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Two years ago Jax (our golden retriever) came into ours lives. Getting him was hands down the best decision I have eve made! Having a dog has taught me a lot of things about being a dog mom, but also about life!


I didn’t grow up having dogs, and didn’t know what to expect AT ALL when we got him. If you follow me on social media, you know that Jax is such a huge part of our family, and working from home, my little (or big) sidekick.

Over the past two years many of you have sent me questions about getting a dog, having a dog, what we do with Jax, what goes into having a puppy, and more. So when Stella & Chewy’s reached out to me to be a part of their Everyday Awesome campaign, I was SO excited and thrilled to finally share some insight with all of you!

10 Reasons That Having A Dog Has Impacted My Life

When Jax first came home he looked a little something like this: 

10 Reasons That Having A Dog Has Impacted My Life

Can you even handle that face? He was a tiny little teddy bear that instantly won over our hearts. And yes, we did a puppy photoshoot. Haha! 

10 Reasons That Having A Dog Has Impacted My Life

Today I’m going to share things that Jax has taught me, and I’ll also share about things we do to keep him happy and healthy, and try to answer some of the questions you’ve asked me! 

10 Reasons That Having A Dog Has Impacted My Life

Why Having A Dog Is AWESOME:

1. They Get You Into Nature: Dogs get you moving, and they get you out into nature! We take Jax to some BEAUTIFUL parks and on hikes and nature walks. We get to enjoy the quiet and the beauty of nature.

2. They Give You Unconditional Love: The love that Jax gives us is unlike anything I have experienced. You make them SO happy, and they simply love you so much. 

3. They Teach You Responsibility: It’s true, and it’s an important component to take into consideration when getting a dog. Dogs, like humans, require love and your time. You need to be home every number of hours for them. You have to guide them and teach them how to act. You have someone else you need to feed and care for. I don’t have kids just yet so Jax is like my first child. If he’s up in the middle of the night with a stomachache, guess what? So am I!

4. They Boost Your Mood: Dogs snuggle you, love you, and are SO excited to see you when you walk through the door. It’s like an instant mood boost. Whether I am outside for 1 minute getting the mail, or away for the weekend, it’s instant excitement!

5. They Help Relieve Stress: Studies show that being around dogs can help reduce stress, and I find that to be so true!

6. They Help You Find Joy In Simple Things In Life: Dogs are simple. They get excited by the leaves on the ground or the tennis ball at the park. Jax has taught me to step back and find joy in the tiny moments.

7. They Make Us More Social: Every day at the park or on a walk somebody comes over to say hi and pet Jax. I’ve met so many interesting people, nice neighbors, and even friends, from having Jax!

8. They Get You Moving Daily: They make you get up, get outside, and get moving!

9. Dogs Give Us a Sense of Purpose: You now have another being to care for! Dogs need you every day, and puppies even more so. They are like your child! Jax gives me a sense of purpose that I love.

10. They Make Us Laugh: There’s never a dull moment with this cutie around. He’s always doing something funny that makes us laugh.

10 Reasons That Having A Dog Has Impacted My Life


Finances: When you’re considering getting a dog make sure you think about a budget for them. Between the vet, food, annual shots, insurance (optional), daycare or a dog walker if needed, and grooming, it’s definitely an expense to consider. The first year of their life, puppies tend to get sick, so between that and supplies year one is always a bit more money, from our experience.

Your time: Make sure you are ready for the responsibility! Make sure your work schedule allows for it, and while you may not be able to leave at a moments notice without planning, I truly believe coming home to that sweet face is so worth it. 

Finding a Breeder or Adopting: Wherever you choose to get your dog from, do your research to ensure you are getting him/her from someone trustworthy. We got Jax from a breeder here in Massachusetts that many of my old-coworkers had goldens from.

Invest in training:  We started training very early with Jax and truly believed it helped him socially with other dogs as well as house training. While you think you may be able to take on the task yourself, the training really trained US on what to do and what not to do!

10 Reasons That Having A Dog Has Impacted My LifeThings We Do:

We feed him good food! Which is a huge part of today’s post! Jax eats a grain-free, limited ingredient kibble diet with added Stella & Chewy raw food Meal Mixers (which are made with pure proteins and organic fruits and vegetables) for additional nutrients. Food has healed so much of my ailments and health issues, so I definitely make sure I feed Jax well and get him nutritious (and delicious) food!

We did training early on and constantly work on it with him! I can’t recommend it enough. 

We get outside with him every day. Hello, vitamin D! 

Early on in his life, like the first few weeks, we traveled with him places, and it’s made him comfortable now when we travel or are away and he’s in different places.

 BONUS: If you like, you can post your dog’s excitement about Meal Mixers via a photo or video on the Stella & Chewy Facebook page or on your Instagram along with the hashtag #MealMixerChallenge. Be sure to include the package in your shot! They’re giving away a grand prize that includes $1,000 in Meal Mixers and a PetChatz pet cam valued at $400!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Stella & Chewy’s. The opinions and text are all mine. I only work with brands that I 100% support personally!


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  1. My idea of absolute happiness is to be in bed on a rainy day with my blankie, my cat, and my dog.

  2. I love this post! It actually has me teary-eyed since our dog is getting up there in age. He came into my life when I was at a low, almost like my guardian angel. It sounds cliche but he has always been there for me! In regards to the product, I am always up for a natural one for my dog!

  3. I just wanted to add a reminder that someday that best friend may not meet you at the door…. Maybe they can’t hear the garage door go up anymore or maybe they were just sleeping to soundly. So now it is your turn. Go find them and let them know how happy you are to see them, because they are still happy to see you, even if they didn’t make it to the door!

  4. I have a 2 year old Golden as well. I just started incorporated Stella & Chewy into his kibble. I would love to know when and how much you use with each feeding. Thank you

    1. So I use the S&C Meal Mixers with his regular kibble. I use 1 scoop (that comes with the meal mixers) into his kibble! 🙂