My Must-Have Travel Supplements

It’s hardly a secret that traveling can be rough on our bodies. Digestion issues, dehydration, and atypical sleeping circumstances… all of it can really add up! I’ve totally been there. Over time, though, I’ve worked out a travel supplement routine that makes traveling easier so I can actually enjoy it. With some help from my partners at Pure Encapsulations®, I’m thrilled to share it with you today!

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My Must-Have Travel Supplements

If you’ve been following me for a while now, you already know that I don’t usually share my daily supplement routine. I make a random exception here and there (always for Pure Encapsulations®supplements!), but I tend to keep it on the DL. Here’s why: Giving you the details of my personal regimen would be doing a disservice to you, and I truthfully feel it might even be a little irresponsible on my part. Supplements are not one-size-fits-all! They should be used as needed based on what your body specifically needs at the time.

With that in mind, traveling is a beast, and I want to clue you in on how you can make it a little easier. Being on the go affects most people, and some (including me!) more than others. My MTHFR gene mutation and less-than-stellar detox system made travel difficult for me for years. Without fail, I’d get awful headaches, I’d be dehydrated and swollen — no matter how much water I drank — and my digestion would be off for days. I knew I needed to figure out a supplement routine to help with travel. I wanted energy, to be ready to go, and to feel my best. Who doesn’t, especially when they’re supposed to be having fun on vacation or trying to be on their toes for a work trip? I firmly believe that the system I’ve developed can truly help anyone, so I’m breaking my usual rules around opening up about supplements to share it with you.

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I’ve partnered with my long-time favorite supplement company Pure Encapsulations® to bring you this post today, because you need to really know the supplement companies you are relying on. It’s important to understand their standards and quality. Personally, I don’t recommend going to your local drugstore and grabbing just anysupplement brand. If you’ve ever tried doing this yourself, you know how overwhelming it is… and the supplement industry is honestly saturated with products that don’t meet certain standards.

Enter Pure Encapsulations®I’ve used their supplements for years and I trust what they are doing, so when we decided to work together on this post I was THRILLED. Pure Encapsulations®partners with healthcare professionals to create the best products out there. They use the highest quality raw ingredients, hold themselves to rigorous testing and manufacturing standards, are free from common allergens and contaminants, and they’re non-GMO. I also love the fact that they’re local, based right here in Massachusetts! The list of positives goes on and on.

Pure Encapsulations®professional supplements are available for purchase through healthcare practitioners and independent pharmacies. If you are looking for a practitioner or pharmacy near you who carries Pure Encapsulations products, head over to their website and use their helpful Practitioner Locator Tool here.

Supplements in a travel case

So grab a trusty pill organizer, and let’s go pack our supplements! 

My 7 Essential Supplements for Travel

Food Recovery

Traveling is often a time when we’re having fun, trying new foods, eating differently than normal, and just living our best lives… but that can be tough on your system. I always keep enzymes or charcoal on hand in case I eat something that bothers my stomach. Your travel buddies will thank you for having these available if they end up with tummy troubles, too.

I bring: Digestive Enzymes or Activated Charcoal


It’s well known and documented that travel can throw off your digestion. Ever go somewhere and not go to the bathroom for a few days? It happens. When we’re out of our usual routine and in a new place, we can throw our body off its normal rhythm.

I bring: Magnesium Citrate and a shelf-stable, non-refrigerated probiotic for travel (supports gut health and immune function)


Many people have a hard time sleeping away from their own cozy beds. I tend to struggle with this on the first night of any trip. Magnesium plays an important role in mood and calming, so I add a little extra to my supplement regimen — along with Melatonin — which can support your body’s natural sleep cycle.‡ Take both of these at night!

I bring: Melatonin and Magnesium Citrate

Immune Booster:

From airports and train stations to the planes and trains themselves, your immune system can take a beating when you’re in transit (and this goes for any form of transportation). Adding some Vitamin C can provide immune defense so you’ll actually enjoy yourself when you get where you’re going!

I bring: Vitamin C or Pure Defense which has Vitamin C, Zinc, and more!


Planes literally dehydrate us. For too long, I’d get off a flight swollen… and no matter how much water I’d drink, I couldn’t get myself rehydrated. Electrolyte packets have changed everything.

