Cauliflower Baked Ziti

This Cauliflower Baked Ziti from the No Excuses Detox Cookbook is the perfect LOW-CARB vegetarian meal! I love the idea of using cauliflower as a lower carb and higher nutrient alternative! This dish is so creamy, dreamy, and a great gluten-free, nut-free, grain-free, and vegetarian meal the kiddos will LOVE!

I was super excited when my friend Megan from The Detoxinista’s newest book arrived! It’s filled with so many family friendly recipes that I cannot wait to make. I started with this Cauliflower Baked Ziti since we are in a grove with our Meatless Monday series! If you tolerate cheese, this recipe is for you!

Here are a few others that I have my eye on:

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Strawberries & Cream Freezer Pops

Frosty Chocolate Shakes

Carrot Cake Cupcakes

Cauliflower Baked Ziti

Preparation 0:05 2017-07-26T00:05:00+00:00 Cook Time 0:45 2017-07-26T00:45:00+00:00 Serves 4     adjust servings


  • 1 head of cauliflower, cut into florets and chopped
  • 2 cups pizza sauce (store-bought or homemade)
  • 4 eggs
  • 1 cup ricotta cheese
  • 2 teaspoons Italian seasoning
  • 1/3 cup grated Pecorino Romano cheese
  • 1/2 teaspoon fine sea salt
  • 2 cups fresh baby spinach
  • 2 ounces shredded cheddar cheese


  1. In a large Dutch oven, combine the cauliflower and pizza sauce and stir well to coat. Bring the sauce to a boil over medium-high heat and, once at bubbling, lower the heat to a simmer. Cover the pot to let the cauliflower cook until fork-tender, about 15 minutes.
  2. Preheat the oven to 350°F. In a medium bowl, beat together the eggs, grated Romano cheese, ricotta cheese, Italian seasoning and salt. Set aside.
  3. After the cauliflower is tender, stir in the spinach and simmer to cook off any excess moisture in the pot, to ensure that the final result isn’t watery. Remove the pot from the heat and stir in the egg and cheese mixture. Top with the shredded cheese.
  4. Bake for 30 minutes, until the eggs have set and the cheese is bubbly on top. Allow the dish to cool for 10 minutes, then serve warm. Store leftovers in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 5 days.

Recipe Notes

  • *If you want to add meat, sauté it separately, and then add it to the mixture before baking!
  • *Make this a freezer-friendly meal: Follow steps 1-3, instead of baking it, pour the ingredients into an oven-safe dish. Cover well and freeze for up to 3 months. When ready to serve, thaw in the fridge overnight and bake!
  • *Adapted with permission from the No Excuses Detox Cookbook by Megan Gilmore

Grab your copy today!

St. Paddy’s Day Green Pancakes {Hidden Veggie}

St. Paddy’s Day is around the corner and whether you have Irish roots or not, it’s all about all things GREEN. Green smoothies, green pancakes, green cupcakes. Am I right? Yes, definitely right. At least about the green pancakes!

GREEN St. Patty's Day Pancakes - Colored with HIDDEN VEGGIES + paleo-friendly! | Lexi's Clean Kitchen

I’m really into hidden veggies lately. My neighbor has the most adorable toddler who doesn’t love eating veggies. After talking with her about sneaking veggies into food for her kids, I knew getting creative to do so would be fun; and can be holiday-festive, too! These are not only perfect for your stubborn junk-food loving kiddo, but spouse and adults alike. Now let’s nourish your family with a festive breakfast packed with good-for-you ingredients!

GREEN St. Patty's Day Pancakes - Colored with HIDDEN VEGGIES + paleo-friendly! | Lexi's Clean Kitchen

Side note: You don’t taste the veggies one bit in these. Kid-approved!

