The Many Names of Sugar

Don’t be fooled, my friends. Read labels in the grocery store and remove those refined sugars from your diet! I realized I was consuming too much sugar when I wasn’t my normal weight, I was constantly tired, my skin wasn’t clear, and was constantly struggling with GI problems. I just didn’t feel good. If you do a little research on refined sugar, you’ll find that refined sugar spikes insulin, feeds cancer cells, suppresses the immune system, raises triglycerides, damages teeth, promotes inflammation, encourages stress, and more.

What are your symptoms? And, if you aren’t sure, try a no sugar challenge and see how different you feel! If you are really addicted (consuming soda on the daily, sweet treats, etc.), don’t cut out refined sugar cold turkey! Rather gradually lessen your refined sugar intake over the course of 1-2 weeks. Why? Withdrawals. Yes, I’m serious. When I did my first 21-day no sugar challenge I had headaches the first 4 days. Scary, huh? I was addicted!

Now, I’m not saying you can never have sugar again! I get by with some great alternatives- and never substitute with artificial sweeteners, as those are even worse for you! Ones that, through my cookies, brownies, or donuts, you’d never be able to tell that they are any different, lower on the glycemic index, and actually contain health benefits. Sugars that I do consume (aside from natural sugar from fruits): organic raw/local honey, organic coconut palm sugar, stevia, and organic pure maple syrup.

Refined sugar is hidden in your food. Don’t fall for it! 


A good article and infographic here: 8 Reasons Why Refined Sugar is So Bad For You via


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4 comments on “The Many Names of Sugar

  • Hi Lexi! Found your blog through instagram! Love your pictures and updates and so happy to have found your blog now too!! 🙂 Loved this post, what a big EYE OPENER! I always thought AGAVE was better than white sugar, because it apparently has a lower glycaemic index, but actually it’s no better than the rest…I will try the organic palm sugar and the maple syrup. But thanks so much for sharing this, so good to know, I will adjust my recipes from now on! 😉 Keep in touch and really congrats to your blog and all your other great activities! 😉

  • Chelsea stump says:

    It is so crazy how many names there are for sugar. It should really be illegal, it’s like false advertising. I wish manufacturers would just be honest about what’s in their products!


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