10 Tips for a Healthier Weekend

For many people the weekends can often mean a break from your usual diet and fitness routine. It’s definitely much easier during a busy work week to stay on schedule, exercise, and eat healthy; then when the weekend comes to let it all go. But, don’t let one weekend ruin your goals and your whole week of great habits! Be aware of where you will be tempted to indulge, and plan around it. Now, go enjoy your weekend and see these tips on American Express’ Tumblr!

10 Tips for a Healthier Weekend

A few key things to remember:

Go into the weekend with a healthy mindset: Go into the weekend thinking you are going to stay on track, you’re more likely to actually stick with your plan that way!

Plan ahead: Go over your weekend plans and think about them in advance. Don’t go STARVING to that party! If you’re going away, do a little food prepping of healthy snacks to bring with you. And if you know you have dinner reservations, check out the menu online and decide on your healthy options that you know you’ll be satisfied with!

Treat yourself occasionally throughout the week: If you never let yourself having anything you want, you may end up eating it ALL when you let yourself (for many, that’s the weekend). So, have that treat, that glass of wine, or that piece of dark chocolate mid-week, and don’t feel guilty about it! It’ll pay off in the end.

Be realistic: It’s the weekend! Enjoy yourself. Have that glass of wine and the meal out with friends that you’ve been craving, but be smart, watch your portions and limit your drinks (you definitely don’t need to reach for that bread basket)! Moderation is key.

Splurge in a healthy way: “What a long week, I totally deserve a splurge!” Indeed. You may feel like you need a bit of a splurge, and by all means, go for it! But make your splurge healthy. How about treating yourself to a massage rather than that box of cookies? Or some air-popped pop corn over a bag of chips.

Don’t let one set back keep you from moving forward: So, you indulge a little too much one weekend, does that mean your whole plan goes out the window come Monday? No! Pick up where you left off. Detox your body with tons of water, and get past it!

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