Best Podcasts to Listen to this Fall

This season, I know you’re busy getting the kids back into a school routine, prepping for the holidays, and trying to stay on top of things around the house — and I hope that these recommendations of the 26 Best Podcasts to Listen to this Fall can keep you company while you accomplish all the things! 

Best Podcasts to Listen to This Fall

Listen and love.

Admittedly, I’ve never been a huge podcast fan — but, one of the things that gets me most excited about diving into the world of podcasts is that they offer the opportunity to learn new things (or maybe even laugh a little) while I multitask. This fall, one of my goals is to get into pods! I plan to put in my ear buds and listen to a podcast while I go for a walk, stream episodes on car trips, or hook up my phone to a speaker at home so I can tune in while I make dinner

Health and Wellness Podcasts

1. The Nutrition Diva’s Quick and Dirty Tips for Eating Well and Feeling Fabulous: The nutrition world fascinates me, and Monica Reinagel has claimed the title of The Nutrition Diva on her podcast and I’m into it! On every episode of the show, licensed nutritionist Monica offers simple suggestions for healthier eating in a bite-sized format. Most episodes are between ten and twenty minutes long, so you can get a lot of info in a short period of time. (Fudgy paleo) brownie points for efficiency! 

2. TEDTalks Health: TEDTalks is well-known for bringing the best of thought leaders to the general public, and in the TEDTalks Health podcast, they do just that — but with health, exclusively! This show covers a wide range of topics and will appeal to anyone who is curious about different aspects of the health field and who likes to learn from the experts. 

3. PaleOMG Uncensored: If you dig the paleo-friendly recipes I share on the site, you have to check out my girlfriend Juli’s recipes *and* give a listen to her podcast. On the PaleOMG Uncensored podcast, Juli skips the science and theory and gets right to what’s most important to you in your daily pursuit of health and wellness — sugar, alcohol, fitness, and more. Plus, she’s HILARIOUS.

4. The Wellness Mama Podcast: Looking for even more to learn about all things holistic food, attainable health, natural living, stress, sleep, and caring for your family? Look no further! It’s all right here on The Wellness Mama Podcast. You’ll finish every episode ready to take real action with your healthy habits and routines. 

5. The Party in My Plants Podcast: I was hooked the minute I read the show description in Apple Podcasts: “Finally! The show that makes healthy living not suck! So you’ll actually want to do it. And so then you’ll actually start feeling, looking and living your best.” It feels a little like host Talia Pollock and I might just be soul sisters. Talia is a plant-based coach, chef, and speaker, and on each episode of her podcast, she interviews a health professional or answers health-related questions from listeners. 

6. That’s So Maven by The Healthy Maven: Blogger and personal friend Davida Kugelmass is well known for her work on The Healthy Maven website, where she shares her experiences with all things healthy and natural. With That’s So Maven, she brings that same expertise to your earbuds and opens up even further with episodes about hormone testing, sex, breathwork, tarot, and more. She’s a breath of fresh air, and truly one of the best people!

7. The Ultimate Health Podcast: The title pretty much says it all on this one. The hosts are a pair of married doctors — Dr. Marni Wasserman and Dr. Jesse Chappus, one a retired chiropractor and the other a nutritionist and natural chef. Their pod brings together informative voices from across the medical field to give you the ultimate health advice on everything from keto and skin care to cancer prevention and the dangers of perfectionism for your mental health. 

8. nocrumbsleft table talks: A love of food and sharing it with the people I care about is what brought me to LCK in the first place. Nocrumbsleft blogger Teri Turner and I share that love, plus we love each other (you might remember I joined her on her Boston book tour)! Foodies of all kinds will find something to enjoy in Teri’s weekly pod. 

9. Vibe Tribe Wellness: Vibe Tribe Wellness is hosted by millennials Becka and Rachael. Like me, they spent much of their twenties learning firsthand about the importance of feeding their bodies well. Today, they live gluten-free lifestyles and are working hard to spread the word about the importance of making healthy choices. Their pod touches on food, wellness, personal care, and self-love. 


10. Hurdle: This show is absolutely perfect for the LCK family! Every episode shines a spotlight on a guest who went through a tough time, but here’s the twist — each of them leaned into personal wellness as an outlet to help them overcome. The ideal blend of motivation and health inspo, Hurdle will get you fired up to simultaneously beat obstacles and make healthy choices. 

11. THE UPSIDE with Callie and Jeff Dauler: Sometimes, all it really takes to get some motivation going is a reminder of all of the wonderful things you already have happening in your life. My friend Callie Dauler and her husband Jeff are poster children for this! On each episode of their podcast, this couple chats about what’s happening for them day-to-day, never failing to find the upside. You’ll feel inspired to seek the upside in your own life so that you can stay motivated to make even more good happen! 

12. Happier with Gretchen Rubin: You might recognize Gretchen Rubin as the bestselling author of The Happiness Project and Better Than Before. These days, she takes her expertise in the field of being happy to a weekly podcast! Every week, she offers advice from her own experience about the habits and choices that have made her feel her best. Gretchen also invites guests on to share their keys to happiness. You’ll finish each episode feeling more motivated than ever to pursue your best life. 

