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Halloween is in the (fall) air, and if you’re trying to keep your eating clean, it’s a season that can be scary for more than just its spooky costumes. It’s hard to go anywhere in October without seeing bags and bags of bargain candy lying around, chock full of artificial ingredients and ready to tempt you. But guess what? You don’t have to choose between celebrating Halloween and offering healthy candy choices! It’s actually possible to do both… and to give trick-or-treaters something fun to walk away with on October 31 without spending hours in the kitchen to get it done.

healthy halloween candy for trick-or-treaters in a basket15 Healthy Candy Options for Halloween

Be the coolest (and healthiest) house on the block.

Check out these healthy candy options for Halloween treats, all of which you can order or buy in-store! 

1. All the YumEarth Halloween Healthy Candy Options: Just because you’re trying to keep things on the cleaner side with the snacks you’re handing out to trick-or-treaters doesn’t mean that you have to give up candy entirely! I understand that you probably have at least a little nostalgia associated with getting sweet treats on Halloween, and YumEarth’s awesome products will give you a chance to spread the love to your neighborhood kiddos without spreading scary ingredients and allergens. All of YumEarth’s offerings are organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan, and nut-free, so you can feel really good handing out their lollipops, CANDY CORN, gummy bears, licorice, fruit snacks, sours, and hard candies come trick-or-treat night.

2. UNREAL Chocolate Treats: If chocolate is your Halloween treat weakness, then you need to check out UnReal’s line-up. This awesome brand makes peanut butter cups, almond butter cups, chocolate-covered peanuts, chocolate bites with quinoa, and more to satisfy every one of your chocolate cravings in October and beyond. They also use exclusively fair trade, sustainable, and organic ingredients and are certified gluten-free, vegan, and non-GMO. No downside here, chocolate lovers!

3. Justin’s Nut Butter Cups: Justin’s is more than just their nut butter packs. In fact, their nut butter cups might be just the thing to round out your Halloween treat selection. Available in milk, dark, and white chocolate with peanut butter, cashew butter, and almond butter, these delicious little bites will make your sweet tooth sing… and with all-natural ingredients!

4. Enjoy Life Halloween Candies:The Enjoy Life company is great all year long, but they’re really showing up for the upcoming occasion with mini dairy-free chocolates in dark chocolate, ricemilk, and ricemilk crunch flavors. All of Enjoy Life’s products are free of gluten and other major allergens like soy, peanuts, egg, and sesame. The crunch is my personal favorite!

5. Hu Kitchen Dark Chocolate: Chocolate lovers, I have more good news for you — chocolate from Hu Kitchen gets the LCK stamp of approval and is another possibility for Halloween gifting! Every Hu product is free of dairy, GMOs, refined sugar, cane sugar, and sugar alcohols, so no matter which flavor you go with, you can feel pretty good about it. These might be just a litttttle on the pricey side for trick-or-treaters, but they are ideal clean treats to have on hand for you and your loved ones this Halloween season.

6. Tony’s Chocolates: Their vision: 100% slave-free chocolate. Good quality chocolate, made right!

Healthy halloween candy in a basketOther non-candy healthy Halloween treat options:

7. Pretzel Bags: There’s absolutely nothing lame about handing out bags of mini-pretzels to costumed kiddos, so get over that stereotype. Most kids love snacking on pretzels… and parents will be thrilled to see their littles come home with at least a few treats that aren’t chock full of sugar. Snyder’s of Hanover offers mini-bags of gluten-free pretzel sticks. You might also consider pretzels from the Whole Foods 365 brand or cauliflower pretzels from From the Ground Up.

8. Sensible Foods Freeze Dried Fruit Packs: I’ve recommended freeze dried fruit as a convenient and healthy store-bought snack before (they’re perfect as a clean travel snack!), but it’s a great Halloween option, as well. The Sensible Food brand is perfect for the occasion, because they offer small, easy-to-hand-out packets in dried Fuji Apple, Cherry Berry, and Tropical Blend varieties. Best of all, they’re all made with nothing but fruit, straight from nature! Yum.

9. Smashmallow Mini-Bags: Between s’mores and cocoa (like my dairy-free mocha hot chocolate recipe!), there’s something just a little extra cozy and nostalgic about a marshmallow… and you can capture those vibes for trick-or-treaters this Halloween by handing out mini-bags of Smashmallows! More than just delicious, Smashmallows are marshmallows made with organic cane sugar and sustainable dark chocolate, and they’re certified by the Rainforest Alliance, making them that much more guilt-free. Smashmallow Snack Packs are available in cinnamon churro and mint chocolate chip flavors, and I’m pretty sure any kid that comes to your house is going to be obsessed. You might also consider handing out Smash Crispies, individually packaged crispy rice treats that play by the same ingredient rules as the company’s yummy marshmallow selection.

10. Annie’s Organic Bunny Grahams or Gummies: The perfect blend of graham and animal crackers, these delish Bunny Grahams from Annie’s Organic are absolutely ideal Halloween handouts. Annie’s has been making organic cool in mainstream spaces for years now, but in case you need a reminder, all of their products are certified organic and non-GMO. I would highly suggest picking up a few extra packs of Bunny Grahams for yourself! They’re great to have on hand for snack cravings throughout the fall.

11. Boom Chicka Pop Sweet & Salty Kettle Corn: There’s a reason people talk about the magical marriage of salty and sweet. It really is magical… and it appeals to lots of taste buds. I’ve tried to capture this myself with my recipe for Maple Kettle Corn, but you can skip the DIY portion and get the same effect for trick-or-treaters by picking up packets of Boom Chicka Pop’s kettle corn. This popcorn is whole-grain, gluten-free, and free of cholesterol and trans fat, making it a healthier alternative to its competitors. As the bags say, “BOOM!”

12. Surf Sweets: Satisfy your craving for all things gummy this Halloween with the amazing Surf Sweets brand! You’ve got your gummy bears and your gummy worms — not to mention lollipops and jelly beans! — some of which are sour or flavored with cinnamon. Surf Sweets even has a Spooky Shapes multipack, which is (literally) made for October. The best part about all Surf Sweets products is that they’re allergy free, making them that much safer for trick-or-treating, Halloween parties, and classroom celebrations. They’re sweetened with organic cane sugar and organic fruit juice and are colored with vegetable dye… all of which sounds perfectly okay to me!

13. Skinny Pop Popcorn: SkinnyPop is basically just popcorn without all of the things that make regular popcorn questionable health-wise. It’s made using just popcorn kernels, sunflower oil, and salt! I’m pretty sure you can’t get much simpler than that. With this in mind, SkinnyPop’s smaller bags might be just what you’re looking for as a Halloween treat.

14. SmartSweets Gummies: “Kick Sugar, Keep Candy!’ is the SmartSweets motto… and it’s a plan that I can completely get behind. Gummy lovers rejoice, because this company believes that candy doesn’t have to be terrible for you — and they’re proving it every day with their line of gummies, all of which are made without sugar alcohols, artificial colors, artificial flavors, gluten, and GMOs. SmartSweets may be your new go-to destination for gummy fish, sour gummies, gummy bears, and peach rings —some of which are even plant-based — for Halloween and beyond.

15. Baked Chickpea Puffs: Prepare to be the coolest neighbors on the block! I’m pretty sure most of your trick-or-treaters will be new to baked chickpea puffs in individual packages, and it’s hard not to be popular when you introduce something so fresh and so cool to your community! What’s up, trendsetter?

P.S. Don’t forget about the Teal Pumpkin Project for those who need non-food items! Check out everything you need for it here.

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