How Much To Serve For Your Thanksgiving Guests

Happy Healthy Food Friday (and almost Thanksgiving prep time) from American Express and I!

Let’s get serious for a second:  Thanksgiving prep is serious business. Especially depending on the number of guests you are planning on having. A lot goes into it: how many appetizers, how much soup, the SIZE OF THE TURKEY, and so on.

I decided a handy chart would be necessary to save to my phone for the next few weeks, and thought you guys might be in the same boat, too!

Thanksgiving Guide

TIP:  If you aren’t doing soup, I generally like to add another side. For example, this weekend I’m hosting a Friendsgiving for 10 people. I am doing salad and 3 side dishes, adding one more since I’m not having a soup!


Now, of course these quantities will vary based on how much or little your guests like to eat (and drink). For you, you may need to cut back on the wine and up the dessert. Alter it for your party needs!


Appetizer Tip: The more appetizers on the table, the less you’ll actually need to make. More variety means you can cut back on the quantities! Think… a dip, a cheese board, sweet potato bites, etc.

One more tip: Don’t forget the gravy and cranberry sauce! Everybody loves those.


I was selected by American Express to contribute to their Tumblr community. As such I was paid for my services, but all opinions in general and about American Express are my own.

What’s your number one Thanksgiving tip? What recipes are staples at your Thanksgiving meal each year?

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