October 2013 Highlights

October2013titleNow that November 1st is here, which is also my beautiful mother’s birthday- Happy Birthday, Mom!, I wanted to recap a great month. I can’t believe it has come and gone! October was filled with some seriously great eats, a little fun traveling (remember my trip to Toronto where I was able to meet Davida from The Healthy Maven?), two great healthy living infographics for you, and some new and exciting additions to the blog.

In early October Mike and I visited my family & our friends in New York. Did you know that’s where I’m from? I have been living in Boston for a year and a half but was born and raised in New York. It was a great long weekend filled with family dinners, a night out for a friend’s birthday, and a little mom and daughter shopping! When we got home I shared my 8 Natural Ways to Detox After a Long weekend (and a detox soup), which I found really helpful the following week!

The following weekend we headed to Toronto for Mike’s cousin’s wedding. I had never been to Toronto and had a great, but short weekend.  I look forward to going back in the summer (for another wedding), and really spending time exploring the city. 

The remainder weekends were spent at home in Boston; relaxing, seeing friends, and cooking up a storm! 


Row 1:

Row 2:

Row 3:

Row 4:



This month I also shared two healthy lifestyle posts for American Express’ Passion Project.

….And lastly, some new additions to Lexi’s Clean Kitchen!

This month I introduced two (well, sort of three) new features to the blog. I began Tuesday’s Treats and Savory Sunday’s to bring some consistency to my posting. Now, aside from other posts throughout the week, every Tuesday will feature a treat of sorts, and every Sunday will feature a savory meal idea. I also shared the new look of LCK!


And now, I am ready to take on November with full force. This month will be filled with family get togethers, an award’s ceremony (for a teaching award that I won), Thanksgiving, and even more new blog features & recipes to come!

Each month I like to take time and self-reflect. I ask myself what my goals are, what I want to accomplish, and stepping stones for how I will accomplish them. This month, aside from bringing new features to LCK (I’ll share soon, I promise), I am diving full-force into my workout routine; sticking to my schedule and making no excuses! I also may do a mini no sugar challenge (which will be hard with the baking I have in store), but will be beneficial. I have having a few too many sweets the past few weeks, in my opinion. Well, that is all… until my next post!

How was your month of October?                                                         Do you reevaluate goals and self-reflect each month?              

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