Golden Milk Latte Overnight Oats (with Collagen!)

These Golden Milk Latte Overnight Oats are the perfect make ahead breakfast that is hearty, nutrient-dense, and delicious! They require absolutely no cooking and make for a perfect anti-inflammatory overnight oats recipe. Made in partnership with Vital Proteins.

Golden Milk Latte Overnight Oats   

Golden Milk Latte Overnight Oats

5 Sneaky Ways To Get Your Collagen Protein In:

  1. Coffee or tea
  2. Overnight oats or chia pudding
  3. Soups/Stews
  4. Smoothies
  5. In baked goods

Golden Milk Latte Overnight Oats

If you’ve read my post about the benefits of collagen peptides my family has personally seen, you know I am a big fan of adding collagen into my daily life. It dissolves and is completely tasteless, so it can be added to just about anything! It’s wonderful for your skin, nails, hair, and for joint and gut health.

Overnight oats ingredients

How to make overnight oats

Anti-inflammatory overnight oats

I don’t eat oats that often, and when I do, I do it right! They are the star in my famous granola recipe, and are the star of the show in this overnight oat recipe, too! Garnish with your favorite fresh fruit and enjoy! A perfect on-the-go breakfast that you can make ahead and have in the fridge all week long!

Healthy turmeric overnight oats

Overnight Oats FAQ’s

Do you eat overnight oats hot or cold?

Overnight oats are a great and easy on-the-go breakfast! Grab it out of the fridge, cold, top with toppings and enjoy!

Can you make overnight oats with milk?

I use dairy-free milk, like almond milk or cashew milk! You can use any milk you’d like.

How long can you keep overnight oats in the refrigerator?

I keep my overnight oats for up to 3 day in the refrigerator. If it has fresh fruit it will keep for 1 day.

Can you make overnight oatmeal without chia seeds?

Of course. I love the texture they add, and the nutrients, but they’re totally optional!

What kind of oats are used for overnight oats?

I use gluten-free raw rolled oats. You won’t want to use quick cooking oats!

Golden Milk Latte Overnight Oats with berries

Watch the video here:

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Golden Milk Latte Overnight Oats

Yields 1 jar
Prep Time 5 minutes

Total Time 3 hours 5 minutes

Author: Lexi




  1. Place all ingredients into a jar and mix well to combine.
  2. Place in the refrigerator, covered, for at least 3 hours or overnight. Serve cold with toppings of choice!

Recipe Notes

  • Store in the refrigerator for 3-4 days
  • Depending on how thick you like your overnight oats, you may add a splash of milk of choice before serving.


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This post is sponsored by Vital Proteins. All thoughts and opinions are always 100% my own! I love the integrity of their products and think you’ll love them too. Thank you for continuing to support LCK and the brands I work with!

March 28, 2018

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13 Responses

  1. YESSS Can’t wait to try this! You’re golden milk latte was out of this world, I imagine this will be the same!!

  2. I just made this for breakfast but cooked them since it’s breakfast time. It was really good and I can’t wait to make them again.

    5.0 rating

  3. Just as I expected, delicious!! I added raisins and topped with pecans, the little hint of spice was soothing and tasty, just the right amount!!

    5.0 rating

  4. Sounds delish! Maybe we should add a pinch of black pepper to increase absorption of curcumin? It would maximize all the amazing superfood benefits of tumeric!

    4.0 rating

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Author: Lexi



Recipe Notes

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