoon balsamic vinegar
  • 1 teaspoon raw honey
  • Pinch of sea salt


  1. Steam asparagus for 5 minutes, or until tender and set aside. Sprinkle with sea salt and pepper.
  2. In a medium skillet, cook bacon until crispy. Place on a plate lined with paper towels while you assemble the rest of the ingredients.
  3. Once bacon is done, pour almost all of the bacon fat into a heat-proof bowl or jar and place in the fridge to solidify before disposing of it! Pat chicken dry and season with salt and pepper. Place chicken in the skillet with the small amount of bacon fat. Cook until browned on each side.
  4. Place all of the vinaigrette ingredients into a blender. Blend until well combined.
  5. For serving: Place optional spinach on a serving dish. Top with steamed asparagus, sliced strawberries, almonds, and bacon. Drizzle with dressing and serve with extra dressing on the side!

How To Build The Perfect Smoothie

Can you believe April is here? My year runs alongside the school calendar, so I particularly can’t believe the school year is almost over! April brings the start of some warmer weather, and of course, April vacation; which after that the school year simply flies by. The next few months are exceptionally exciting for me, and I can’t wait to soon share all of the excitement that is going on with you guys, my internet family! 

But let’s get to this week’s Healthy Food Friday with American Express. This month we are focusing on smarter money and budget-friendly healthy foods. Starting off with bananas seemed like a no-brainer. Bananas are a power fruit. They are packed with health benefits, there are so many ways creative ways to incorporate them into your daily diet, and bonus, they are a total budget-friendly fruit!

Aside from some other delicious uses for bananas (i.e: banana bread donutsprotein pancakescocolate chip banana muffins, and waffles), I can’t get enough of frozen bananas in my morning breakfast or post-workout smoothie. Let’s talk about building a perfect smoothie, shall we?

Step One: Choose a base, 1 cup

Step Two: Choose your fruit (fresh or frozen, I go frozen), 1-2 cups

Step Three: Make it green, 1 cup


Step Four:  Make it creamy, 1-2 tbsp

Step Five: Add a boost, 1-2 tbsp

Step Six: A Little Something Sweet

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How To Build The Perfect Smoothie
SmoothierecipesCoconut Banana Cream Protein Smoothie

My Go-To Coffee Banana Smoothie

Creamy Green Smoothie

Mini Chocolate Covered Banana Milkshakes 

Vanilla Almond Chai Green Smoothie from  Taste Love and Nourish

Orange Julius Ice cream from Kitchen-Tested

Avocado Green Smoothie from Alidas Kitchen

Strawberry Banana Coconut Smoothie from Cupcakes and Kale Chips

Caramelized Banana Peanut Butter Blender Ice Cream from Savory Simple

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Lemony Green Sorrel Smoothie from With Food and Love

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Skinny Cherry Banana Smoothie from Inside BruCrew Life

Frozen Bananas Smoothie  Prep

I was selected by American Express to contribute to their Tumblr community. As such I was paid for my services, but all opinions in general and about American express are my own.

What is your all-time favorite smoothie?

Vanilla Maple Almond Sunbutter

I am just loving this Healthy Food Friday series with American Express. I can’t believe this is the last friday in March! Have you caught on that the emphasis this month was DIY and foods that give you energy/keep you healthy? Next month is all about budget-friendly!

Let’s recap: We started the month off with the immune system-boosting garlic, then for week two we had eggs, to give you protein-packed fuel for a busy day (plus a DIY homemade mayo recipe), last week we had coffee (which has more health benefits than just keeping you focused), and now we’re here with… ALMONDS!

The Benefits of Raw Almonds

Almond butter is a no-doubtly a delicious snack. I mean really delicious. Some days you just need a spoonful, but on other days, the options are endless; spread it on some fruit, top your morning pancakes or cereal bowls, even add it into a smoothie for additional healthy fats. A good quality almond butter can be over nine dollars in your grocery store. Making your own DIY nut butter is so easy, SO delicious, and budget-friendly. Plus, you know the exact ingredients that are going into it. Although healthy fats, keep moderation in mind: 2 tbsp of almond butter are about 200 calories!

