Breakfast Fried Rice

This Breakfast Fried Rice is made using only 4 ingredients and is a super easy meal to whip up anytime of day, not just in the morning! It takes the base of leftover rice and switches up the traditional fried rice by adding in the leftover breakfast staples of bacon and eggs. You can have it on the table from start to finish in less than 15 minutes which makes it a breakfast (or dinner) win!

Breakfast fried rice recipeBreakfast Fried Rice

After testing and testing and testing our Best Rice Ever recipe a few weeks back we found ourselves with piles of rice in the test kitchen. Not that we are complaining or anything, because it really is the best rice ever, but we knew we needed to put that rice to good use by testing a few new leftover rice recipes, and this Breakfast Fried Rice was one of them!

We love the idea of being able to make a double batch of something easy, like rice, when you are cooking dinner and then also being able to use up the leftovers again for a fresh meal later in the week. This Breakfast Fried Rice is the perfect example of this. This dish takes a total start to finish time to make of 15 minutes! On busy days (which they seem to be innumerable) this is the perfect breakfast, or lunch or dinner! And likely you already have the ingredients on hand or in your freezer: bacon, eggs, rice and green onions.

Rice breakfast recipes

What is in a Breakfast Fried Rice?

This is not the most traditional Asian-style type of fried rice, as we really wanted to keep the ingredient list as minimal as possible so there aren’t any add-ins like coconut aminos or other spices. Think of this as more of a breakfast stir fry! We wanted this to be a savory options for breakfast made with ingredients you likely had on hand that could be a satisfying meal. We limited it to bacon, eggs, green onions and leftover rice with optional hot sauce.

What are some other options to add to Breakfast Fried Rice?

If you wanted to add in a few more things there are plenty of options. You can add in:

  • diced bell peppers (after you fry up the bacon)
  • baby kale or spinach (add it when you add the rice and green onion to wilt)
  • frozen baby peas (add it when you add the rice and green onion to wilt)
  • cauliflower rice (add this after you fry up the bacon and cook for a bit before adding the eggs)

Breakfast rice

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Breakfast Fried Rice

Prep Time 00:04 Cook Time 00:11 Total Time 00:15 Serves 2



  1. In a nonstick skillet or well seasoned cast iron pan, cook bacon until crispy, about 6 minutes. Drain all but 1 tablespoon of bacon fat. Reserve leftover bacon fat for another use or discard.
  2. Lower heat to medium low and add scrambled eggs. Using a spatula move the eggs around the pan until they are fully cooked, about 2 minutes.
  3. Add rice and green onion and cook, breaking up the rice if needed with a spatula, until it is heated through about 3-5 minutes.
  4. Check the seasoning and adjust with additional salt and pepper if needed. Divide between two plates and garnish with hot sauce if using and serve immediately.

Recipe Notes

  1. If you are using seasoned leftover rice (like our recipe for the BEST RICE EVER) you will not need any additional salt because the rice and the bacon add salt to the dish already.
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