My Home Office: Loving Lately

It’s been a long time since I’ve shared a Things I’m Loving Lately post with you!

In fact, it’s been a little quiet on Lexi’s Clean Kitchen lately. Have you noticed? I’ve been super busy with deadlines for my upcoming cookbook, and I have been busy pouring my heart into this book to make it something that you’ll truly cherish in your kitchen!

I wanted to chat today about my home office, and some things I am absolutely LOVING lately, and also seeing major health benefits from.

For starters, I’ve organized my growing cookbook collection (by color, obviously), and topped our bookshelf with fresh tulips (because, Spring), and some nicknacks from HomeGoods (my happy place). I love the light this room gets, and kept the curtains sheer so it can all flood in!

Lexi's Clean Kitchen Home Office

Now, to my desk, and newly, a standing desk. I cannot believe it has taken me this long to convert from sitting to standing. I have seen so much improvement in my posture and my shoulder pain since I’ve started standing more and it’s a pretty wonderful feeling!

Lexi's Clean Kitchen Home Office

I decided to hold off on purchasing a pricy standing desk and making my own to fit the vibes of my office. I figured out the height that was ideal for me, and used a rustic wooden crate and a wooden printer stand (which I love as a handy place to store my camera and laptop) and just like that- a standing desk! Perfection.

The two items that I am absolutely loving for my standing desk are the Topo by Ergodriven Anti-Fatigue Mat and the FluidStance.

The Topo Mat encourage frequent movement. It is specially designed to engage the blood pumping mechanism of your calves. Especially with the cushion, it allows me to be able to stand all day feeling energized.

The Fluidstance is my newest toy that I can’t say enough great things about. It creates constant movement below your feet to increase your range of motion and heart rate. The biggest thing I notice when standing all day- whether writing or cooking, is that my hips lock in one position. With the Fluidstance, I’m swaying, balancing, stretching, and rocking while working.

If you have a standing desk, or are looking to go back and forth from sitting to standing, I highly recommend both of these products! Note: I was not paid to write about these products. I did receive product to try.

Lexi's Clean Kitchen Home Office

Here’s a little glimpse at my bookshelf. I arranged it with some pops of color, some (fake) plants, a print from my friend Beth of Tasty Yummies Etsy shop, and a few of my favorite books right now.

Lexi's Clean Kitchen Home Office

Of course, I also have an inspiration board that I fill with food photography inspiration and quotes that motivate me. The lovely Gaby, from What’s Gaby Cooking, inspired me with her content calendars, so of course my OCD self had to hop on board. I love this framed (I framed them myself) content calendar set-up that I use to organize what I have going on! I use this along with my daily hand-written weekly planner.

Lexi's Clean Kitchen Home Office

There it is! A glimpse inside my workspace. And when I’m not at my standing desk, I’m on my laptop snuggling with my puppy.

Book Shelf: Target

Desk: Etsy

Lamp & Accessories from HomeGoods

Anti-Fatigue Mat: Topo by Ergodriven

FluidStance: FluidStance Website

Content Calendars: River & Bridge With DIY Frames: Target

Inspiration Board: Pottery Barn 

Wall Pens & Pencil Holder: Target

Shelves: Target


April 13, 2016

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4 Responses

  1. Hi!

    I am working on setting up my at home work space, and I love the space you’ve created here! I did have a question about the small wooden printer stand that your keyboard is set up on. Did you make that yourself, or did you buy that somewhere?

    Thanks so much!

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