Vanilla Maple Almond SunbutterI absolutely love this creamy combination of almonds, sunflower seeds, maple, and vanilla.Vanilla Maple Almond Sunbutter


Vanilla Maple Almond Sunbutter



  • 1. Preheat oven to 350, Line a baking sheet with 1 cup sunflower seeds and 1 cup raw almonds and roast for 5-7 minutes
  • 2. Add your roasted nuts to your food processor (I use a 10-cup food processor, this is the one I use- It is inexpensive and works great)
  • 3. Start your food processor and blend until nuts become flour-like for 3-5 minutes
  • 4. Now it's time to be patient, add in your coconut oil, put your food processor on, and let it do the work. After another 8-10 minutes or so, scrape down the sides
  • 5. Put the food processor back on and blend for an additional 10 minutes. Stop every few minutes or so to scrape down, add in vanilla and pure maple syrup here- at this time it should be just about almond butter consistency- blend until fully smooth and creamy (just when you think it'll never happen, it does, so be patient)!
  • Recipe Notes

  • -The process should take about 20-25 minutes. If you use a different size food processor you'll need to adjust the amount of nuts you use, and the time as it will vary.
  • -I don't recommend using a food processor smaller than 10-cups (I've broken one before)!
  • Vanilla Maple Almond Sunbutter

    Aside from a fun take on your traditional almond butter, here are a ton of other recipes using almonds, all of which are gluten-free, dairy-free, and paleo-friendly.

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    Homemade Almond Milk from Nutmeg Nanny 

    Date Almond Hamantaschen from Busy in Brooklyn

    Cocoa Dusted Almonds from Corner Kitchen 

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    What is your favorite way to sneak almonds into your diet?

    Healthy Food Friday: Coffee

    I don’t know about you, but coffee definitely starts off my day. Therefore, I place a big importance on the freshness; the type of coffee I buy, where it comes from, and how I store it. Some people choose to give coffee a bad rap, but truth be told (and studies that prove it), coffee can have major health benefits. Like anything else in this world; everything in moderation! 


    Have you ever felt tired after drinking a cup of coffee? Good coffee is great for you, but bad coffee can contain mold, along with other things, and can affect different aspects of your body negatively. So, definitely consider the coffee you purchase, where it comes from, and how fresh you keep it. For example, you wouldn’t buy a pre-sliced cake and expect it to last as long and be as fresh as a whole, unsliced cake, right? Buying pre-ground coffee is no exception!

    COFFEEMy order? I usually go for black with some cinnamon, and if my local coffee shop offers almond milk, I’ll take a splash or two! Anyone else dreaming of warm weather, iced coffee, and windows down in the car? I definitely am! I also love coffee in my morning smoothie and morning pancakes!


    Coffee Banana Protein Smoothie

    Chocolate Chip Espresso Pancakes

    Espresso Chocolate Chip Pudding


    Dark Chocolate Coconut Pudding from Edible Mosaic

    Road Trip Energy Bars from Tasty-Yummies

    Triple Chocolate Coconut Hamantaschen from Kitchen Tested

    Coffee Crinkle Cookies from Overtime Cook

    Mexican Mocha Hot Chocolate from Cupcakes and Kale Chips

    Grilled Coffee Balsamic Flank Steak from Cooking on the Weekends

    Turmeric Chai Latte from Savory Simple

    Easy Mocha Glazed Icing from The Weary Chef

    Almond Coffee Green Smoothie from Taste Love and Nourish 

    Raw Hazelnut Chocolate Brownies from Texan Erin

    Mini Mocha Macaroons from Everyday Maven

    No Tomato Chili from A Girl Worth Saving

    Coconut Coffee Ice Cream from Running to the Kitchen

    I was selected by American Express to contribute to their Tumblr community. As such I was paid for my services, but all opinions in general and about American express are my own.

    What is your go to coffee order?

    Homemade Mayo

    Eggs are a nutrient-dense, protein-packed food that you can prepare in a million different ways. They are a huge part of my weekly meal prep and diet!

    What you can find in this jam-packed post: 

    • Health Benefits
    • How To’s
    • Recipes to use eggs with
    • A new recipe for Homemade Mayonnaise (all the way at the bottom)

    Fresh EggsEggs are a major part of my diet and I switch up the way I prepare them based on my mood and the dish: soft-boiled, scrambled, poached, over-easy, etc. 

