Ways to Reduce Plastic

We have been working on ways to reduce plastic in our home this year, so I thought I would share some of what we are doing. When you really start to pay attention to how much plastic we use/buy/bring into our homes on a daily basis, you start to see and realize what a major issue it really is! From the grocery store and take-out, to coffee shops, cleaning supply bottles, and ziplock bags — it’s A LOT. Here are some major changes we try to make, why it’s important, and how you can join in!
Ways to Reduce Plastic

Ways to Reduce Plastic

Now I am not an unrealistic person. It’s going to be nearly impossible (sadly) to really reduce plastic usage fully, but with some effort, we can make changes that we feel good about and ones that are do-able and realistic for our lifestyles and our families!
I do love that others are taking action: many grocery stores are no longer doing plastic bags and are switching to paper, and many coffee shops and states are actually getting rid of the use of plastic straws! Bravo! Now, let’s do our part!

How Can You Reduce Plastic Use

  1. Reusable water bottles
  2. If you buy plastic water bottles because of the quality of your tap water, purchase a high quality filter and install it on your sink
  3. Glass or stainless straws
  4. Silicone bags
  5. Opt out of plastic produce bags in the grocery stores, and bring your own grocery tote bags
  6. Opt to buy cartons or glass versus plastic when possible
  7. Switch to glass food storage containers and glass mason jars
  8. Avoid plastic containers or plastic bags of food
  9. Use cloth napkins or reusable towels in the kitchen – to avoid extra trash (plastic garbage bags)
  10. Reusable coffee mugs or a mason jar to the coffee, juice or smoothie shop (bonus: you often get a discount when you bring these
  11. Purchase and eat less packaged foods (bonus: you’ll be eating less processed foods along the way)
  12. Seek out or find local “Buy Nothing” groups to pass on your unused stuff to avoid waste
  13. Make your own household products like cleaning sprays, body scrubs, etc.
  14. Shop in the bulk section of the grocery store with your own reusable bags

What I Personally Use

See other items I’ve swapped on my Amazon Storefront.

Ways to Reduce Plastic

Why is Plastic Bad & Why It’s Important

  1. Plastic can release harmful chemicals into our planet. Which can then seep from the soil into groundwater or other surrounding water sources and the ecosystem.
  2. Our environment is seriously impacted. 91% of plastic isn’t recycled and over the last ten years, we have produced more plastic than during the whole of the last century.
  3. Toxic load. I work hard to reduce the toxic load in my environment for a many reasons, but one of the biggest reasons is that Mike and I both have the MTHFR gene mutation and don’t detox properly. So when I’m exposed to plastic and heavy metals, they hang in my body unless I work hard to detox and remove them. The amount of toxic load we are consuming and putting in our body is alarming, detox issues or not!

How YOU Can Get Involved

  • JOIN ME! Tag me with what you’re doing and using to make changes! I can’t wait to see what you’re doing to reduce your plastic consumption!!!
  • Remember: Be prepared! Before heading off to work, grab your reusable water bottle and coffee mug. Meal prep in glass containers to avoid take out. Remember your tote bags for the grocery store!
  • Gift it! This Holiday Water Bottle/Travel Mug (2-pack) is an awesome gift for family members, friends, co-workers, or a neighbor!

P.S. There are other things I’m doing in my home to create a healthier environment, like removing harmful ingredients from products we use, like PEGs, Parabens and Phthalates. These ingredients that we’re exposed to in makeup, shampoos, home cleaner and more contribute to human and animal illnesses and environmental pollution. Parabens, for one, are in almost every topical product and contribute to everything from hormonal disruption and rising infertility rates to water pollution. Read here about other swaps I’ve made!

This post is sponsored by Ello Products. All thoughts and opinions are always 100% my own! I love the integrity of their products and think you’ll love them too. Thank you for continuing to support LCK and the brands I work with!

December 3, 2018

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90 Responses

  1. Re-usable water bottles everywhere i go! Work, hiking, camping, hunting, family bbqs, it doesnt matter! It goes everywhere with me!

  2. I’m starting to build up a supply of reusable sandwich bags. With three kids that pack a lunch every day it helps a lot although we still aren’t plastic bag free yet.

