Best of Lexi’s Clean Kitchen 2015

What a year it has been! I am so grateful and cannot believe all that has happened this past year. I am so excited for the new year and have SO much in the works, but need to step back and reflect on the amazing things that have gone on in 2015. I can also thank all of you for all that has happened, because if it weren’t for you being here, none of it would have been possible. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart! I hope you have nourished your lives with healthy and delicious recipes this year, and that you’ll be back for even more in 2016!


Okay let’s take a look.

  • For starters and probably the biggest news. I left my full-time teaching job, and on my two-year blogging anniversary in June, I announced that I would be blogging full-time

  • But wait, let me back up… in March we got ENGAGED! So now we are planning our wedding, I started blogging full-time, and…

  • THEN I announced that I’d be writing my first cookbook. WHOA. 

  • I also hired an assistant, Sabrina, who helps me in the kitchen and with social media. She’s the greatest and SUCH a lifesaver.

So many announcements and changes in a short 5 month span!


Lexi’s Clean Kitchen got a makeover in 2016. A new color scheme, new fonts,  an updated vibe, and based on reader feedback, easier navigation tools,!


I love some of the new search features! There are new subscribe features, easier search navigation, updated recipe finder page and other new pages, like a travel section, a life section, and a blogging resources section. All brought to you by my amazing team at J Louis Technology.



In 2015 I brought some more travel to Lexi’s Clean Kitchen. 

A Week at Round Hill in Jamaica


Weekend Getaway Canyon Ranch in Lenox


10 Things To Do in Portland, Maine in 24 Hours


blogger event with Tuttorosso Tomatoes in Atlanta, GA


I am so excited to bring you to even more travel spots in 2016, where I’ll highlight healthy eats and so much more! 


BEST OF 2015  

With over 6 million visitors and TONS of content, let’s take a look at some of the favorites for the year! 



Fluffy Pancakes // Buffalo Chicken Bites // Meatball Veggie Soup

3-Ingredient Breakfast Skillet // Grain-Free Dog Treats // Thai Meatballs

Sweet Potato Sliders // Secret Ingredient Brownies // Pumpkin Waffles



INFOGRAPHHow To Build The Ultimate Salad

Grilling Guide

How To Build The Perfect Soup

How To Make The Ultimate Cheese Plate


Oh, MAN! I am just over the moon about all that is to come in 2016. 

Aside from A. Getting married and B. Releasing my first cookbook later this year, which are my two most exciting I’d say ;), I have a ton of blog projects, travel, collaborations, partnerships, recipes, and so much more coming your way! 

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P.S. The first project I am launching in January is a mini series with weekly dinner meal plans and printable grocery lists!




 What are you hoping to see come to LCK in 2016? I would love to hear from you!



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One comment on “Best of Lexi’s Clean Kitchen 2015

  • Love your recipes and blog! I would love to see macronutrient breakdowns on your recipes please! Would make my life SO much easier!


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