GREEN St. Patty's Day Pancakes - Colored with HIDDEN VEGGIES + paleo-friendly! | Lexi's Clean Kitchen

St. Patty's Day Green Pancakes {Hidden Veggie}

Preparation 5 min 2017-07-26T00:05:00+00:00 Cook Time 15 min 2017-07-26T00:15:00+00:00 Serves 8     adjust servings



  • In a bowl combine almond flour, tapioca, baking powder, and dash of sea salt. Add in eggs and mix.
  • In your blender, blend spinach and apple sauce until smooth then add to your batter. Mix well to combine.
  • Add in chocolate chips or add-ins of choice.
  • Heat grass-fed butter in a skillet over medium heat and pour in batter into circles.
  • Let cook for 3-4 minutes on each side or until golden brown.
  • Continue with remaining batter.
  • Transfer to a plate and serve!

GREEN St. Patty's Day Pancakes - Colored with HIDDEN VEGGIES + paleo-friendly! | Lexi's Clean Kitchen

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Find more hidden veggie recipes here!

Have you experimented with hidden veggies? How do you sneak veggies in for your family?

Paleo {& Nut-Free} Crispy Chicken Tenders & A Healthy Back To School Menu

Happy MONDAY, you guys! Remember the epic Valentine’s Day, Spring Salads, and Mother’s Day Brunch round-ups this past year? Well, my lovely and talented blogger friends and I are back at it! Bringing you recipes that’ll fuel your family for the start of a new school year.

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Personally, I am headed back into my classroom today, and my students arrive on Wednesday. So that meals Sunday meal prep will be in full-force. It means I need my energy!

Healthy Back to School Menu

You’ll find a Vanilla Breakfast Quinoa Bowl from Fit Foodie Finds, my new Crispy (and nut-free) Chicken StripsTwo-Bite Hidden Veggie Brownies from The Healthy Maven, and an after school Almond Joy Smoothie from Nosh and Nourish!

Let’s start with breakfast, shall we?

Vanilla Bean Breakfast Quinoa from Lee @ Fit Foodie Finds! A great, delicious, and nutritious breakfast.  breakfast-quinoaNow, you’re going to want to throw these Hidden Veggie Two-Bite Brownies in your kids lunch box, along with yours! From Davida, The Healthy Maven.

Hidden Veggies Two-Bite Brownies

Along with those bites, pack my new Crispy (paleo and nut-free) Chicken Strips with a side of your kiddos favorite dipping sauce (and a veggie).

Scroll all the way down for the recipe!Crispy Nut-free Chicken StripsLastly, make this Almond Joy Smoothie from Kelly at Nosh and Nourish for that after school deliciousness! 

babycakes sippingHow cute is Kelly’s daughter?

Now, let’s talk about those tenders. Crispy, breaded, tender, delicious, nut-free, and baked! Great for those nut-free classrooms you may or may not have!

Crispy Nut-free Chicken Strips

Paleo and Nut-Free Crispy Chicken Strips



  • Preheat oven to 375
  • In a bowl combine flours, salt, and pepper
  • In a separate bowl whisk together eggs
  • Dip sliced chicken breasts into egg, then dredge in flour mixture- repeat until all chicken is coated
  • Place chicken on lined baking sheet
  • Bake until crispy and golden, flipping halfway through, but juicy in the center* (for me this was about 10 minutes each side)
  • Recipe Notes

  • *Cooking time will vary based on thickness of chicken. Make sure to keep an on eye on them to avoid overcooking.
  • Crispy Nut-free ChickenstripsCrispy Nut-free Chicken Strips

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    Healthy Back-To-School Menu Collage

     We all know the school year can be EXPENSIVE. So we teamed up to give two readers a head start with an Amazon gift card, to make things a little bit easier for you!



    What is your favorite back-t0-school tip; whether it’s for your kids or for YOU!?

    Apple Nachos & Kid-Friendly Apple Snacks

    Although I’m not giving up on Summer JUST yet, the school year is beginning and that means BRAIN FOOD. Brain food along with easy nutritious snacks, crock-pot, make ahead, and 20-minute meals.

