Kitchen Remodel: Before and After

You may have noticed that we moved last month. I shared pictures on Instagram of the process, I blogged less, and had long nights filled with quick meals and tons of shopping. It was all worth it and we are so happy in our new home.

Aside from the important things, like you know… paying a mortgage, dealing with the leak in the basement, etc., I’ve learned a few main things going from apartment living to being a homeowner: I will never take a driveway, backyard, and porch for granted! I mean seriously. What a game changer.

Our two main things we really wanted to find (aside from more space), were a yard and a nice big kitchen (obviously). Want to see where Lexi’s Clean Kitchen began a year ago?

OldLCKYep, in that ^ tiny kitchen! I’m not complaining. I had some seriously good times in that kitchen. But seriously? It was time for a major upgrade.

After months of looking we walked into our home and knew it was the one. People always say ‘you’ll just know…’ well, it’s sort of true, and despite the offers that don’t get accepted and paths that often change, it all works out exactly how it should in the end.

Let’s talk kitchen, shall we? (See the bottom of the post for specifics)


We ordered that pretty cool (if I say so myself), Lexi’s Clean Kitchen sign from this Etsy shop. We are Etsy obsessed now. That’s also where we found Valentino Designs for the kitchen island!


The new faucet, soap dispenser, and sink came from my uncle’s store, C&L Plumbing Supply, in Long Island, New York. I fell in love with that faucet instantly! If you’re in NY, I highly recommend checking out my uncle’s store! It’s pretty amazing!


Valence curtains, breakfast nook bench, and art (I’m thinking copper pots) on that empty wall. Those will be the finishing touches! Update: Mike built a custom breakfast nook bench in the back! 


The island stools are from Pottery Barn and all of the appliances are GE. Update: I am not in love with my GE appliances.

What we did:

1. Painted the walls: Benjamin Moore Windsbreath OC-24 (and removed old shelving on the walls)

2. Had the cabinets painted and replaced the hardware (similar to these). This was a big part of how we saved money and stretched our budget, keeping the old cabinets! The cabinets were pained with two coats oil-based paint. From everything we’ve learned, and anyone we’ve talked to about it, oil is the way to go for cabinet durability.

3. Redid the floors. Handsawn Oak Laminate Flooring, special order from Home Depot.

4. Granite countertops in Polar Vortex from Sudbury Granite (we were going for the White Carrera Marble look, without actually using marble). *UPDATE: 8/2017, our granite is damaged and has not held up well. Sadly we are looking into replacing with a quartz. If you have questions about my experience, message me as I don’t recommend the above.

5. White Subway Tile Backsplash

6. Custom Island from Valentino Designs Reclaimed Wood Furniture

7. The new faucet, soap dispenser, and sink came from my uncle’s store, C&L Plumbing Supply, in Long Island, New York.

And there you have it! Our kitchen remodel on a budget!

We kept the old cabinets, and didn’t make any major changes to the plumbing/orientation of the layout. Those were the two major ways we kept the costs low!

What’s left to do?

Mike’s building a breakfast nook bench alongside the window. I cannot wait for that! Lastly, valence curtains. I’m not sure how that’s the last thing I’ve waited to do!

July 9, 2014

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31 Responses

  1. What a great transformation! Love the white cabinets, they look modern but still cozy because of the design. The new island is beautiful and looks so much more accessible and versatile.

  2. Wow amazing! There is such a difference! I love how it is modern but still classic with a bit of vintage thrown in. I am a sucker for light granite lol

  3. We are gearing up to remodel our kitchen right now! What was the order you did everything in? Any more tips to keeping cost low? Thanks so much! Love your remodel!

    1. Hi Kylie! Thanks so much. Such an exciting time. The granite came last (well, before the backsplash), but took a good month for the whole process at the place we went to, so definitely plan for that.

      We did… paint cabinets/hardware – paint walls – redo flooring – appliances – granite countertops – backsplash.

      We kept costs low by not rearranging any plumbing/layout, and not replacing the cabinets. You can always find deals at Lowe’s and Home Depot for your appliances so definitely shop around!

      Good luck!

  4. Hi Lexi, your Kitchen looks absolutely stunning. I am so glad that me and Sudbury Granite, were able to provide to you the Perfect Granite – Polar Vortex 🙂 for your Kitchen Style.
    I loved! Enjoy your kitchen!!

  5. love the kitchen… especially the island… can you please give me the name and brand of the paint color on the island? thanks and happy 2015 in your new place!!

  6. Hello- Love your blog & your kitchen transformation. I am in the process of deciding to paint my cabinets and was wondering if you would share the color you used? They are beautiful & exactly what I am looking for… Thanks so much,

  7. I LOVE the sink!!! I actually own that EXACT faucet and love it as well for its function and beauty:) I can’t wait to see the rest of the remodel pictures!

  8. I lıke your kitchen style. What is the color of the sink . and Where did you get it. online shopping ? I want to buy it for my kitchen

  9. How is your Polar Vortex holding up? We’ve had our for 8 months and the ring spots, etching and scratches are horrible. We don’t put anything on it with chemicals or anything, mostly just water glasses, plates, normal stuff. They say it was installed correctly and sealed. We are heartbroken. We did not expect this from granite. Have you had similar issues?

      1. It turns out what was sold as “polar vortex granite” is actually Brazilian marble. We’re still trying to get it replaced. Hopefully you are having better luck getting some kind of compensation or help than we are – we’ve gotten nothing. So, we’ve given up completely and are going with a different stone yard. It’s been such a nightmare and becoming a very expensive nightmare. Anyone want a heavily discounted 4×8′ island top? I’d be curious to here how goes your battle.

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