    How To Poach Eggs

    Now, for some egg-cellent (had-to) RECIPES.

    uSETHEMINSaucy Bacon and Chorizo Baked Eggs

    On-The-Go Baked Egg Nests

    Paleo McGriddles

    Mexican Breakfast Casserole

    Sweet Potato Bun Breakfast Sandwiches


     Zucchini + Onion Hash with Farm-Fresh Eggs from With Food and Love

    Paleo Quiche from Everyday Maven

    Spinach Herb Omelette {flourless crepes} from Gourmande in the Kitchen

    Quick Mushroom, Zucchini & Thyme Sauté with Fried Egg from Cookin’ Canuck

    Vanilla Bean Floating Island from Seasonal and Savory

    Now, for the mayo recipe you have all been waiting for!

    Have you ever read mayonnaise ingredients? Have you ever looked for one without canola oil or soybean oil? I am astonished. I have searched around the stores for a mayonnaise that I would feel comfortable eating and… NOTHING. Good thing homemade is super easy!

    What is your favorite use for mayo? Right now, mine is different variations of chicken salad such as this Apple Dill Chicken Salad.

    Homemade Mayo

    Homemade Mayo


    • 1 egg at room temperature
    • Dash Himalayan ssalt
    • Dash freshly ground pepper
    • 1 1/4 cup light olive oil
    • 1 tsp lemon juice
    • 1 tsp ground mustard

    Spicy Mayo

    • Add 1 tsp sriracha (continue adding more as desired)

    Herb Mayo

    • 1 tbsp Italian seasoning


  • Place all ingredients minus oil in a large container
  • Using a hand immersion blender, blend until smooth
  • While blender is on, slowly stream in oil and blend until thick and creamy
  • Store in air-tight jar for up to 2 weeks in refrigerator
  • Recipe Notes

  • Roasted Garlic Mayo
  • Sun-dried Tomato
  • Wasabi Mayo
  • Dijon Mayo
  • Homemade Mayo

    I was selected by American Express to contribute to their Tumblr community. As such I was paid for my services, but all opinions in general and about American express are my own.

    What is your favorite use for mayo? 

    Healthy Food Friday: Garlic


    Happy March, my friends! March brings a few things, two of which being Daylight Savings and the First Day of Spring (hallmark occasions in my book after the Winter). This month we are focusing on foods that give you energy and keep you healthy! I want to start the month off with garlic because it is an essential part of my cooking for so many reasons. Of course, it adds great flavor to many savory dishes, but more so, it is used around the world as a natural medicine to boost immunity when sick, help with inflammation, can aid in clearer skin, and more. When I’m feeling a cold coming on, I’ll add some fresh garlic into my tea!


     Now… let’s talk peeling garlic! There are many different ways, but here is my go to.

    Healthy Food Friday: Garlic

    1. Place garlic clove on your cutting board

    2. Place the flat part of your knife (edge away from you) on top of the clove

    3. With the palm of your hand, press down onto the garlic clove

    4. Now simply peel skin right off!

    Now… how can you use that garlic? 


    Organic Garlic Mill

    OXO Garlic Press

    Garlic Storage Container


    Salmon Alla Puttanesca

    Lemon Roasted Chicken {with Garlic, Capers, and Artichokes}

    Light Sesame Asian Meatballs

    Crock-Pot Pesto Chicken Salad


     Thai Fish Cakes with Spicy Mayo from All Day I Dream About Food

    Honey Garlic Chicken Wings from Savory Simple

    Garlicky Kale with Red Beans & Rice from With Food & Love

    Spring Zucchini Pasta with Peas, Leeks, and Watercress from Inspiralized 

    Chicken Rollatini with Arugula Pesto from Ask Chef Dennis

    Sun-dried Tomato Pesto Stuffed Flank Steak from Running to the Kitchen

    60 Second Garlic Mayonnaise from Apron Strings

    Creamy Roasted Garlic and Cauliflower Soup from Tasty Yummies

    Roasted Garlic Salad Dressing from An Edible Mosaic 

    I was selected by American Express to contribute to their Tumblr community. As such I was paid for my services, but all opinions in general and about American express are my own.

    What are your favorite ways to incorporate garlic into your diet?