The Ultimate Foodie Holiday Gift Basket

The Ultimate Foodie Holiday Gift Basket is something any foodie would love this holiday season! Plus, gift it in a slow cooker as an added basket bonus!

The Ultimate Foodie Holiday Gift Basket

Day 5 (the last day) of DIY Gift Week is here!

Five days of DIY Gifting! I hope you’ve been loving these and getting your gifts ready. They are great for friends, family, teachers, coworkers, and so on! 

Monday: Espresso Candied Pecans

Tuesday: Best Ever Chicken Rub

Wednesday: Homemade Bark

Thursday: Pancake and Waffle Mix

Friday: The Ultimate Foodie Holiday Gift Basket


Grab these awesome gift ideas + custom printable labels through the links above! Everyone will love your homemade gifts this year, especially your wallet!

Today’s gift is The Ultimate Foodie Holiday Gift Basket, for the cook in your life you want to splurge on! Tons of awesome goodies compiled into one adorable holiday gift!

The Ultimate Foodie Holiday Gift Basket

What you’ll need to build this basket:

The “Basket”: 

Slow Cooker

The Goodies Inside:



Kitchen Towels


Measuring Cups & Measuring Spoons


Hand Soap

Pan Scraper

Pot Spoon Holder

Hand Grater

Package of Spices

Good Quality Salt 

Good Quality Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

Vanilla Extract 

To Assemble:



Card Stock (White) Card Stock (Brown)

Printable Labels


Pancake and Waffle Mix

DIY Gift Week would not be complete without my Best Ever Fluffy Pancake and Waffle Mix from the Lexi’s Clean Kitchen Cookbook! These pancakes/waffles are gluten-free, grain-free, and totally the real deal! Everybody that makes these LOVES them so much! 

Pancake and Waffle Mix

Day 4 of DIY Gift Week!

Monday: Espresso Candied Pecans

Tuesday: Best Ever Chicken Rub

Wednesday: Homemade Bark

TODAY: Pancake and Waffle Mix! 

This mix is my favorite. I usually make a double batch to bring to my mom because she loves them so much. The printable labels below will make it easy for you to create a single, or a double batch as the perfect holiday gift this year! 

Pancake and Waffle Mix

What You’ll Need:

Jars (mini or larger- adjust sizes based on quantity you are giving)

Printable Labels: Double Batch Labels or Single Batch Labels 


Card Stock (White) Card Stock (Brown)

Pancake and Waffle Mix

Pancake and Waffle Mix

Grab your FREE Printable Labels: Double Batch or Single Batch!


Espresso Candied Pecans

These Espresso Candied Pecans are the perfect DIY gift giving treat! They are easy to make, and you can make large batches to package up for friends and family this holiday season!

Espresso Candied PecansDIY Gift Week is here!!!!!

Each day this week on you’ll find new DIY gifts that you can prepare for the holidays! Yes, Monday (today) through Friday, and man do we have good things planned for you. 

I love making my own treats as gifts for people. It has such a wonderful personal touch, and with that you can save some money. A win-win! I’m kicking off DIY gift week with these candied nuts because they remind me of those delicious smelling nuts in the mall. Do you know those? That’s what my kitchen smelled like with each batch of these! 

Espresso Candied PecansWhat you’ll need:

Plastic Bags


Card Stock (White) Card Stock (Brown)

Printable Labels

Espresso Candied Pecans

Espresso Candied Pecans

Download your free printable labels here!

Happy DIY gift week! Check back for more the rest of the week!

Salad Roll-Ups

These salad rollups are a healthy holiday appetizer that are gluten-free, light, and require NO COOKING! Plus, they are easy to make and customizable! They are even wonderful as a lunch box snack. 


The holidays and New Years Eve are quickly approaching. I mean, how is it already mid-December, you guys? SCARY. The holiday spirit is strong, and we are surrounded by family and friends! What else could we ask for? Ahem… GOOD FOOD! Yes? Yes!

This means we need to get some appetizers ready for the holidays, NYE, or just a healthy *EASY* bite amid all the crazy shopping days and busy holiday times. Did I mention no cooking required? BOOM.


This week for Healthy Food Friday with American Express, let’s make some easy Salad Roll-Ups and talk about customizing them! 




I was selected by American Express to contribute to their Tumblr community. As such I was paid for my services, but all opinions in general and about American Express are my own.

What easy appetizers are your favorite to serve?

Cranberry Orange Scones

These Cranberry Orange Scones are the perfect holiday treat to wake up to! They are bursting with fresh cranberries and refreshing hints of orange zest. Plus, they are gluten-free, grain-free, and dairy-free!

Life has been busy, you guys!

But in the best way possible. I’ve been cranking out recipes for my cookbook with a messy routine of testing and writing, testing and writing. Then cleaning. If only my dishes would magically do themselves! On top of that, I’ve been bringing you new recipes, infographics, posts on favorite household products and the importance of sleep, exclusive email newsletter content, and so much more. I also have some fun projects planned for 2016, like weekly dinner meal plans and shopping guides all of January! So STAY TUNED!

Next week we are heading to New York (where I’m from) for some good old time with family and friends. I hope you have some awesome holiday plans, and if you’re cooking, I got you covered!

But first, scones.





What is your holiday morning staple?

Cranberry Orange Margarita

This Cranberry Orange Margarita is a festive spin on your classic Margarita, perfect for your next party!

Fresh squeezed orange juice, tequila, a touch of real cranberry juice, and a dash of sweetness and orange zest make this margarita the perfect holiday cocktail!


You know what time of the month it is… my collaborative blog post with my blogging besties! And this month we’ve pulled out the stops to bring you festive and healthier cocktails.

Healthy Cocktail Recipes


I want all of those right now, and it’s only 11am! 😉


Cranberry Mint Mojitos from Fit Foodie Finds

Get festive this winter and make these delicious and refreshing Cranberry Mojitos! They’re made with all the classic mint mojito flavors with a splash of cranberry juice.

cranberry mint mojito


Coconut Chai Hot Toddy from Running to the Kitchen

 This coconut chai hot toddy is made with a generous splash of dark rum, spices and creamy coconut milk for the perfect cozy holiday drink.

Coconut chai hot toddy


Pomegranate Champagne Cocktail from The Healthy Maven

This Pomegranate Champagne Martini makes the perfect celebratory cocktail for your next party. It’s sweetened with a touch of honey and pomegranate juice for a healthier drink recipe.

Pomegranate Champagne Martini


Almond Joy Martini with Chocolate Coconut Water from Eating Bird Food

This Almond Joy Martini is a rich and nutty cocktail featuring chocolate coconut water, vodka and a splash of amaretto. It’s perfect for holiday parties and a tad healthier since it’s made with coconut water.

Hooville Martini

Are you ready for some festive margaritas?! I know I am.  

Cranberry Orange Margarita

Cranberry Orange Margarita

Cranberry Orange Margarita