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Father’s Day is around the corner on June 16th, and we’ve pulled together some of our favorite Father’s Day gifts and ideas that we are confident the dads in your life will love.

We’ve included a variety of prices, great for your dad, a grandfather, a father-in-law, a stepdad, a friend, a new dad, or a father-like figure in your life—whoever it may be, we have you covered!

What not to forget for Father’s Day? A phone call, a personalized and thoughtful card, and, if possible, spend some time together!

2024 Father's Day Gift Ideas With Every Budget In Mind

Mike’s Picks:

  1. For the Weekend Traveler: Lululemon Large Duffel ($198)
  2. Our New Sleep Must-Have: EightSleep Mattress Cover Sleep Tracker (ranges)
  3. Pants He Loves: Lululemon ABC Pants ($128) or Lululemon ABC Jogger Pants ($128)
  4. For Anyone: Tushy Bidet (starting at $99)
  5. For the Traveler: Leather Toiletry/Travel Bag ($22)
  6. For Anyone: Yeti 35 Cooler ($275)
  7. Mike Says… Mechanical Keyboard ($189)
  8. For All Seasons: Cuts Legacy Jacket (on sale $105)
  9. Home Gym Essentials (ranges)
  10. Mike’s Favorite Shoes Part I: Adidas Ultra Boost Sneakers ($80)
  11. Mike’s Favorite Shoes Part II: Men’s Allbird Shoes ($98)
  12. Mike’s Favorite Shoes Part III: New Vans HE LOVES ($90)
  13. Mike’s Favorite New Bike Desk ($499 splurge, but he loves it)
  14. Always A Great Idea: a New Belt ($65)
  15. Can’t Go Wrong With: DeWalt Tools ($139) or Sleek Hoto Tools (ranges)
  16. For the DJ in the house: Bose Speaker ($149)
  17. For the Swimmer: New Bathing Suit ($20 on sale, he loves this brand)
  18. Mike’s Favorite Dress Up Soft Button Downs: Mizzen and Main Shirt ($120)
  19. For The Tea Lover: Electric Tea Kettle (ranges)
  20. For Anyone: Apple AirPods ($279) and Custom AirPods Cover ($30)
  21. Get It Delivered: Goldbelly Famous Restaurants Delivered (ranges)

Other Father’s Day Gifts:

  1. For the Griller: Personalized BBQ Gift Set ($60)
  2. Can’t Go Wrong With: Tumi Wallet ($100)
  3. Anyone Would Like: Leatherman Pocket Knife ($69)
  4. Easy Gift: Baseball Cap ($69)
  5. For the Coffee Lover: Nespresso Coffee Maker (ranges) or splurge on the Jura Coffee Maker – We’ve had ours since I started WFH in 2015 and love it so much ($1349 or less with coupons)
  6. Trendy: Ninja Creami ($210)
  7. For the Fitness Guy: Massage Gun ($148)
  8. For the Smoothie Guy: Zwilling Personal Blender ($96)
  9. For Camping: Portable Camping Toilet ($15)
  10. The Best: Matcha and Teas (LEXI for a discount)
  11. For the Traveler: Away Luggage (ranges)
  12. For Grooming: Wahl Grooming ($27)
  13. Super Cool: Lava Rock Bead Bracelet ($99)
  14. New: Golf Shorts (I love this brand)! ($59)
  15. For the Breakfast Guy (non-toxic) Waffle Maker ($250)
  16. Can’t Go Wrong With a Good Robe ($148)
  17. For Anyone: Solo Stove (ranges)
  18. Anyone Will Love This Rolling Cooler, even me, haha! ($170)
  19. For Anyone: Birkenstocks ($145)
  20. For The Cook or Griller: Blackstone Griddle (ranges)
  21. For The Wine Guy: Automatic Electric Corkscrew ($54) + a nice bottle of wine!
  22. Yeti Hopper Backpack for Anyone ($275)
  23. For the Coffee Lover: Ember Mug ($119)
  24. For the Sandal Guy: Rainbow Brand Flip Flops ($60)
  25. For the Cook: Grass-Fed Meat Delivery Boxes (latest deal here!)
  26. For Anyone: Vacuum Mop (on sale)
  27. For the Pool Guy: Pool Skimmer (ranges)
  28. The Reader: Kindle ($130) or splurge on Kindle Scribe ($420)
  29. The One With Everything: AirDoctorPro Air Purifier ($110 off for AD1000, $110 off for AD200, $280 off for AD3000, $300 off for AD5000)  
  30. For the Griller: Nice Grill Tools ($50)
  31. Can’t Go Wrong With: Ugg Slippers ($129)
  32. For The Camping Guy: a New Tent ($85)
  33. Stock Him Up On The Charcoal Scent: Natural Deodorant (code LEXI for 10% off)
  34. For The Office: Briefcase ($193)
  35. For Anyone: Reusable Stainless Water Bottle ($30)
  36. For The One With Everything: Men’s Boxers ($28)
  37. Awesome Guy Gift: Rothy’s Loafers ($189)
  38. For the Outdoor Dad: Free Fly Sun Shirts ($68)
  39. Can’t Go Wrong With: Beanie Hat ($45) or Carhartt Beanie ($35)
  40. For The One With Everything: Bombas Sock Pack ($50)
  41. For The Health Guy: Drink LMNT Sample Pack ($14) or Equilibria CBD (ranges)
  42. For the Wellness Lover: Essential Oil Stone Diffuser ($123) and Essential Oils Wellness Set ($47)
  43. Polaroid Camera ($126)
  44. Samsung Frame TV we love ours! (ranges)
  45. For the New Dad: Dada Book ($5), and Custom Dad Shirt ($22)
  46. For Family: Skylight Frame ($150) or Aura Digital Frame ($169)
  47. Decorate His Space: The Sill Plant Gift Card or a Plant (ranges)

Custom Gift Ideas:

  1. Grandpa Sweatshirts ($41)
  2. Grandpa Doormat ($14)
  3. Custom Tape Measurer ($9)
  4. Personalized Popcorn Bowl ($23)
  5. Personalized S’more Sticks ($5)
  6. Leather Personalized Travel Bag for toiletries ($22)
  7. Custom Travel Watch Roll ($129)
  8. Custom puzzle for grandparents ($42)
  9. Artifact Uprising Personalized Calendars
  10. Personalized Coasters
  11. Custom Photo Book (50% off)
  12. Custom Pet Portrait
  13. Meditation App Subscription or Favorite Magazine Subscription
  14. Local: Cooking Class and Wine Tasting Class Package
  15. Local: A 1-Hour Massage at His Local Spot
  16. Local: Greenhouse gift card so they plant all the flowers!
  17. Local: A local restaurant gift card
  18. Flight lessons (if you have a person who’s always wanted to be a pilot)!
  19. Subscription Boxes: ButcherBoxHot Sauce of the MonthMindfulness Box, Book of the Month Club, Audible Membership, Netflix or Hulu, Thrive Market Membership (ranges)

Make sure you check shipping cut off dates so your gifts arrive on time!

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. Every item is something I truly think you (and he) will love!

If you’re searching for other gift ideas, click here for the full holiday gift guide.

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