The Ultimate Paleo Sandwich Rolls

I’ve been thinking about bringing paleo-friendly bread and rolls to LCK for some time now. But I knew before I did that I needed to make sure they fit specific criteria. They need the right flavor and fluffy, soft, air-y, bread-like texture. You see, I’ve never bothered buying gluten-free breads in the store. I never thought it was worth it because I always felt they were dense, not the right flavor, etc.

My ‘Everything Bagel’ Cauliflower Rolls are a huge hit around the web. But let’s be real, just like cauliflower pizza crusts, they are still cauliflower. They can’t really taste like pizza (or bread). So I bring you: The Ultimate Paleo Sandwich Rolls. Trust me. 

Paleo Sandwich Rolls

These are so real bread it’s not even funny!

The Ultimate Paleo Sandwich Rolls

The Ultimate Paleo Sandwich RollsThe Ultimate Paleo Sandwich Rolls



Can you see that texture? Easy, breezy sandwich rolls. Trust me!


What is your all-time favorite sandwich combination?