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I have been traveling A LOT lately and because of this I’ve been sharing some of my travel tips on social media and why I fast when flying. It’s been a hot topic over on my Instagram, with many asking for in a more in-depth blog post, so with that said, let’s take it away!

Travel Tips

Fasting While Traveling

Before we get into fasting, I thought I’d share my top travel tips, along with ones you have sent me!

My Top Travel Tips:

  • Pack a sweatshirt or blanket / scarf for the flight
  • Download Podcasts & books beforehand
  • Bring your own tea bags
  • Bring extra phone charger pack (I love my Away luggage which has a charger in it- not sponsored, just love it)
  • Bring a reusable water bottle
  • Pack snacks
  • Find workout classes in the area
  • Live a little!
  • Do research beforehand of where you want to check out
  • Book reservations in advance
  • Be present in current activity
  • Pack light but leave space for gifts 
  • If you are a nervous traveler, talk to your captain or flight attendant, they can explain why flying is actually super safe and may help put you at ease!

YOUR Top Travel Tips:

  • Travel with a tide stain remover stick
  • Make sure you know where to get coffee/eat when you land after a long flight.
  • Pack your own snacks if not fasting
  • Dropbox everything!
  • Keep smiling and stay positive
  • Bring an extra outfit in your carry-on, in case luggage is lost.
  • Pack hand sanitizer wipes

Tips for Traveling Internationally:

  • Photocopy your passport if traveling abroad
  • Download google maps and bookmark locations
  • Research $ situation- what credit cards are expected, if you can convert money ahead of time or not, etc.
  • Adapters: For example, Morocco uses the same electrical system as Europe, 220v – make sure you have an appropriate converter for your electronics!
  • Do your homework: be respectful of culture, what you can/cannot wear, etc.
  • Schedule the trip with relax time included.
  • Don’t be married to your schedule! Be open to meeting people, changes, etc.

Florence April 2018 Ponte Vecchio

Why I fast when I fly:

I started fasting while flying this year for a few reasons. Flying can be tough on our bodies. It can throw us off our routine. Our bodies are under more stress in the air and the added food can create much more work for your body to do!

Aside from dehydration, the higher cabin pressure and the sparser amounts of oxygen can really be a lot on our gut/bodies/digestion. Fasting while flying is also known to help with jet lag!

For me, after any flight, I find myself gassy, bloated, constipated and SO dehydrated — even when packing my own food. My stomach is totally off and feels beyond uncomfortable. If this isn’t you, amazing! If it is you, like so many of you messaged me saying it was, this might be something to consider trying!

Let’s Break It Down:

I feel like I need to reiterate this again: This is certainly NOT for everyone. Seriously. I get so many questions about if it’s right for YOU, and that’s where your intuition comes in and you listening to your body. If you do just fine flying, do your thing, pack snacks, enjoy! If not, read on!

So in short, it’s called intermittent fasting, which is something people do daily, when not flying, too. It can help the body with a ton of things, like giving your digestion a break, having more energy and better overall circulation, gives your detoxifying organs support and a break, reduces oxidative stress, and often can stabilize your metabolism. But again, you might not be someone this will be good for so always consultant a doctor if you have medical conditions and are unsure!

Short Flights:

Now this is more intuitive. I try to schedule an early flight and fast until I land. My stomach always feels perfect.

Long Flights:

Longer flights require more planning. I did fast on my flight home from Morocco and Italy and felt awesome. Some long flights, or flights with connections may be your exception. For example, I’m personally not going to fast for 20 hours. So recently, when I missed my connecting flight and ended up in the airport for an additional 6+ hours, I ate something bland. I was hungry and for me, listening to my body is key. Guess what? My stomach was in shambles, but you can only do so much!

My Suggestions:

  • Drink LOTS of water
  • Not hydrated enough? Grab a coconut water to add extra electrolytes
  • Order herbal tea
  • Get up and walk around
  • Eye masks or face masks to hydrate the skin
  • A good moisturizer


“My husband recently joined the military which meant traveling back and forth to see him while he was training for several months. Until then I never flew regularly. Now we’ve moved across country from family and the frequent flying continues! I have leaky gut, hashimotos and pcos. Flying left me exhausted, my stomach a wreck, and with hung over feeling. The last trip I took I tried fasting each way and it has changed my life. I now will book direct flights whenever possible. Get the the airport early, drink tons of water, do yoga or walk around while I wait for my flight (not sit down), and not eat a single thing till I land. Then I feast on a burger (lettuce wrapped of corse?). Best routine ever and I feel great! Straight into family fun and no jet lag or sleep issues.

