Gluten Free Pecan Pie

This Gluten Free Pecan Pie is going to be a huge hit! Made with an easy almond flour crust, it’s free of refined sugars and totally delicious. Serve at your next holiday gathering, or when you are in the mood for a little something sweet, but healthy!

Decorated Gluten Free Pecan PieGluten Free Pecan Pie

This gorgeous Healthy Pecan Pie might look difficult to make, but it’s actually quite simple. This gluten free pecan pie has a delicious gluten-free buttery crust, and every bite has that sweet, warm and gooey, pecan pie taste you’ve always loved. But this one? It’s made without any refined sugar or corn syrup, so you can feel good about serving this up.

Ingredients for Healthy Pecan Pie

Preparing the Gluten Free Pie Dough

We are using our classic Gluten-Free Pie Crust for this recipe. If you want to read more about it, check out this post. While we typically call for chilling that pie dough before rolling it out, we found it easier for this pie to pat it into the tart pan right after making it.

Expect the dough to be soft like playdough. It is easiest to scrape it out of the food processor with a rubber spatula and then place it on a lightly tapioca dusted work surface. To prevent it from sticking to your hands, have a bowl of extra tapioca flour near by that you can dust on your hands and the dough to prevent it from sticking to you since it is soft.

How to Decorate the Top of the Pie

The recipe calls for pouring in the chopped pecan pie filling and then decorating the top of the pie with additional whole pecans.Traditionally pecans are covering the filling below. However,  you can garnish the pie whichever way you’d like. Get creative! We choose to lay the pecans in a circle around the edges of the pie, but leave the middle with the exposed filling.

Can you make this Gluten Free Pecan Pie ahead of time?

Pies are perfect to break down into steps to make the whole process easier. The dough for this pie can be made up to two days ahead of time. The filling must be made right before you are ready to bake. But the whole pie can be baked up to two days ahead of time. Cover and keep at room temperature until ready to serve.

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Healthy Pecan Pie

This Gluten Free Pecan Pie is going to be a huge hit! Made with an easy almond flour crust, it's free of refined sugars and totally delicious. Serve at your next holiday gathering, or when you are in the mood for a little something sweet, but healthy!

Prep Time 20 minutes
Yield 8
Cuisine Gluten-Free
Cook Time 30 minutes
Recipe Type: Dessert
Difficulty: Easy
Total Time 50 minutes
Author: Lexi


For Pie Crust

For Pecan Filling


  1. Preheat oven to 375ºF and place the rack in the middle of the oven.
  2. Make the pie dough: In a food processor combine almond flour, tapioca flour, salt and cold butter and pulse until the butter is broken down into pea-sized pieces. Add in egg and honey and process until the dough comes together. Scrape the dough out onto a lightly tapioca dusted surface, and sprinkle some additional tapioca flour on top of the dough.
  3. Pat the pie dough evenly into a 9” tart pan, using extra tapioca flour as necessary to prevent the dough from sticking to your hands. Chill in the refrigerator until ready to bake.
  4. Add eggs, maple syrup, coconut sugar, vanilla and salt to a bowl and whisk together until fully combined. Slowly poor in the melted butter while whisking.
  5. Finely chop up 1-¼ cups of the pecans and add them to the egg mixture, stirring until combined.
  6. Pour the filling into the prepared pie dough. Gently place the remaining pecan pieces on top of the mixture, as desired.
  7. Bake the pie in the preheated oven until the edges have slightly puffed and the center of the filling is just nearly set, about 30 minutes.
  8. Let cool completely before serving.

Recipe Notes

  1. This recipe originally appeared in 2014 as small pecan pie tarts. The recipe was updated including new photographs in 2019.


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November 1, 2019

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34 Responses

  1. Here in the south pecan pie is a must have at the holiday table. I love this recipe – the ingredients look great and I love that they are single serving so I don’t get too crazy on the pie consumption!! Thanks for sharing

  2. These look delicious! I’m wondering if I have the correct pans. What is the diameter of the medium tart pan? The large?

  3. Wow, these tarts are just stunning. I am such a sucker for pecan pie, but I have never made it because I had no idea how to do it without not-so-nice ingredients. This recipe looks simple and just delicious. Definitely putting them at the top of my holiday baking list!

  4. Hi Lexi 🙂

    About how many servings does this recipe provide using one large tart pan? Just trying to plan accordingly for 7 adult/3 child guests! Thanks so much.

  5. Granddaughter can’t have butter. Can I use a butter substitute or coconut oil, chilled? Can’t have soy products either. And is the full fat coconut milk in the can or the refrigerated section

  6. Hi Lexi! I’m doing your clean eating challenge and made these for New Years! I loved the pecan pie and would def use the crust recipe again!

  7. Hi! I’d like to make this for Thanksgiving! Thinking of making ahead this weekend, baking and freezing? 1. Is that a bad idea? 2. Should I make this… leave it raw and then thaw and bake ? 3. If I bake and freeze then reheat… what would be reheating instructions?

    1. Hi Olivia. I do not recommend baking and reheating on this one–sorry. You can make the dough ahead of time though. You can make that and pat it into the pan, and freeze it. Before you start assembling the ingredients for the filling, take it out and let it sit out at room temperature. Then fill and bake as usual. -Kelli

  8. Hi Lexi, I made this recipe however my filling was still liquid and it never got set. I think the milk ingredient is missing in the filling recipe and the Oven temperature is still listed as 375F I like the taste of it even though it didn’t set. Can you tell me what I did wrong?

    1. Hi Viktoriya. There is no milk ingredient in pecan pie, other than the butter. There are no missing ingredients in our recipe. Eggs are what set this pie, did you forget the eggs? It’s hard to tell what went wrong with this for you, without seeing you make it. How runny was it? -Kelli

  9. I don’t think that I forgot eggs but it is possible that they were too small for their size. I usually buy extra large or jumbo eggs but this time I used large eggs. Someone mentioned coconut milk in the previous older comments that’s why I assumed that it may have the missing ingredient. The top cooled down and became firm where the inside remained liquid. Could it be the egg size that caused it? Thank you

  10. This turned out great! I love pecan pie, but it’s usually so sweet that one piece per year on Thanksgiving is enough. This recipe was wonderful because it is not sickeningly sweet. My crust was a little soggy, so I maybe should have blind baked it, but it was still delicious. I also added a chopped bar of 60% dark chocolate. 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing a healthier alternative to nasty corn syrup.

    4.0 rating

  11. Can I substitute the coconut sugar with regular sugar and use a pie crust instead of the tart stuff?

    1. We can’t say exactly how it’s come out, because we’ve just tested our recipe, but it might work! Let us know how it comes out!

  12. Did anyone have an issue with oil coming out of the pan? It looks fantastic but had a bunch of oil in the bottom of the oven

    1. Hi Jennifer! Sounds like either the crust wasn’t cold enough or the oven wasn’t hot enough! Next time make sure the oven is well preheated (if it wasn’t) and maybe stick the pie crust in the freezer for 10-15 minutes before baking!

  13. This looks amazing. I wondered if this could be made into a traditional pie instead of a tart? Thank you. Happy Thanksgiving!!

  14. This pie is wonderful! I made extra filling, just because that’s my favorite part of the pecan pie, and it was our Christmas dessert. It’s a huge hit, and nobody can guess that it’s gluten free. Thank you for this recipe!

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