Guide To Eating And Baking With Apples

Aside from new savory dishes and pumpkin everything, an obvious favorite Fall ingredient… APPLES! This week I wanted to swing back to apples since the farms are stocked and apple picking season is here, but not a recipe this week, instead, a helpful tool before the recipe! My biggest issue when shopping for apples is I often forget which are ideal for sauces, which for apple butter, which for baking, and which for fresh eating. Am I alone? I’m going to guess some of you have been in that boat, too!

The Benefits Of Apples


Guide To Eating And Baking With Apples

This handy guide outlines 12 different apple varieties for you! There’s some overlap here and there, of course. Save this handy guide for the next time you’re buying ingredients for that apple pie (note: for a pie I go with a combination of two apples)!

Guide To Apples

Want apple recipes? Here are some of our favorites!

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18 comments on “Guide To Eating And Baking With Apples

  • I love apple smoothies! Simple apple pie smoothie with a honey crisp apple, 1 tbsp flaxmeal, 1 tbsp almond butter, 1 scoop vanilla protein (optional), cinnamon and unsweetened almond milk to taste. I like to make mine on the thicker side and top with paleo granola. Yum!

  • Hi Lexi– I only eat organic apples but have a question about apple picking. Do you only look for orchards that are organic for apple picking, or do you go to local orchards to pick apples to support the local community but could also risk having all the pesticides and other chemicals on them? I am torn on what to do because there are not many organic apple orchards in Wisconsin, but I also want to only eat organic apples. Just wanted to get someone elses opinion on this; eat local possibly not organic or just buy organic apples from the store?

  • I made these very late at night when I realized I had nothing “sweet” for hubby’s lunch? It was good, but the apple didn’t seem to cook much before the pastry was very brown? Any solutions? How thick was the slice? I also made this with slices of semi firm peaches? I was afraid to use really ripe and have it become too mushy. It was really good too!

  • I also disagree slightly with the chart? I use McIntosh apples to bake with? When I can find them in the Pacific Northwest, I use half thicker slices of Mcs along with a firmer apple sliced thinner. Jonagold is one that we all like! Thanks for the recipes & tips!

  • Kate Anderson says:

    I love Jonathans. I like to eat them out of hand or in any apple recipe. They are smaller apples, usually. They are just sweet enough and just tart enough. Nothing beats a crisp Jonathon. I look for Missouri Jonathans. Apple Dumplings, mmmm.

  • Lisa P. Smith says:

    I love honey-crisp apples but they are too expensive to eat everyday therefore I eat Granny Smith’s and love them. Also West Virginia apples. I don’t know about the other apples except Red/Golden delicious. Thank you for this site…love it.

    • This is just an overview and a good starting point for people! There are SO many apple varieties out there 🙂 This isn’t meant to be an end all be all list 🙂


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