Canyon Ranch Lenox: Weekend Getaway

Mike and I had the greatest weekend. On Friday night we drove up to Lenox, MA to the gorgeous Canyon Ranch for a little pre-birthday celebrations! We arrived late, were greeted by the most friendly staff, had a quick dinner (they packed us gluten-free cookies to-go in our room), and we went to relax before a fun-filled day ahead.


We woke up and explored this gorgeous place. It is so serene, quaint, friendly, and relaxing.


We walked down, sat on some adirondack chairs overlooking the woods and rocked (in the words of Emily from Zivamind) a 15-minute meditation to kick start a day of fitness, relaxation, and wellness.



We ate phenomenal food, took awesome fitness classes, got pampered in the spa, and got to take in the gorgeous views of Lenox. At night, they have quite the epic DVD collection filled with old and super new movies. Since the lovely staff always gave us soft, delicious gluten-free cookies to go, the nights were relaxing and filled with cookies and movies in bed, something we never ever get to do!  It was delightful.

All in all, it was truly a fantastic weekend getaway, and with all there was to do- over 40+ indoor and outdoor fitness activities daily, workshops, talks, treatments- I could totally have seen us staying for days and days! 

The Food

There are two main restaurants at Canyon Ranch. The Dining Room (where we ate dinner the first night and lunch the following day) and The Cafe (where we are breakfast both days and dinner Saturday night). The Cafe is new. It is farm-to-table style, and also where you can grab a snack throughout the day, a cappuccino, a smoothie, and so on. Of course, The Cafe was right up my alley and we loved loved loved it there. Especially Sunday brunch because… brunch!


I’m merging together breakfast (Saturday) + brunch (Sunday), because they were both just so fantastic. I started each day with an almond milk cappuccino and went from there. The accommodations for gluten/grain/dairy-free were beyond amazing. I was greeted with a full ingredient list of every single food at CR upon arrival, down to the brand of tomato sauce they use! They had three different types of almond milk, local maple syrup, coconut water for the smoothies. Everything down to the T!

The breakfast you ordered, with the open bar to help yourself to other things, and the brunch was station buffet-style. 

Everything was beyond delicious! We grabbed a quick lunch on Saturday, and then got right back into our day of fitness and the spa! 

Dinner at The Cafe was a highlight for sure. I loved seeing where a variety of the food I was eating came from. What is better than that? It is so apparent how much the chefs value their food and their expertise.  

Bravo to the CR Lenox chefs. It was truly amazing seeing your craft in action. 


P.S. There is no alcohol served at Canyon Ranch. I actually really enjoyed this little detox aspect.

The Fitness  

CR Lenox is different then any spa I’ve been to. It is super focused on fitness, wellness, and health out of just the food and the spa. There were lectures on sleep, an integrative medicine practice where you could actually get tests done right there, and so much more. 

I took a circuit class, spin class, and a yoga class. Now I’m not the biggest Yogi but I am making an effort to get more into it, so I decided to take a class. Antoinette was the teacher and she was beyond amazing. I loved her nature, energy and the vibes of the class. I wish she was here in Boston! Mike took a meditation workshop, a yoga class (more intense than mine), and a kettlebell class which ended up being one-on-one since he was the only person who showed up! 

I really loved the classes, and also loved spending time in the Women’s Spa. Sauna, steam room, hot tub, relaxation area, and more. Total bliss.

Another highlight that we loved was the natural “sports drink” in the fitness area. Seeing the word Sports Drink you can imagine what I thought the ingredient list would look like, but I was in fact wrong! A blend of iced teas, orange juice, white grape juice, lemon oil, and sea salt. That’s it! We added a little to our waters to fuel us through the day. I think I’ll have to recreate this one for all of you 🙂


 Next time, we’ll stay for longer and get outside for one of the hikes and other activities that we couldn’t fit into our stay! 

The Spa

Mike and I both got massages, mine an 80-minute deep tissue and his a 50-minute Swedish. I also got a deep cleansing facial which was phenomenal. I loved the spa area of CR and the awesome, knowledgeable staff there!


Disclosure: I was not paid to write this post, but did receive complementary amenities. All opinions are 100% always my own! 





5 Simple Exercises You Can Do Around The House

Last week I shared on social media that I bought a fitbit and how much I absolutely love it. I mean, I seriously love it. I can’t get enough of it! It tracks my steps, stairs climbed, calories (if you choose to enter food), sleep… everything! 


Since I started wearing it, I’ve noticed a huge change in my daily energy and desire to just move. I am constantly wanting to walk around and be active, especially around the house. So I thought I’d share a few of my favorite ‘life hacks,’ like attaching a sticky to the remote with the word ABS on it, or swapping out your desk chair for an exercise ball!

What are your favorite ways to turn your daily house tasks into mini sweat sessions?

I was selected by American Express to contribute to their Tumblr community. As such I was paid for my services, but all opinions in general and about American express are my own.

Get Your Lift ON!

So many women tell me they want to get lean and see definition but are scared to lift weights because they’ll get too big. What if I told you that won’t happen!

You may (if you’ve been following my Instagram for some time) or may not know that I workout at home. I have a home gym that has everything I need for my daily routines. With that being said, I just made a new purchase and wanted to talk about lifting weights (my favorite).

Myth: “If I lift heavy weights I’ll bulk up”

  • Many ladies are under the impression that if they lift weights they will get “bulky,” but this is 100% not the case. For starters, let’s talk about hormones. It is much harder for women to gain muscle mass then it is for men (we have 10-30 times less testosterone). Therefore, lifting weights won’t make you look like a body builder, instead you’ll get the definition and body you’ve always wanted, feel confident, and look great!

Weight Training & Fat Burn:

  • “Generally speaking, for each pound of muscle you gain, you burn 35 to 50 more calories each day,” says Joey Gonzalez (Barry’s Bootcamp in New York). It is proven that weight training heightens after-burn (after burn means that you’ll continue to burn fat way after your workout is complete), it is also shown that women who lifted heavier weights burned twice as many calories during the two hours after their workout then women who worked out with lighter weights.

Aside from that…

  • You will improve your athletic performance and you will be stronger!
  • You will improve your joint stability and strengthen connective tissue aka preventing injuries.
  • You’ll be happier (studies show that strength training can reduce clinical depression symptoms)


My Experience:

When I got really into fitness I was all about HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). To start let me say that I still incorporate HIIT into my workout regimen. I think it’s great, it targets your anaerobic and aerobic systems and makes you WORK! But after 8 months of my routine I felt (as many feel) that I wanted to see more definition. That was when I found strength training. The results I have seen are amazing. I am stronger, more defined, and confident. I am constantly pushing myself and challenging myself to do more and be better; and in turn I feel great (and feel ready to hit the beach)!

And Lastly, My Product Review!

My new set of Power Blocks are here!!!!!

Reasons why I am in love with the Power Blocks:

  • They are so easy to use. You can adjust your weights in about 5 seconds, making for a quick transition into another move, or if you picked the wrong weight and need to change them quickly.
  • They are compact and sit on a stand. These babies take up hardly any room (which is great for my apartment).
  • Great price for what you’d spend on buying separate dumbbells.
  • You’ll have them forever!

Power Blocks | Why lift weights? |