Should everyone eat gluten-free?

No! If you feel better without it, that’s one thing. If it doesn’t bother you at all, enjoy! Gluten is one of things that can trigger inflammation in the gut, so if you’re experiencing digestive issues, skin issues, joint pain, or other issues, eliminating gluten (and dairy) are the two things I generally start with.

Spinach Artichoke Dip

Is gluten-free always healthy?

Short answer: NO!

My philosophy with cooking and baking is really looking and caring about ingredients.

Now that there are so many readily available store-bought gluten-free items, reading ingredients is super important. Bottom line: just because something is labeled gluten-free, doesn’t mean it’s a healthier option.

How gluten-free has evolved

When I started eating this way, and writing about it in 2013, gluten-free products weren’t available in the stores like they were now. Back then if you wanted to serve a gluten-free cake for a birthday, you had to make it on your own. This website has been a source for many since 2013 for finding recipes to create foods we all know and love, but made gluten-free. And while many products may be available for purchase that are made gluten-free, it doesn’t always mean they are as good as the traditional versions. Our goal here is always to make them first and foremost delicious, along with as healthy as possible without compromising on taste.

Gluten Free Funfetti Bars
Gluten free cake slice

Gluten-free doesn’t have to mean spending a fortune

You can find gluten-free snacks, flours, etc., at most grocery stores these days, but you can also buy ingredients in bulk and from online stores and save money!

I often shop at: BJ’s/Costco, Thrive Market, Amazon, Trader Joe’s, and other local smaller markets. Target and Walmart do have gluten-free items, and the biggest selection I find is at Whole Foods. I also use various delivery services such as ButcherBox (for my good quality meat), which saves me trips to the store, is convenient, and saves me money.

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