My Favorite Non-Toxic Mattress

We got a new mattress, you guys! And we literally never want to get out of bed in the morning. We decided to switch over to a HEALTHY mattress, and I want to talk to you today about why.


My Favorite Non-Toxic Mattress 

 For years we have been sleeping on a mattress that felt pretty good. I mean it was nothing crazy special, but not terrible, either. So why would we toss it? For starters, a healthy lifestyle goes so much further than the food we eat. It’s the products we use on our skin, how we clean our house, the material we sleep with our faces directly on 8-10 hours a night. A healthy, non-toxic mattress is more important than you would imagine. 

I heard about IntelliBED and was intrigued by their mission. They want to promote healthy, non-toxic sleep. But what’s wrong with my sleep? I wear my Blue light blocker glasses, try to remove devices from our bedroom, I must be getting healthy sleep, right? But no, most of what our old mattress was made out of was SCARY, and I wanted out more and more, the more research I did.

We received our IntelliBED (we got the king size with the motion damping- so I don’t feel Mike getting in and out of bed) and can wholeheartedly say we LOVE this mattress. I can’t wait to convert the rest of my family this year. 


How IntelliBED is Different

IntelliBED has put in the work, you guys.  They use a patented gel-matrix that is often used in hospitals as a cushion for burn victims. Why is this? Because it doesn’t bring out heat, like when you toss and turn because you’re hot in the middle of the night. This is me, and it disrupts my deep sleep which is NOT what I want in a good nights sleep.

Their gel technology reduces pressure and is non-toxic. Yep, a healthy mattress! Have you googled what’s in your tempur-pedic? EEEEK. Now, how is it non-toxic when mattresses need fire blocker? IntelliBed uses a green fire blocker, and the rest of their materials are hypoallergenic, non-offgassing and Certi-Pur certified. 

So, the skinny:

  • Completely non-toxic 

  • Quality back support & pressure relief 

  • 30-year warranty (YES, 30 YEARS!)

  • 60-day risk-free trial, and they’ll pay to ship it back, too!


Cost & Durability

In reality, we spent a comparable amount on our old mattress, which we got a number of years out of, but not as many as we’d hoped. IntelliBed has a 30-year warranty, which far surpasses our other mattresses we’ve had and is unheard of in the industry. They’ve done lots of tests on this you guys! It lasts. The gel doesn’t wear like the memory foam does with our weight on it.

Our IntelliBED runs about $3500 for the mattress, which if you break it down per year, is around $115 a year for a healthy, non-toxic sleep. It’s the best sleep we’ve had in years, honestly.


I’m interested, how do I learn more AND get a 10% off discount

A mattress is a big purchase. I highly recommend giving IntelliBed a call or researching which products would be best for you via their website. They can answer any and all questions you might have, and help you figure out the right mattress for you. Don’t forget to tell them Lexi sent you so you get that special discount.


A BIG, AMAZING FACTOR: They offer a 60 day, risk-free trial, so if you’re interested in trying them, you can have a bed delivered to your door, completely worry-free. If you decide it’s not for you, THEY will pay to have it shipped back to them.  That easy, really. They also will call you right before your 60-days are up, so you don’t have to worry about losing the opportunity to send your mattress back if need be. But honestly, I know you’ll love it like we do.


P.S. If a mattress isn’t in your budget right now, and you still have a bed that is working for you, IntelliBED sells a great mattress topper with their gel matrix that you can lay over the bed you have now!  They also have some pretty awesome pillows (we love the low ones).

 You can use code LEXI10 or tell them Lexi sent you when you call, and they’ll hook you up with 10% off your order (which adds up, trust me)! 

And not just that…

When you place your order within the next four weeks you’ll also receive 2 IntelliBED pillows + a set of Malouf Bamboo Sheets ($500)!

*This special offer applies to a queen or larger mattress, does not apply to the value bed.


Click here to find out more about IntelliBED and get 10% off your order PLUS 2 Pillows & a set of Malouf Bamboo Sheets! 

 Coming next week…

The Importance of Sleep for Your Health

Tips For A Good Night Sleep




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