Lexi’s Clean Kitchen is a jam-packed resource for making your hectic life a little bit healthier, without added stress! LCK is a space to show you that cleaning up your personal environment and what you put in and on your body does not have to be overwhelming or boring, and that it can in fact be fun and exciting! That you can make cleaner choices while still having balance in living your life!

Our goal is to provide you with both healthy solutions to everyday cooking, along with helpful lifestyle content that helps you feel confident about creating a clean home for your family! Lexi’s Clean Living is the ultimate resource for an audience passionate about creating a healthy home.

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Lexi Davidson is the voice and personality behind Lexi’s Clean Kitchen, founded in 2013. Lexi has a passion for sharing that living a healthy lifestyle can be simple, fun, and above all satisfying.

After discovering firsthand the healing power of food, Lexi was inspired to create recipes that omit negative health instigators like gluten, grains, dairy, and refined sugars while still delivering the taste and gratification people expect. She inspires readers to get creative, whether they are gluten-free, eat Paleo, or just love delicious food. Lexi now expands her expertise into the wellness space, helping you live a cleaner lifestyle that’s approachable and not overwhelming.

Since her launch in June 2013, Lexi has become an influential voice in the clean eating and clean living space. Her growing audience consistently turns to her as a leader and trusted source for delicious, nutrient-dense that friends and family love, along with guidance on how to live a clean and healthy lifestyle. 

Lexi lives in the suburbs outside of Boston, Massachusetts with her husband Mike, daughter Skylar, and two Golden Retrievers, Jax and Leo.


Gabrielle is a Registered Dietitian who approaches everything in life with a smile and empathy. Her purpose is to help others tap into their inner wisdom and strength so that they can live their happiest and healthiest life. Her past experience in corporate wellness, complex community nutrition, private practice counseling, clinical nutrition, and nutrition research have come together to illustrate her unique approach to wellness. With her master’s in Health and Wellness Management and her bachelor’s in Dietetics, Nutrition, she brings so much to our team here at LCL! Gabby uses her extensive knowledge and experience to create our nutrition facts panel, writing articles on trending nutrition topics, and more. Outside of work, Gabby is an avid beachbum, lobster roll lover and seeks joy in the simple pleasures of life everyday.



Alli Hoff Kosik is a full-time freelance writer and editor based in Brooklyn, NY, and she’s also the Associate Editor here at Lexi’s Clean Kitchen. Her work has appeared in Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, Real Simple, The Kitchn, HelloGiggles, Brit + Co, and many more. She’s also the producer and host of The SSR Podcast. Here at LCK, Alli will be be developing editorial content and concepts that will add value to your life. In her spare time, you can find her reading, watching embarrassing reality TV, working out, and hanging out with her husband and golden retriever pup, Irv.


Kristin Chalmers is the resident lifestyle photographer of Lexi’s Clean Living. When Lexi isn’t behind the camera photographing food, Kristin is the creative and talented photographer snapping lifestyle photos of Lexi, the team, and so much more. Lexi and Kristin have worked together for years in various capacities, but only recently has Kristin’s role at LCL grown into our in-house lifestyle photographer. Kristin is an award winning photographer, with years of experience in the photography business and film industry that has given her the experience to be a true innovative storyteller, bringing things to life via her artistic eye. Originally from Philly, Kristin lives just outside Boston, MA with her husband and two children, and you can often find her traveling with friends when possible, binge watching a good show, and out to a good meal with friends.

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