  3. We work hard to bring or own bag, not use zip locks unless we are freezing something, and have stopped getting straws. I try to avoid single use beverage containers (especially water) as well.

  4. I’ve always used a reusable water bottle but now I’m trying so hard to be better in the grocery store – buying in bulk and putting in a reusable bag, not using produce plastic, and buying products that use less waste. I love this post!!

  5. Thank you for this wonderful post, and for your kind & teaching tone of voice when presenting it, and reasonable approach and suggestions for implementation. Other blogs I have seen on this topic really make me feel bad for ever allowing plastics in my house and that you have to purge it all at once, which is very expensive. It makes me feel bad, when honestly, I’m just learning and I shouldn’t feel bad for things I didn’t know before. I continue to try to improve our lifestyle and loved some of your new suggestions! Thank you Lexi! This is exactly why I continue to follow your blog!

    5.0 rating

  6. Glass straws! My kids have smoothies all the time and I always buy the plastic straws so moving to the glass ones would be big for us!

    5.0 rating

  7. I just bought a bunch of Scout Reusable grocery totes so I can stop using plastic bags. We also use reusable stainless steel and silicone straws.
    Sweetinsahmnity on Insta

  8. We are cutting back on plastic by only asking for paper bags at the grocery store, when we forget to bring our reusable bags. We also stopped buying coffee out, brewing our own and using reusable coffee mugs and cups were making smalls steps! Ello is a great company with an awesome mission.

  9. I have started brining my own produce and grocery bags! The best part is how many people ask about them, and are interested in doing the same!!

    5.0 rating

  10. Thank you Lexi for this post, and your kind & teaching tone of voice when presenting it. Other blogs I have seen writing about this topic make me feel absolutely terrible for ever allowing plastics products iny house, and that you have to purge and switch everything over ASAP, which is very expensive. I had to realize that I shouldn’t feel bad for things I just didn’t know. And I learned a couple new things from your post, can’t wait to try them! I already started changing our personal products and cleaning products, and I always use tote bags or ask for paper bags when buying groceries, and I try to be mindful about packaging if I buy something packaged. My favorite tip for the grocery store, when I buy meat at my local store, I ask for it at the meat counter instead of buying the prepackaged in plastic/styrofoam. When I specifically order meat from the counter, it is wrapped in butcher paper instead, and hasn’t been sitting in a plastic & foam container. Thank you Lexi!

    5.0 rating

  11. i use reusable snack bags and all reusable coffee mugs and water bottles! i bring my own shopping bags with me to the store and have my own cutlery at work so i don’t use plastic! 🙂

  12. I’ve been trying to use my own mugs and water bottles instead of buying huge packs of plastic water bottles!

  13. I love shopping at our co-op’s bulk section by bringing all my mason jars to store the goods in! Dry goods like rice, quinoa, and nuts are staples and they look pretty in the glass as well 🙂

  14. I try to eliminate plastic in our lives as much as possible- glass water bottles and storage containers to name a couple things!!

  15. I’ve been using stainless steel straws and a reusable water bottle every day at work. I try and bring my our grocery bags when shopping. I love the travel mug set. Definitely buying for holiday gifts! I have also changed over to using Thieves essential oil has a household cleaner

  16. I love shopping at our co-op’s bulk section by bringing several glass mason jars from home! Rice, quinoa, and nuts are staples that I get and they also look pretty in the glass 🙂

  17. I use reusable water bottles/travel coffee mugs and use reusable tote bags to go grocery shopping! This post is awesome and the Ello products look amazing!

  18. It has taken me a long time to get onto this but I have started bringing my own bags to the grocery store (I always forget) so now I keep a bunch of them in my trunk!

    I also am wanting to buy the silicone bags instead of ziplocks!

  19. We reduce plastic by using Mason Jars for food storage! We can tomatoes so once we are done with the tomatoes I wash the lids to use for storage. Next I want to try a period cup to cut waste from menstration.

  20. A goal for 2019 is to be much better about bringing my own bags to the grocery store!! I want to also start re-using ziplocks. We also use glass containers for food whenever possible.