13. The Balanced Blonde Podcast // Soul On Fire: I personally love Jordan Younger and her contagious energy, and her podcast is no exception. Every week, Jordan invites a guest to join her for a discussion about what has set their soul on fire and inspired them to chase their big goals. You’ll learn about everything from branding and writing to wellness and staying on track with a project. 

14. Optimal Living Daily: Do you ever feel a little overwhelmed by the amount of information that’s out there about personal development? Do you ever wish that you could read some of the motivational articles that your friends link on social media, but feel like you never have the time? The Optimal Living Daily podcasts seeks to solve that problem by dedicating each episode to an article or essay about personal development, productivity, and more. You can listen to some of that content that overwhelms you while you drive, exercise, or cook. 

15. Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations: I don’t think I need to tell you how great or inspirational Oprah Winfrey is. That’s already been pretty well documented! But if you find yourself needing a little dose of Oprah’s very specific brand of motivation, I suggest you give her podcast a listen. Each episode features a conversation between Oprah and a guest — Elizabeth Gilbert, Deepak Chopra, and Michelle Obama have all made appearances — about what’s most meaningful to them. 

16. Style Your Mind Podcast: As the title of this pod suggests, host Cara Alwill is on a mission to help listeners take control of their thoughts and feel empowered. Cara is a master life coach and bestselling personal development author, so she’s fully qualified to give you your weekly boost of inspiration and perspective. Some of the episodes are as short as seven or eight minutes, so you can easily tune in throughout the day. 

17. The School of Greatness: Do you love celebrities? Do you love getting pumped up with a little motivational speaking now and then? Combine the two and you’ve got The School of Greatness, a podcast hosted by former professional athlete and bestselling author Lewis Howes. He’s interviewed Mike Tyson, Whitney Cummings, LeAnn Rimes, Danica Patrick, and so many other public figures about the challenges they’ve faced and how they overcame them to become greater than ever. 

18. DRIVEN: A podcast for the modern entrepreneur: Get in on the ground floor of this awesome pod, which launched in September 2019 by my two friends Cassy & Diane! You’ll learn about all of the tools you need to successfully build a business from its earliest stages, from fabulous experts! Hosts Diane Sanfilippo and Cassy Joy Garcia are bestselling authors and serial entrepreneurs, and I can’t think of anyone more qualified to inspire you with their biz know-how. 


19. Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard: Armchair Expert may be one of the most buzzed-about podcasts out there but it’s never too late to join the party and become just as obsessed as the rest of the world. Dax Sheperd’s interviews with celebrities (Joseph Gordon-Levitt! Juila Louis-Dreyfus! Will Ferrell! Chelsea Handler!) are at turns inspiring and hilarious — but always, always, always totally fascinating. 

20. Crime Junkie: What is it about true crime that is so. darn. fascinating? I definitely can’t explain it, but I can tell you that Crime Junkie will scratch your true crime itch if you’re like me and can’t get enough of these crazy real-life stories. 

21. The SSR Podcast: Get your weekly dose of blast from the past on SSR! Each week, the host invites a guest to reread and chat about a book that was important to them in their middle or high school years. You may be surprised by how different some of your favorite stories sound in 2019! SSR is also a great reminder of the children’s books that bring so many of our pasts together, including Little House on the Prairie, Charlotte’s Web, and The Baby-Sitters Club. 

22. Chatty Broads with Bekah and Jess: You may recognize co-host Bekah Martinez as a former contest on The Bachelor, but today, she spends a lot of her time gabbing on mic with friend and former stylist Jess Ambrose. Chatty Broads covers all kinds of content — mom life, astrology, mental health, relationships, and more. If you happen to be a fan of the Bachelor franchise, they also do a fair bit of recapping when the shows are on air! 

23. LET IT OUT: Authors, musicians, entrepreneurs, chefs, comedians, and actors have all guested on this pod, taking the opportunity to let it out with host Katie Dalebout. It’s a mix of heavy and light conversations that cover everything from chronic illness to tips for celebrating the holidays, so you’re bound to find something that speaks to you. 

24. My Favorite Murder with Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark: Nope… I still can’t explain why we’re all so obsessed with true crime. But the reasoning doesn’t matter when you have a pod as juicy as My Favorite Murder! Hosts Karen and Georgia are lifelong fans of true crime, and they spend each episode of their show swapping stories of crime and murder with their friends and fans. 

25. Pop Culture Happy Hour: Twice a week, this podcast from NPR delivers easy-to-listen-to episodes that will download you on important happenings in the world of movies, television, books, and music. You’ll never feel left out of a pop culture conversation again! 

26. Bad On Paper: Launched originally as a book club podcast, Bad On Paper has evolved to cover a wider range of lifestyle topics — careers, dating, fashion, and more. Hosts Grace and Becca are best friends in real life, and you might be familiar with Grace as the blogger behind popular lifestyle site The Stripe. After listening to just a few episodes of Bad On Paper, you’ll feel like you’ve been granted access to their top-secret girl friendship gang. 

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26 Podcasts to Check Out This Fall

Podcasts to Listen to

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September 27, 2019

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