    The past two week’s of my Healthy Food Friday series with American Express have been focused around all things noted above. No-Bake Powerbites and Mason Jar Lunches, and now featuring the almost in-season, super health fruit… APPLES.
    Apple Nachos & Kid-Friendly Apple Snacks
    Let’s talk about an easy breezy snack that any member of your family will love. APPLE DESSERT NACHOS. For starters, you can completely customize these. You need apples of course, and then toppings of choice. This is the perfect late night healthy treat, or the perfect after school snack fuel to keep your family going for the rest of the evening.

    Apple Nachos & Kid-Friendly Apple SnacksEach bite loaded with delicious flavor, plus some great healthy additions of nut butter, coconut, seeds, nuts, and well.. chocolate, because we all love chocolate. Apple Nachos & Kid-Friendly Apple Snacks


    • 2-3 organic apples (I like Honeycrisp)
    • 1/2 cup dark chocolate, melted
    • 1/4 cup nut butter, melted
    • 1/4 cup homemade caramel
    • 2 tbsp coconut flakes
    • 2 tbsp nuts
    • 2 tbsp golden raisins


  • Slice apples into thin wedges and arrange on plate
  • Drizzle melted chocolate, nut butter, and caramel
  • Top with desired toppings and serve
  • Recipe Notes

  • Topping options are endless!
  • Apple Nachos & Kid-Friendly Apple SnacksApple Nachos & Kid-Friendly Apple SnacksApple Nachos & Kid-Friendly Apple SnacksApple Nachos & Kid-Friendly Apple Snacks

    7 Minute Warm Apple Crumb Minis

    Cranberry Apple Crisp

    Baked Apple Pie Chia Pudding

    Apple Pie A La Mode Smoothie

    Chocolate Dipped Apple Pops

    Crock-Pot Apple Butter

    Paleo Apple Cider Donut Holes

    Apple Dill Chicken Salad


    Apple Cinnamon Cookies from Civilized Caveman

    Healthy Candy Apple Wedges from An Edible Mosaic

    Chai Apple Chips from Fit Foodie Finds

    No Bake Sticky Apple Bars from PaleOMG

    Green Apple Fruit Leather from Oh My Veggies

    Raw Caramel Apple Cobbler from Spabettie

    Spiced Apple Smoothie from Tasty-Yummies

    Raw Apple Pie Bites from The Healthy Maven

    Maple Apple Chips from Baked By Rachel

    Honey Vanilla Applesauce from Seasonal and Savory

    I was selected by American Express to contribute to their Tumblr community. As such I was paid for my services, but all opinions in general and about American express are my own. 

     What is your favorite apple recipe? 

    Paleo Pizza Crust: BBQ Chicken Pizza

    This Paleo Pizza Crust, BBQ Chicken style, is one of our favorites! The crust is the perfect all-purpose gluten-free and grain-free crust that everyone will love! The homemade BBQ sauce will be a favorite all season long.

    Paleo Pizza Crust: BBQ Chicken Pizza

    Let me be real for a minute here. Back when my brother and I were kids, Domino’s was on speed dial. In fact, I can recite our local Domino’s phone number still to this day (I’m not proud of this). The reason I’m sharing this is so you understand how I feel (felt) about pizza, specifically thin crust. With pepperoni. So good and now obviously so so bad.

    Paleo Pizza Crust: BBQ Chicken Pizza

    Many of you have tried my Paleo Pizza Crust made with eggplant, and although I love that recipe, I wanted something more dough-like, more crust-like, and simpler to throw together. After all, we don’t always have 1/2 hour to grate eggplant, and start making the pizza.

    Paleo Pizza Crust: BBQ Chicken Pizza

    If you follow me on Instagram, you may have virtually watched me make 5 versions of this to get it right, and now it is soooo right. I made this into BBQ Chicken Pizza with my Sweet and Smoky BBQ Sauce, but you can get as crazy as you want with toppings!

