Recapping Our Trip to Italy: Rome, Florence, Venice

I can’t believe how long it has taken me to write this post! I apologize for all those who have been patiently waiting for our Italy recap!!! We ended up going to Rome, Florence, and a day trip to Venice. If you remember, we were all booked for Cinque Terre but weather held us off from going so we quickly changed our plan last minute (travel pro tip #1: don’t be obsessively tied to your schedule)!

P.S. here is the travel camera and the lens that I used for all of the photography (note: this is a macro lens which I love, but that means there is no zoom, so you have to step further away from your subject.

Rome April 2018



Mike and I flew into Rome and really had so much fun exploring the city. We were there during the Rome Marathon so that was pretty cool to see. We stayed at the most gorgeous hotel, and did all the tourist-y things you just need to do your first time there!

Rome April 2018 Sistine ChapelSistine Chapel (shhh…)

Where We Stayed:

We stayed at the amazing Rome Cavalieri, a Waldorf Astoria Resort which is situated in a 15-acre private Mediterranean park, overlooking Rome and the Vatican City. It’s located in a prestigious residential area of Rome, just 3 km from the Vatican City and 5 km from the historic city centre and it’s numerous attractions. It’s a quick train stop or Uber ride to the center of things, within proximity to city center!

I loved this hotel so much. It’s the home of the famous La Pergola Restaurant & Bar, which is the only hotel in Italy to boast a Michelin-rated three star restaurant. The stylish roof terrace offers panoramic views across the city. We enjoyed an amazing dinner at L’Uliveto Restaurant, located at the hotel – overlooking the landscaped park and outdoor pool, this restaurant serves a full menu of Mediterranean and international dishes.

The hotel bar in the lobby served up the largest (and delicious) espresso martinis! The pool and spa were unbelievable, and was a total vacation in the hustle-bustle of Rome, since you are not staying right in the center of the city but for sure within proximity to city center!

Rome Cavalieri

What We Did:

The Food:

Honestly, I don’t know if we did it wrong, because I’ve heard people love the food, but I wasn’t crazy impressed with the food in Rome as I was in Florence. Here are a few stand out spots that we loved.

Rome April 2018

Gorgeous Views

Rome April 2018


Rome April 2018Roma vs. Fiorentina


Florence was hands down my favorite of the three places that we visited. I loved that it was a walkable city, unlike Rome where I felt like we were constantly Ubering (is that a word?) everywhere. I loved the food, the culture, the art, and the atmosphere in Florence so much. As I mentioned, I studied Art History for my undergraduate degree, and this was always a place I wanted to visit. In college when everyone went abroad, finances kept me back from going, so I am so grateful I finally was able to visit a place I learned so much about and really wanted to experience!

Florence April 2018Gluten-Free Pizza at Ciro & Sons — SO good!

Where We Stayed:

We decided to stay in an AirBNB, to switch it up from hotel life in Rome, and honestly, I regret it. I loved the location of our AirBNB (literally right down the block from the Duomo), but after walking around all day and having jam packed days and a filled schedule, I think it’s nice to come home to fresh towels and a made bed, you know? Especially since we weren’t planning on cooking in the apartment or anything like that. So if I were to do it again, I’d personally go for a hotel. Just my two cents. When I travel within the U.S., I love AirBNB, but for traveling abroad, I think I prefer hotels 100%.

What We Did:


Florence April 2018 Ponte VecchioGorgeous Ponte Vecchio

Florence April 2018 EspressoEspresso All Day!

Tuscany Wine TourWinery Day in Tuscany

Tuscany Wine TourChianti Region Wine

Day Trip to Venice:

As I mentioned, we had train tickets and an AirBNB booked in Cinque Terre but last minute had to change our plan due to weather (bummer), however we made the best of it, went to Florence a few days early, and booked a train ticket for a day trip to Venice. Man, did that city blow my mind. The colors, the charm; it was truly breathtaking and so romantic. As much as I loved our day in Venice, I was content with one day there, and so was Mike. I didn’t feel like I needed multiple days, but if I did, I would have planned an excursion to see some Murano Glass!

Venice April 2018

What We Did:

Since this trip was rather last minute, we kept it casual and went with the flow (not my usual planner self), and it was actually so perfect. So while I don’t have amazing food recommendations for you, I’ll share a bit of what we did!

Venice April 2018

A Glimpse of Rome:

Rome 2018

A Glimpse of Florence:

Florence 2018

A Glimpse of Venice:

Venice 2018

Those who have traveled here, what would you add to this list of places to go and places to eat?

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