I bring: Electrolyte Packets

Stress Support:

If flying stresses you out, you better bring your adaptogens! Flying aside, whether you are traveling for work or on a vacation, stress happens. You’re worried about flying, concerned that things at home are running smoothly, and still focused on your email inbox (you gotta let that go!). No matter what your stressors are, an adaptogen like Ashwaganda can really help moderate occasional stress!‡ These are best taken daily on your trip, because — let’s be honest — the end of the trip can often be just as stressful as the beginning. It’s the ultimate Sunday Scaries!

I bring: Ashwaganda

Airport Detox & Overall Detox:

Supporting your detox pathways while on vacation or traveling is soimportant. Airports have a ridiculous amount of radiation and are generally chaotic, and beyond the airport or train station, you’re simply doing things differently than you do at home when you’re away! These supplements will support your body whether you’re eating and drinking differently, or even just off from being in a different time zone.

I bring: Liposomal Glutathione (helps support antioxidant defenses and liver health – our master detoxifying organ) and Detox Packs (super convenient and has B vitamins, omega-3s, NAC, l-glutamine and chlorella) which are so important for supporting your liver and body during travel!

vitamins for travelOther things I do while traveling:

  • Clean and wipe down my cell phone to boost immunity.
  • Get fresh air.
  • Stay active and move my body.
  • Hydrate (a reusable water bottle is a mustfor traveling).
  • Get plenty of sleep.
  • Eat well, but also live a little and enjoy!

Get more details about my travel routine on this post.

 Disclaimer: Always consult with a doctor before making changes to your supplement regimen, especially if you have health issues. Try out supplements before your travels if possible so you know how you react! Pure Encapsulations is a brand that I personally use and have recommended to you all for years (you should see my supplement drawer!) so I was so excited to be able to partner with them on this post. All opinions are 100% my own, and I’d never share something I don’t personally use or fully stand behind.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Natural Ways to Boost Your Immune System

Everybody gets sick, it is simply often unavoidable. But during cold and flu season it can’t hurt to take every opportunity to build up your body’s natural immune system, which is of course your best defense against illness! Taking care of yourself can come last in line when you are taking care of everybody else, or putting your all into work, but these easy Natural Ways to Boost Your Immune System can go along way in warding off sickness whenever possible.

1. Get Outdoors

Spending time outdoors, where you can naturally absorb vitamin D from the sun, is an easy way to keep you from getting sick! If you live in seasonally colder regions of the country you may tend to stay indoors during the winter, which can result in low levels of vitamin D. Studies have shown that increasing your vitamin D uptake reduces your risk of catching the flu.

And despite the myth of “catching a cold” from the cold weather, cold and flu season is during the winter because most people are indoors and in close proximity to one another so spreading germs is easier. Escape those germs, get fresh air and catch some rays! Go for a walk with the dog, try winter sports like skiing or skating or bundle up the kids and take them out to the park!

Boost Your Immune System Naturally

2. Max Those Micronutrients

Ongoing research shows that deficiencies of iron, copper, folic acid, zinc, vitamins A, B, C, and E are linked to decreased immune response. But how do you know you’re consuming an adequate amount of micronutrients? The answer is variety.

Make your plate colorful: Different colors in fruits and vegetables mean they are yielding different nutrients. Change things up and add some different fruits or vegetables to your cart the next time you are at the grocery store.

If you really don’t love vegetables or having variety, this is when you should consider a multivitamin that will allow you to obtain an adequate amount of micronutrients. Keep in mind however that these are supplements, not substitutes. When choosing a multivitamin look for a USP verification, 100 percent of the daily value of most of its ingredients, has the right balance for your age and sex, and lastly has calcium, potassium and fiber.

3. Try Turmeric

Turmeric has the nutrient curcumin which is a powerful anti-inflammatory. There is extensive evidence that it can help prevent illness due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Try adding it to a dish or sip on a warm golden turmeric milk latte before bed.

