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Another season, another list of fresh books to get started are! Here are thirteen books that I’m especially excited about this Spring!

Spring reading list

Spring 2022 Reading List

The start of the spring season seems to give everyone a new, well, spring in their step.

Everything feels a little brighter, there’s some extra excitement in the air, and there are new plans to be made. I personally am feeling lots of energy about everything — from my health and wellness routines and family time to my self-care and reading list! I can’t wait to enjoy some great new books this season.

Here are thirteen book club books to add to your wish list if you’re feeling the same way: 

1. One Italian Summer: A Novel by Rebecca Serle: I know we’re talking about spring books, but it’s never too early to start dreaming about summer — especially summer in Italy. In bestselling author Rebecca Serle’s latest novel, you’ll find yourself swept up in exactly the kind of European scenery that you’ve been craving. One Italian Summer stars Katy, who has recently lost her beloved mother Carol. Katy and Carol already had a trip to the Amalfi Coast on the books, and despite her grief, Katy decides to make the journey. Once there, she reconnects with her mom in a way that will make you feel every single one of your feels. It’s a love story, but one between a mother and daughter — and it’s set in an unforgettable location. 

2. Dating Dr. Dil: A Novel by Nisha Sharma: Now that we’ve covered a family love story, let’s take a look at a real romance, written with equal parts comedy and spice. In Dating Dr. Dil, Kareena and Dr. Prem Verma make the classic transition from enemies to lovers in hopes of fulfilling a deal Kareena has made with her father that will land her a new home if she can settle down with a soulmate. It’s a twist on The Taming of the Shrew with all the ups and downs of your favorite romantic comedy. 

3. Wahala: A Novel by Nikki May: Before we talk about what’s happening inside the book, can we just pause and admire this gorgeous cover? All it takes to fully embrace what’s blooming this spring is one look at Wahala. It’s a work of art! The writing and story are equally gorgeous and will give you a peek into the tight-knit friendship of a trio of Anglo-Nigerian women chasing their individual dreams while also navigating the arrival of a new person to the group. Wahala was one of the most-anticipated books of 2022, so you don’t want to miss out. 

4. The Love of My Life: A Novel by Rosie Walsh: The title of this instant bestseller might have you thinking romantic thoughts, but with The Love of My Life, we’ve really got a hardcore thriller on our hands. It was selected for the Good Morning America Book Club, so you know it’s going to have tons of buzz throughout the spring and beyond. What happens when a loving, devoted mother’s deep well of personal secrets is revealed? You’ll have to get a copy for yourself to find out, but I can tell you this much: it’s going to be a wild ride. 

5. Lessons in Chemistry: A Novel by Bonnie Garmus: Every season, there are a few debut authors whose first novels catch a lot of attention — and this spring, Bonnie Garmus is definitely on that list. Combine 1960s Hollywood, a woman forging her path in the male-dominated science field, and a cooking show… and you’ve got yourself Lessons in Chemistry. It’s a lot of fun and surprising elements packed into one memorable read. It might just make Bonnie Garmus your new favorite author! 

6. The Lifeguards: A Novel by Amanda Eyre Ward: If the splashy colors and sparkling pool on the cover of this novel don’t get you excited for brighter days and warm-weather adventures, I’m not sure anything will. Within the pages of The Lifeguards, you’ll find a tale of friendships among mothers and sons set in a seemingly idyllic neighborhood in Austin. There’s suspense, hidden text messages, multiple perspectives, complex relationships, and so much more. It’s the perfect pick for thriller lovers and anyone who enjoys reading about the nuances of friendships. 

7. Cover Story: A Novel by Susan Rigetti: This striking cover is already making some major rounds on social media, and I have a feeling it’s only the beginning. Cover Story has earned buzz from big-time media outlets like Entertainment Weekly, Marie Claire, and Fortune and is described as the marriage of recent streaming hits “Inventing Anna” and “The Dropout.” The story unfolds through diary entries, emails, and more, and Cover Story introduces readers to two young women with secrets and complicated histories. Elegant NYC parties, sneaky scams, and shady extravagance… it’s all here. 

8. Hook, Line, and Sinker: A Novel by Tessa Bailey: Tessa Bailey’s Hook, Line, and Sinker is the follow-up to It Happened One Summer, but you’ll fall head over heels for it even if you’re totally new to the author’s work. Do you need a little more rom-com energy in your life this spring? You’ve met your match in this fresh novel that pairs up two unlikely love interests sharing a less than ideal living situation. 

9. The Younger Wife: A Novel by Sally Hepworth: I love a little suspense in a book. Well, maybe I love a lot of suspense. If you’re anything like me, The Younger Wife should absolutely be on your reading list for this spring. It’s garnered rave reviews from critics and magazines alike and is bound to have you turning pages late into the night. 

10. Memphis: A Novel by Tara M. Stringfellow: Oprah Daily, Glamour, Business Insider, Essence, and Marie Claire — to name only a few — have been praising Memphis: A Novel for months already, so don’t waste any more time getting a copy of your own. In it, debut author Tara M. Stringfellow invites readers into a southern Black family and all of the beautiful complexity that comes with it. You’ll jump back and forth through time over a decades-long period, learning all of the details about three generations of women whose lives unfold in ways that will feel both familiar and completely original. 

11. The Night Shift: A Novel by Alex Finlay: The Night Shift is on track to be one of the most memorable murder tales in recent memory, so if a little darkness is up your alley, you need to give it a read. It chronicles two traumatic incidents that take place more than a decade apart. How are they connected? You know it’s going to be juicy.  

12. The Unsinkable Greta James: A Novel by Jennifer E. Smith: If you’re dreaming of being on a cruise — or any other vacation, really — right about now, you can live vicariously through Greta James’s experiences on the page! Greta is an indie musician whose career takes a bit of a nosedive just as she’s mourning her mother. Despite the mess she finds herself in, she decides to take a cruise with her father. While at sea, she’ll face her own demons, rebuild her relationship with her dad, and maybe even find love. 

13. The Golden Couple: A Novel by Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen: You might recognize these authors as the team behind The Wife Between Us, a bestselling thriller that gained tons of attention when it hit shelves a few years ago. Wealthy couple Marissa and Matthew Bishop start attending therapy in the wake of Marissa’s infidelity, but there’s a good chance that their therapist — who has recently lost her license but continues to practice, anyway — will only make things trickier.

Want Even More Books? Here’s Our 2021 Spring Reading List

  1. The Dating Plan by Sara Desai
  2. Act Your Age, Eve Brown: A Novel by Talia Hibbert
  3. The Push: A Novel by Ashley Audrain
  4. The Rose Code: A Novel by Kate Quinn
  5. What’s Mine and Yours by Naima Coster
  6. Accidentally Engaged by Farah Heron
  7. The Lost Apothecary: A Novel by Sarah Penner
  8. The Divines: A Novel by Ellie Eation
  9. The Wedding Game by Meghan Quinn
  10. Every Last Fear: A Novel by Alex Finlay

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