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Well, we are off to ITALY this evening!!! We are going to Rome, Florence, and Cinque Terre. I will of course be sharing all the details with you on the blog here, but make sure to follow along on social media while we are there! Also, any recommendations? Comment here if so!!

Nanny and Me - March 2018

I spent some time in New York with family and celebrating a girlfriends bridal shower this month. How cute is my gorgeous nanny (pictured above) who’s 94! We had a scare and she choked while eating and luckily we were able to save her, but it was awful. So I got home and immediately took a CPR/AED/First Aid Course and I highly recommend everyone looking into it.

Otherwise, we’ve been busy in the kitchen here at LCK and preparing for the upcoming months of blog content for all of you!! Mike moved his office space so he’s no longer working at home with team LCK.

And that’s kind of my boring life update!

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Thank you for reading and for being here! XOXO!


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  • So glad your nan is ok!
    Looking forward to reading about the Rice pudding recipe!
    Enjoy Italy!
    Love, Debs @

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