Check out these LCK turmeric recipes:

Dairy-Free Golden Turmeric Latte With Espresso | Lexi's Clean Kitchen

4. Mix in Some Mushrooms!

Japanese mushrooms like shiitake, maitake, and oyster mushrooms are loaded with antioxidants. Antioxidants are our body’s army against free radicals which are unstable molecules that naturally occur in your body that damage cells and cause disease (and aging). Consuming a diet rich in antioxidants help counteract the effect of free radicals and build your bodies defense. Mushrooms are easy to include in your diet through cooking or another option is to start your day with some mushroom coffee (link Four Sigmatic) containing lion’s mane, chaga, reishi and turkey tail powders.

Check out these mushroom recipes:

6. Namast’ay in Bed

A wide variety of studies have shown that stress and inadequate sleep has a negative affect on your body’s immune response. Everyone deals with stress in different ways so finding your personal mechanism to decrease your stress is key.

Here are some ideas to try to lower your stress level:

  • Meditation. Headspace is a great beginner app for a guided meditation option. Spotify and Youtube also have many guided meditation options.
  • Read a good book. LCK’s favorite books of 2018.
  • Do a face mask while taking a steamy hot bath. Try our all-time favorite detoxifying mask.
  • Go on a walk to clear your mind. Trails is an app that shows you trails, hiking areas, and bike paths around you.
  • Do some yoga. Find a yoga studio near you here.
  • Spend quality time with people that make you laugh.
  • Journal your thoughts, feelings, frustrations, gratitude. Write it all down.
  • Adequate sleep. Aim for 7-9 hours of sleep per night. Having trouble falling asleep? Try showering before bed, wash your sheets every two weeks, decrease screen time before bed, try using a noise maker or a fan, and/or limit caffeine consumption after 3:00 pm.

Here are some additional small ways to strengthen your immune system:

  • Daily probiotics: 80% of our immune system is in our digestive system. A healthy gut = strong immune system.
  • Seagreensproducts like chips, powders, and teas. Seagreens such as seaweed and algae are excellent sources of nutrients. Vital protein has a Spirulina Capsules. Spirulina is an amazing superfood sourced from blue-green algae.
  • Sauerkraut: Sauerkraut is loaded with vitamins, minerals and beneficial probiotics.
  • Immune boosting shot: KOR’s is a great store-bought option. We love our Kick That Cold Juice!
  • Bone broth: from Bonafide Provisions or make it homemade. Don’t forget some Classic Chicken Soup.
  • Hot herbal tea: before bed with some lemon and honey.
  • Elderberry Syrup: store-bought or homemade.
  • Other natural cold remedies:
    • Lots and lots of Water
    • Oregano Oil
    • Echinacea Capsules and Zinc
    • Apple Cider Vinegar
    • Hot Steamy Shower or Bath (Add Epsom Salts/Essential Oils to Your Bath)
    • Hot water with Lemon, Raw Honey, Turmeric, Apple Cider Vinegar and a Dash of Cayenne

Gabby - In-House Nutritionist Bio

Natural Ways to Boost Immune System

The One Bedtime Change I Made For Better Sleep

It’s no secret that smartphones are addictive and the technology is often times built to keep the consumers on it for as long as possible. Recently, while I was away on vacation, I went on a short digital detox that was so eye-opening that I decided to try it at home as well! My new ritual of a nighttime digital detox has greatly improved my quality of life and sleep and I wanted to share the benefits, how you can do it too, and other ways to decrease smartphone addictions.

The One Bedtime Change I Made For Better Sleep

Over the holiday break, Mike and I went to Aruba. I decided to do a digital detox, which is basically cutting out use of electronics such as smartphones or computers, in the hopes to reduce stress and put more focus on face-to-face interactions. For me, I didn’t want to completely cut out the total use of electronics, but I wanted to reduce the habitual use of social media or e-mail. So that week I only had access to text message or phone calls, plus my camera and a few other apps that I felt were necessary for this trip. I used the downtime application on my iPhone that restricted use of the apps I didn’t want access to, and the only way that I could get access is if Mike input a password, which honestly, he didn’t give up so easily! I did this for six days and am SO glad that I did it as it led to so many great changes!

Smartphone addiction is real!

Smartphone addiction is common. Of course smartphones are so essential with our day-to-day life but as a whole we rely on them too much. I really liked this article, that references how the apps on the phones are being designed to keep us addicted, stating that “often, the apps themselves…from games to social networks, [are] precision engineered to create and feed our interaction neediness.” British apps developer Nick Kuh says: “A lot of these companies are employing behavioural psychologists to really nail that: finding ways to draw you back in [to the app].”