And best of all, my stomach is completely normal. I still have a bit of that stress stomach ache getting to the airport and waiting for my flight but it disappeared after fasting. And didn’t get worse like it usually does after eating! So thankful for this tip and now I apply it to most travel. Even a day trip! I have bullet proof coffee, drive where we are going and don’t eat till lunch. Helps with that as well especially doing so many day trips now that we live in a new city! Totally changed the game for this ibs like symptom girl. What I’ve learned: don’t eat when stressed! Don’t eat when rushed. It’s better to just fast and hydrate.”
“I didn’t know fasting on a plane could help with my tummy bloatedness. I saw your post just before my upcoming trip to NYC. I fasted 12 hours for my first leg, just drinking more water. Indeed I did not feel any discomfort of bloatedness during that flight. Awesome!”
“Girl. You changed my life. I flew back to see family in CA from MD. My first flight was at 2pm so I had a shake first thing then fasted all day and rank tons of water. And maybe some champagne. I have NEVER felt so good while traveling. Then coming back I had a 6am flight and fasted again. Never felt so good.”

Your Questions:

  1. Should everyone do it or just people with stomach issues? Probably just those with stomach issues!
  2. How do you start fasting? It depends on the time of day I’m traveling!
  3. If you are on an evening flight, after 7pm, when would you start fasting? A few hours before my flight.
  4. Do you feel hungry? Or not after a while? If I do, and I’m really hungry, I’ll eat. Not trying to starve here. But mostly, I don’t feel hungry! I plan for it!
  5. Does fasting with flying help with constipation afterwards? YES.
  6. What’s the longest flight you would fast on? I fasted home from Italy and Morocco (to Boston). I ate earlier in the day and was strategic about my choices.
  7. Would this be beneficial for road trips? YES, YES, AND YES.
  8. What do you drink? Lots of water and herbal tea! Fresh lemon if they have it.
  9. How do you stay hydrated on the plane and then rehydrate afterwards? Lots of water and tea, and then water after and sometimes a coconut water for extra electrolytes.
  10. Is there anyway to reduce radiation while traveling? I avoid the machines in the airport and opt for the pat down – unfortunately aside from that it’s tough.
  11. 14 hour flight – fast or no fast? I would personally eat a few hours before and fast – and try to sleep, haha.
  12. Wouldn’t it just be considered nervous travel stomach? Nope, I’m not a nervous flyer in the least. There’s real evidence about the pressure, oxygen, being off the ground, and more that supports why so many people have upset stomachs while flying.

Dye Pits in Fes, Morocco

Next travel post coming: Packing Essentials!

What would you add to this? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!

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  1. I have never been on a plane but I always prefer not eating during a ride. I guess I will continue with the trend on flights as well. Fasting all the way. Thank you.

  2. I will try to keep the recommendations in mind during my next trip abroad. Sometimes things I consume while I am travelling make me feel a little bit down.

  3. I do keto and intermittent fasting, and it occurred to me traveling is a great time to fast. For me, eating is just another headache while traveling, and then I read something about gut disturbance while using air travel. Found your link when searching “fasting while traveling.”

    I’m definitely going to consider fasting on travel days, which is almost effortless when eating keto and especially when busy. Guessing the “tough time” would be when sitting in the airport lounge (etc.) thinking about it. Might be cool to pack 3-oz bottles of apple cider vinegar in the carry-on to mix with water and drink to soothe the stomach. Electrolytes may be useful, too.

  4. Not having to worry about eating makes traveling infinitely easier! Although I wouldn’t recommend trying fasting for the first time right when you’re about to travel… the stress of traveling combined with a lack of adaptation to fasting wouldn’t be fun at all.

  5. I fasted for the first time on a flight from Toronto to Fort Lauderdale. So I ate at 4:30pm a well balanced Paleo meal, flew out at 9pm, landed around midnight. Then had a small snack to break the fast and guess what!? For the first time ever I wasn’t bloated after flying and I had no travelers constipation (sorry for the TMI). Did the same on the way home, what a game changer! I was nervous at first so I packed a few snacks just in case, but I drank water instead and it was amazing!! Thanks for the tip Lexi!!

  6. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts! I’m going to travel while I’m fasting and I thought it was almost impossible, your post is really inspiring!

  7. Lots of useful tips and very interesting to read. Thank you for sharing your experience. Totally love reading your post. Just one question though, can you suggest some of snacks to pack for when traveling? Thanks!


  8. So useful tips! I’m going to fast during my next trip and I will definitely try your advice as this a new thing for me.

  9. This is so interesting, thank you for sharing your experience. I don’t travel much but definitely have that yuk feeling sometimes. I’m going to give your suggestions a try!