Light Cocktails: Collaborative Guest Post

Two things make me happy this morning. Well, more than two actually, but let’s start with the two related to this post, how’s that? One reason being that it’s Friday, of course, and that I’m headed to New York this afternoon to visit my family! The second reason for happiness is this fun collaborative post brought to you by Marks & Spencer and myself. Why was it fun? Well… they provided the content and I taste-tested and photographed! Win-win. 

Two Healthy Cocktail Mix Recipes 

It’s common knowledge that red wine has good benefits to health, but little do many people know that there are other alcoholic beverages that present similar advantages. Pair them with fruit extracts and you’ll be doubling the healthy benefits that they can do for the body. 

Here are two awesome cocktail drinks with good health benefits: 

Light Cocktails: Collaborative Guest Post

Peach Bellini 

Peach Bellini is a very tasty and healthy drink that contains Prosecco wine. Peach is great for keeping the skin healthy since they’re rich in vitamins A and C. In addition, according to the Telegraph, Prosecco has been proven to be beneficial for the heart since it has substances that can reduce strokes and other diseases. Additionally, in line with M&S Prosecco wine info page, the beverage is the perfect aperitif to serve in many occasions that is good with white fish and summer salad – both of which are healthy – so pairing this cocktail with food wouldn’t be very hard. 


Prosecco wine 
½ cup of peach nectar 
1 piece of dried peach 


First, pour the peach nectar in a champagne glass.

Then, add the Prosecco liquour on top.

Lastly, top the drink with a dried peach. 


Cranberry Mimosa 

Cranberries are rich in fiber and drinking its juice significantly lowers the risk of obesity, hypertension, and diabetes. They’re also rich in Vitamin K that has cancer-stopping properties and anti-inflammatory essences. In addition, sparkling wine contains antioxidants called flavonoids that help reduce bad cholesterol and blood clotting. 


Sparkling wine 
½ cup of fresh cranberry juice (no added sugars!)
3 pieces of fresh cranberries 


First, add cranberry juice in a wine glass. Then, pour sparkling wine to top. Finish with cranberry garnishing. 

Cranberry-MimosaWhat are you doing this weekend?


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