Of course I’m not immune to smartphone addition either. In the first days and hours of my digital detox on vacation, I was sort of panicking. At one point I told Mike I absolutely needed to go on Instagram and wish my followers a Merry Christmas. Luckily, he brought me back to reality and said it wasn’t an absolute necessity and that you’d all forgive me!

Obviously for me social media is a big part of my job. I love it. It allows me to share things with you every day that I hope can benefit your life. There is a place for it 100% and I love being able to interact with all of my readers and amazing clients! But I need to remind myself that I built a team that helps LCK run smoothly day-to-day and even though yes there are things I run on my own, I don’t need to be mindlessly glued to social media just for the sake of work. It really is amazing and fascinating how often we pick up our phones just to check, and then repeat that 10 minutes later.

Less time on your phone for more time in your life

After my vacation digital detox was over: guess what happened? Nothing. I mean, I missed you all! But my social media presence didn’t collapse, I didn’t lose followers and nothing changed! Instead of feeling like I lost out on a bunch of stuff  happening on social media I ended up feeling like I gained so much. I read a ton of books and I was able to be fully present on vacation with my husband and enjoy each moment without the distractions. I really needed this.

Think of it this way: The time you spend on your phone is time you’re not spending doing other things, like hanging out with a friend, reading a book, organizing your pantry, or creating a tradition with your family! So instead of thinking of it as spending less time on your phone, think of it as spending more time on your life!

Once Mike and I returned from vacation we ended up instituting a nightly digital detox. We use the downtime feature on the iPhone to limit use of certain social media apps so we could continue being present in our lives after work hours.

Here’s what my screen looks like after 6:30pm. I only have access to a few apps, but no internet, gmail or social media. When your screen is locked it says: DOWNTIME: Screen time will be limited until 7:30am

iPhoneX with app limitations

Here are the benefits of the nighttime digital detox:

  • Improved quality of sleep: falling asleep quicker, staying asleep longer, and waking up more rested
  • Being more present in the moment.
  • More time to do things for YOURSELF!
  • You wind down from the day much quicker.

There are so many studies out there that point to disrupted quality of sleep due to too much time spent on smartphones too close to bedtime. Instituting this one change really was a game-changer for me. Similarly extending my digital detox to the early morning hours also prevents me from checking my phone first thing in the morning and allows me to be more intentional with the start of my day.

Establishing limits on your smartphone

Now I personally need the extreme of having a password on my phone or else I will be on it. I just know myself. Maybe you have better willpower than I do. In that case, another less drastic solution would be to plug your phone in at a certain time of night, mute the phone, and put it facedown! If you are like me than you may want to take advantage of technology to limit your time on technology (funny how that works!) by using the dedicated screen time app on the iPhone or use of other limiting apps available (scroll down for these).

Have an iPhone? Here’s how to set your screen time up:

How to Set Screen Time iPhone Settings

Don’t have an iPhone?  Check out these apps! 

  • Flipd
  • Lilspace
  • Moment
  • AppDetox
  • OffTime
  • ClearLock
  • QualityTime

Additional ways to decrease smartphone usage:

  • Delete social media apps that you find yourself on all the time and instead only use them on the computer
  • Leave your phone home when you take the dog on a walk
  • Disable notifications on apps
  • While commuting or riding as a passenger in the car, put your phone down and stare out the window. This one is difficult but will become easier over time.
  • Establish boundaries for the phone at home like: no phones in the bedroom or no phones on the dinner table

At the end of the day nobody ever says they wished they had spent more time on social media!

My therapist said something to me that really resonated. He talks to many people at the end of their life, and he says they never talk about how successful they were or how much money they made, but rather they talk about their relationships, the love in their life, and family. This makes you question how is it that you spend your day and how much time are you spending on the things that really matter. Nobody ever says “I wish I had spent more time on Facebook or Instagram!”

So continue to ask yourself: How much of your life do you want to spend on your phone? This is your life, take control of it. Manifest it how you want to live, and the message you want to send to your children and family. Less time on your phone means more more time on your life!

Have you ever done a digital detox and if so how did it improve your sleep and life?