Paleo Thin Mints

Girl Scout season is here… and if you are visiting my website you are likely avoiding the adorable little girls outside of the supermarket. It’s been a long time, I mean a long time, since I have eaten one. Although they are delicious, I am happy these types of flours and sugars are out of my life. But let’s be real for a minute, I totally want a cookie! Growing up I was definitely more of a Samoa/Tagalong kind of girl. As I grew up my palette switched to the Thin Mints. So naturally, I had to recreate.

 These would be really good crumbled on top of a bowl of a thick vanilla protein smoothie. Just saying!


Paleo Thin Mints
Yields 12
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  1. **Updated March 1, 2015
  2. 1 cup + 1 tbsp blanched almond flour
  3. 1 tbsp tapioca
  4. 1/3 cup good quality cocoa powder
  5. 1/4 cup + 1 tbsp grass-fed butter or favorite vegan butter spread (*See tip below)
  6. 1 tsp vanilla extract
  7. 1/2 tsp peppermint extract
  8. Dash himalayan sea salt
  9. 2 tbsp pure maple syrup or raw honey (3 tbsp if you like a little extra sweet)
Chocolate Coating
  1. 1/2 cup dark chocolate
  2. 1/4 tsp peppermint extract
  1. Preheat oven to 350
  2. In a bowl combine dry ingredients followed by wet ingredients; roll into a ball, wrap in parchment paper and let chill in the refrigerator for 30-45 minutes
  3. Remove dough and place onto a piece of parchment paper- sprinkle with additional tapioca
  4. Place a second sheet of parchment paper over it
  5. Using a rolling pin, roll out dough to approximately 1/4 inch
  6. Use a cookie cutter to cut out cookies and gently lift cookies with a spatula to place them onto a lined baking sheet (if dough is very soft, place back into the freezer for an additional 10 minutes)
  7. Bake for 15 minutes or until crisp
  8. Remove and let cool completely, cookies will be crunchy
  9. Once cooled melt chocolate and add in extract
  10. Dip cookies and let set in fridge
  1. As tradition goes, store thin mints in the freezer!
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PaleoThinMints5PaleoThinMints3PaleoThinMints6What is your favorite Girl Scout cookie?

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61 comments on “Paleo Thin Mints

  • Omg. I could live on thin mints. Seriously, the best. My fav since childhood. It is quite possible that this recipe has made my day/week/month… and also possible it will ruin my life if I can’t stop making them… :)

  • Just need to collect a few ingredients and these are becoming a part of my life. Would there be a major difference if I used cocoa powder instead of cacao powder?

  • Yum! So are the cookie ingredients everything except the dark chocolate and the peppermint extract? It’s not completely clear when you say “combine all cookie ingredients” – thanks!

  • First I love your site Lexi! Unfortunately I sometimes have a hard time recreating what u did & this recipe is the perfect example. My dough is goo. Goo, stick to your fingers, unworkable goo. Even after 4 hours in the fridge & 20min in the freezer. What gives?! What should I add to the batter to de-stickify? More almond flour? Should it be workable just out of the blender? I used butter instead of oil. Even still the dough tastes great, the piles of goo are in the oven now so I hope they end up ok. Please help! This isn’t the first time I’ve baked from your recipes & not ended up w your pictures. Paleo brownies was another flop. (Tasty but flat)

    • Hi Amelia! I’m sorry you had this experience. My first question/thought is when you said: “Should it be workable just out of the blender?” There is no blending involved with the recipe. Please elaborate on that part so I can further help. Also, surprised about the paleo brownies, I’ve never heard of anyone having that experience. Perhaps check the expiration on your baking powder. Sometimes if it’s old it’s not effective in a recipe.

      • sorry by ‘blender’ i meant my kitchen aide mixer. i’ll try the brownies again with new backing powder, i have had it a few years. my final product for the paleo thin mints are amazing! ugly but amazing!! i also had a hard time dipping in the chocolate, it was very thick…i really appreciate your feedback

  • OMG, these look wonderful! I am a former Girl Scout, so I have quite a bit of history with selling and consuming these cookies, particularly the Thin Mints and the Savannahs. I am on Weight Watchers and was wondering if by any chance you know how many fat grams, protein, carbs and fiber is in them? I don’t want to go out and buy some of these ingredients and then come to find out I won’t be able to have them. Thanks!

  • I made these tonight! The end product was delicious but the making of them was a bit difficult. I had the same goo problem. I wasn’t getting a dough. After an hour in the fridge I put it in the freezer. I was able to cut out a couple of cookies before it got gooey again. I would freeze it about 10 more minutes and do the process over. I cooked them about 12 minutes then stuck them back in freezer until I was ready for the dipping part. The cookies are really good once said and done. I’m hoping to find a way to keep the dough from getting and staying gooey. Maybe I will leave sweetener out next time. But overall they are delicious!!

  • Hi!

    Sounds DELISH and I can’t wait to try these! Do you happen to have the nutritional facts for this recipe (calories per serving, etc.)?

    Thank you! =)

  • I’m confused, does the dark chocolate have sugar in it or is it an unsweetened kind? If so, what sweetens the chocolate?

  • I was so excited to try these since I can practically inhale thin mints! I made them vegan by substituting EnerG egg replacer. I also had the same issue of having a gooey mess before rolling out the dough (it was looking great until I added the sweetener – then it turned to mush). About 5 minutes in the freezer was enough to cut the shapes, and then another 5 in the freezer so I could lift them off the parchment paper onto the pan. They’re cooling now…I too am worried that just melted chocolate will be too thick to dip the cookies – I’ll probably add a little coconut milk to the chocolate to make it a little more dunkable. Can’t wait to try the finished product!

  • Christine says:

    Hi I actually made the paleo brownies and had the same problem with the flatness just checked my baking powder and it says October 2014. Any suggestions ?

  • Hi Lexi,
    Your site is fabulous. I want to try all of these recipes! I’m wondering where you get your ingredients? Whole foods? What would you suggest for those of us who are money conscious?

  • Could you use coconut oil instead of butter? I’m newly paleo & haven’t been using butter at all, but these look too good.

  • I’ve just made these cookies and had the same problem with gooey dough. I sprinkled almond flour on each of the sheets of parchment paper so the dough wouldn’t stick so badly. Next time I make these, I’m going to try this: roll the dough into a log (like old-fashioned icebox cookies) and freeze it. Then slice off cookie-sized slices and bake, without having to roll the dough.

  • When it says tapioca, is that the tapioca pearls or the flour? These look Absolutly delicious btw can’t wait to try them!

  • So I have attempted these twice now and each time they are just flattening out like cow pies. They taste fine but don’t have the shape and are really crumbly. I have melted the butter first to help mix faster, it almost seems like I am using too much butter or not enough flours. Any ideas?

  • OMG! These are so unbelievably amazing!!! I’m really surprised people are having an issue with the batter, I have made these twice now (yea they’re that amazing) and didn’t have any problems. They definitely satisfied my thin mint craving without making me feel awful! I cannot thank you enough for this recipe; you made it much easier to resist the two boxes I bought for my boyfriend that are sitting in the cupboard!

  • Hi Lexi! Love your blog and your recipes! Excited to try this one :) Quick question – what type of dark chocolate do you use for the coating? I am sensitive to both dairy and cane sugar, and unfortunately most dairy free chocolates that I’ve found are sweetened with cane sugar, so I can’t use them for dessert recipes that call for melted chocolate. Any suggestions?!?! Thanks!

  • I’ve made these at least 3-4 times now and my entire family loves them. However they don’t come close to looking perfect like yours, is there a secret to applying the chocolate coating.


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