  21. We actively try to reduce plastic in our home! We use our own grocery totes when we go shopping, keep items in tupperware, and pack our own utensils for lunch. We’re doing what we can for the environment and appreciate everyone here doing the same!

  22. We use reusable water bottles and straws in my house everyday, and reusable shopping bags and produce bags when we shop!

  23. We use reusable water bottles, I use a Lunette cup (love it!), Reusable snack and sandwich bags for my kids lunches, stainless straws, Norwex clothes instead of paper towel, and of course reusable shopping bags.

  24. We use reusable bags, metal straws, silicone bags, we use hydroflasks for EVERYTHING and try to buy groceries that use less packaging. I also love pyrex!!!!!! Thank you for posting about this. It’s a passion that everyone needs to get involved in.

    5.0 rating

  25. I have switched to stainless steel bottles for water on the go. Glass storage for food and also glass pitchers instead of plastic ones!
    Love this post. Always up for new ways!

    5.0 rating

  26. I am working towards a plastic free home! We have made many steps this year from using and taking our own water and coffee mugs everywhere we go including social outings, we also bring our own reusable beer glasses with us ! I pack our lunches in glass daily and have changed to no plastic and waste for my monthly girl time. 2019 will be our year to be more than 90% plastic free ?

    5.0 rating

  27. I am all about using my reusable bags! But I need to be more mindful about not using ziplock bags and I love your suggestions for that!

  28. I love this, thank you so much for posting and caring about reducing plastic! I think it compliments living a “clean” lifestyle so well. Some ways I’m trying to reduce plastic use in my home is by slowly transitioning all my plastic Tupperware to glass, using stainless steel straws, and using reusable grocery bags. I’d like to decrease my ziplock bag usage next!

    5.0 rating

  29. I just switched to stainless steel straws! I even think they make whatever I’m drinking taste better! Love this post and excited about those @elloproducts!

  30. I want to stop using plastic bags as often as I do. Particularly as the liner for trash cans or as ways to store food. Additionally, I love the idea of using products like beeswax instead of plastic wrap.

    5.0 rating

  31. I always try to take my own bags to the grocery. I love Aldi and that they don’t just give out bags. I have phased out straws in our house too. It is especially challenging with two little ones!

  32. I started using a reusable water bottle recently, and I’ve been using reusable towels in the kitchen for years. I plan to switch to silicone bags next.

  33. I always use a reusable cup with a metal straw! I would like to get a few silicone bags to try and need to be better about bringing my reusable totes to the grocery store.

    5.0 rating

  34. I’m in the process of creating our wedding registry and I’m currently registering for several of the items that you mentioned including the reusable silicone bags and glass Tupperware!

  35. I’ purchased glass storage containers for leftovers and recycled all my plastic ones. I also switched to glass or metal water bottles.

    5.0 rating

  36. I’ve been way better about bringing my own bags to the grocery store. And not using plastic bags when buying produce!

  37. We use stasherbags for our breakfasts and lunches on the go, use reusable grocery bags, and have reusable produce bags , so helpful and it actually saves us money! ?

    5.0 rating

  38. I purchased reusable produce bags to go with my reusable shopping bags. And I have been declining straws and bringing my own stainless steel or paper ones with me

  39. I started using Ello glass water bottles and ditched my plastic bottles. I love their products so much!! Also started using more glass contaibers to store food instead of the plastic and ziplock bags.

  40. My partner and I now only use glass containers to take our food with us. We meal prep a week in advance ? (usually with some of your receipes) We also take metal fork and knives to work for our prep.
    Stasher bags are also a staple of ours. We use the small snack size bags and larger quart bags for different fruits, veggies and other snacks! They’re reusable and actually fun to eat out of

    5.0 rating

  41. I always use my reusable water bottles and a Camelbak backpack for hiking. I store everything in canning jars with metal lids, and am replacing plastic storage containers (as they break and get recycled) with glass.

    4.0 rating

  42. I bring reusable bags for produce at the grocery store, it’s crazy how many plastic bags add up especially considering how much produce I buy each week!

  43. On a daily basis, I use a re-usable water bottle, glass containers for left-overs & lunches and take our own bags to the grocery store. I would like to transition to metal straws and re-usable zip lock bags too!

