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First of all, HAPPY JUNE. I can’t believe it’s June already. My CSA starts this month, it’s officially feeling like summer here in Boston, and man, it feels good!

Let’s get to this week’s Beyond The Kitchen! Life lately has been fairly low key, and I like it!  This little (okay, big) monkey got a haircut and is looking super cute! P.S. He carries his carrot everywhere. So dang adorable! 

Jax haircut May 2018

We spent some quality time this past weekend in New York at my moms with family, and it was so much fun. Jax and Nanny (who turns 95 this summer) are snuggle buddies. He wants to be wherever she is! It’s so beyond sweet.

Nanny and Jax

My little cousin/nephew is the most fun ever. At the end of the night we snuggled while he watched Finding Nemo and got ready for bed. Baby snuggles are the best ever.

Snuggles with my buddy

We had friends in town and had a super fun dinner at Yvonne’s in Boston. I highly recommend this spot! Tip: make a reservation well in advance! 

Friends Visiting

Otherwise we are just enjoying the warmer weather, being outside more, and making plans for Summer!! 

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Break The Stigma:

I’ve been sharing on Instagram stories about how much I value going to therapy and just wanted to throw it on here that it should not be taboo, embarrassing, weird, or whatever connotation you may have with it! Therapy is an amazing resource that can be so beneficial, in my opinion, for everyone. Remember that every single person has their stuff, regardless of how perfect Instagram may often look 😉 #BREAKTHESTIGMA

Also, I’m going to do a larger post on this, so if you have ANY questions (how to find a therapist, etc.) feel free to comment below, or if they are private, email me at These will be kept anonymous!

Thank you for reading and for being here!



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