    Paleo Pizza Crust: BBQ Chicken Pizza


    Paleo Pizza Crust: BBQ Chicken Pizza

    Paleo Pizza Crust: BBQ Chicken Pizza

    Preparation 7 min 2017-07-26T00:07:00+00:00 Cook Time 23 min 2017-07-26T00:23:00+00:00 Serves 8     adjust servings



  • Preheat oven to 350
  • In a bowl combine tapioca, coconut flour, baking powder, salt, garlic, Italian seasoning, and flax
  • Add in warm water and mix well
  • Add in palm shortening and egg; mix well
  • Line a baking sheet with slipat baking mat or parchment paper; sprinkle with tapioca flour
  • Roll the dough into a ball (it'll be somewhat sticky- it's okay)
  • Plop the ball onto your baking sheet and cover with an additional peach of parchment paper
  • Using a roller, gently roll out dough until thin*
  • Bake until crispy- about 20 minutes
  • Add desired toppings and place bake in the oven for 5-7 minutes**
  • Recipe Notes

    1. *If you make it too thin, it'll be hard like flatbread, you want it about 1/3 inch so it rises and is dough-like.
    2. **Precook chicken and other meats before placing on your pizza
    3. Please note that I can't vouch for substitutions that I have not personally made. I have tested this recipe numerous times and have found following this exactly will yield in a great crispy, yet bread-y crust. If you choose to make changes, the recipe may not come out the same.

    Zesty Chicken Bites

    Zesty Chicken Bites | Lexi's Clean Kitchen

    These Zesty Chicken Bites are the perfect healthier version of your favorite chicken nuggets!

    They are low carb, flavorful, and completely gluten-free and grain-free. A reader favorite and loved by adults and kids alike!

    Zesty Paleo Chicken Nuggets - Lexi's Clean Kitchen

    While snowed in last week, I was craving an appetizer-like snack that I could make with the organic chicken breasts I had in the fridge.

    I realized that it’s been a while since I’ve had chicken cutlets. My beautiful mom makes killer chicken cutlets.


    Zesty Paleo Chicken Nuggets - Lexi's Clean Kitchen

    She made them often growing up and then passed the recipe along to me years ago.

    You can bet those days were filled with some delicious chicken parm.

    Since those breadcrumbs are no longer in my diet, my task was set! Instead of the whole chicken cutlet thing, I went with bites (or nuggets), call it what you’d like.

    And I made them spicy. Amazing. The perfect appetizer when entertaining or just for your football Sunday get together

    The perfect appetizer when entertaining or just for your typical Football Sunday get together!

    Zesty Paleo Chicken Nuggets - Lexi's Clean Kitchen

     These Zesty Chicken Bites are perfectly crispy. Your friends won’t even know they are healthy and gluten-free!

    Read through the comments below to see how others have made this recipe their own!

    Paleo Zesty Chicken Bites

    Preparation 8 min 2017-07-26T00:08:00+00:00 Cook Time 25 min 2017-07-26T00:25:00+00:00 Serves 4     adjust servings



    1. Preheat oven to 400°F and line a baking sheet with parchment paper.
    2. In a bowl, combine almond meal/flour and all spices.
    3. In a separate bowl crack 1 egg and add 1/4 tsp water, whisk together well.
    4. Cut chicken into bite size pieces.
    5. Dredge the chicken pieces into the egg and toss until fully covered.
    6. Transfer chicken pieces to the spice mixture and coat evenly.
    7. Place on baking sheet; repeat until all are coated.
    8. Bake for 12-15 minutes then flip chicken bites over and cook for another 10-12 minutes until golden and crispy.
    9. Serve hot with your favorite dipping sauce!

    Recipe Notes

    • *Depending on how many chicken pieces you use, you may need to increase the flour/spice mixture.
    • *Serving size will depends on how small or large you make the bites. Mine make about 20-25 chicken bites.
    • *Leave out parmesan cheese for fully dairy-free.