  44. We have been using and LOVE Ello! During our “reduction beginning period” my husband received a roll of paper towels one year for Christmas! Lol.
    It was funny for nostalgic sake as we have been using kitchen towels instead for over a decade (among other changes). Merry Christmas, Lexi!

  45. I only use glass storage containers now, I also bring my own shopping bags to the stores with me now too. Slowly but surely! ?

  46. Glass lunch containers, reusable coffee travel mugs, travel tumblers for our water at work. Need to invest in some lunch bag alternatives as well and make our own beeswax food wrap.

  47. We’ve started using real dishes when eating snacks, as opposed to disposable – dishes really aren’t so bad once you get used to them! We also use reusable water bottles and coffee cups to reduce plastic/paper use.

  48. We do pretty much everything you suggested. I will be replacing my plastic Tupperware with glass once they’re worn out.

  49. We always, always use cloth, or reusable shopping bags. We bring our Contigo coffee mugs and have the coffee shops fill those instead of using theirs.

  50. I started this school year off by purchasing waxed fabric food wrappers and bags for school lunches! My son beams with pride when he can say he not only brought them home, but proves he ate his lunch! We also save every plastic container with a lid to re-use! Just like grandma did!

    5.0 rating

  51. I LOVE my glass Tupperware from ello. It’s amazing and washes so well in the dishwasher.

    Also reusable bags for groceries are a double win for me because it means less bags for me to carry up my apartment steps since they’re bigger than normal grocery bags.

    5.0 rating

  52. My water and reusable totes go with me wherever I go and were one of the first habits I adopted. This year I have added reusable produce bags and have started buying in bulk. A big one for me is buying the giant tub of yogurt and dividing it up myself in glass containers.

  53. Silicone Stasher bags have replaced zip locks and organic cotton bags for bulk dry goods at the store! Loved this post!!

  54. We use reusable water bottles and straws in our house. We also switched from plastic storage containers to glass. Next up is reusable paper towels!

  55. I have started switching out my plastic meal prep storage containers for glass ones! I am loving the ones I just brought! I also carry around a reusable water bottle everywhere I go!

    5.0 rating

  56. I use reusable containers for my kids lunches, I take my own bags to the grocery store, and have switched to glass containers instead of plastic.

  57. Moving towards using reusable plastic bags and trying to move away from packaged foods which will get me away from processed foods as well!

  58. We try to carry it steel water bottles wherever we go so we aren’t tempted by to buy plastic bottles while we’re out!

  59. I want to reduce the use of ziplock/ plastic bags in my household completely by stocking up on stasher bags!

    5.0 rating

  60. Reusable grocery bags including reusable produce bags, and ALWAYS bringing my own water bottle everywhere I go!

  61. We make our own cleaning products, buy the supplies in bulk to reduce waist…we use cloth napkins, and towels…we are working hard to replace the plastic Tupperware with glass – we plan to keep the plastic in a cabinet for when friends come over and want to take something home!

  62. I was just checking these out! I use glass storage containers, stainless steel cups and straws (the ones you listed on Xmas ideas), glass cleaning bottles- everyone in the family has made a change 🙂

    5.0 rating

  63. So I’ve started using glass storage containers for left overs. I’ve even wrapped sandwiches in parchment paper for lunches!!

    5.0 rating

  64. Taking reusable totes to the grocery store and not using any plastic bags. Took all of the grocery bags we had accumulated over the previous years and recycled them at the grocery store. Already feeling great about reducing waste!!

    5.0 rating

  65. My husband and I switched to glass containers and reusable snack bags. We pack our lunches every day. We also use stainless water bottles. Im certainly not perfect, but try very hard to reduce my use! This post was great, thank you!

    5.0 rating

  66. My husband and I switched to glass containers and reusable snack bags. We pack our lunches every day. We also use stainless water bottles. Im certainly not perfect, but try very hard to reduce my use! This post was great, thank you!

    5.0 rating

  67. Reusable water bottle, make coffee at home (eliminating the use of single use cups and saving a dollar!), mesh produce bags & reusable grocery bags, glass food storage, & just got some stasher bags for Christmas – already in use!

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