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I’m 34 weeks into my pregnancy, so I thought I’d start to share some things that have helped me so far! If you’ve been following since our announcement, I then shared my very extensive baby registry and non-toxic registry items that I will be using, and I have a few more posts planned for you! Let’s start with a little collection of random things that, so far, have been necessities for me throughout my first pregnancy!

32 week baby bumpMy Essential Pregnancy Products

1. A Good Reusable Water Bottle:

The one tip everyone will tell you for basically any symptom or concern, drink more water. I literally don’t leave home (or any room in the house) without my reusable water bottle. Seems silly, but it’s a must. Here is my current favorite water bottle!  It’s $20 and doesn’t leave my side. I also, as you know, love my Berkey water filter systems! I have two in our home.

2. The Bump App:

I’ve been loving this app. Every Sunday (a new week begins) and I get to see what size baby is, facts for mom and baby, and more! I love sharing the screenshot with our family group text. It’s always a great start to the new week, and the app has super informative articles, too.

3. Pregnancy Teas:

For the range of all the things… from the first trimester on. I really love Pink Stork teas, along with Traditional Medicinals. I heard EarthMama makes good ones, too!

*There is also a this morning sickness tea which I didn’t try but should have!

4. Maternity Bras:

After trying many bras during my pregnancy, these were recommended (a 3-pack for $25) and they are super comfy. Definitely on the super full coverage side. I’m also liking these bras.

5. Body & Belly Essentials

Strong (even safer) scents haven’t been my favorite during pregnancy, so these have all been perfect. Plus they work amazing and I feel good about using them on my body!

  • Body ButterFor the double down on moisture. I use this after my showers all over my body!
  • Body OilThis Jasmine scent has been perfect. I am using it daily and loving how my skin is doing,
  • Body ScrubThis one is my absolute favorite. Use code LEXI for 10% off.

6. Leg Swelling Items:

  • RollerEvery so often at night I’ve been woken up by a cramp in my calf. It doesn’t last long, but it’s not fun. I started using this muscle roller and it’s been a game changer! If you experience leg cramps, aside from rolling it out, up your water and consider a magnesium supplement (depending where you are in your pregnancy, always consult your doctor)!
  • Compression SocksFor SWELLING. The swelling is real over here for me in my third trimester, so aside from elevating, I’ve been wearing compression socks (which I initially got for travel). I love these.

7. Pregnancy Safe Skincare Essentials (MINIMAL)

As you know, the beauty and self-care industry is wildly unregulated, and many products are not pregnancy safe (so pregnant ladies, check your products). These have been my go-to products lately that require minimal effort (because I’m currently all about minimal right now).

  • A really good Face Mask: I use it 1-2x week! This is my current go-to face mask! It’s a purifying mask that calms breakouts, detoxifies, and brightens uneven skin tone. I swear it exfoliates and hydrates my skin after every use! Just watch your hair! Since it’s a honey mask, I find I get some stuck to my hair sometimes. I apply it with this brush so it spreads evenly (avoids waste), and I can control where it’s going!
  • The ULTIMATE Moisturizer: I personally use in the AM/PM. Pregnancy has been pretty good to my skin. As someone who tends to be more breakout prone, I haven’t had one pimple (and I’m loving it). BUT, my skin has been dry. Chalk it up to winter and hormones, I’ve been doubling down on this cleansing balm which triples as a face wash, overnight mask, and a moisturizer. So it’s even more awesome for my lazy skincare routine as of late. It lasts forever too. I use it daily and it lasts for over 6 months. (use code LEXI for 10% off)

I find with these minimal products my skin is currently so, so happy.

8. A Pregnancy Pillow:

I bought a pregnancy pillow based on recommendations from friends and mamas, and wasn’t sure if it was a total necessity. WELL, then I traveled to and from New York a ton in January and February and realized I absolutely needed that pillow! As I’ve gotten larger, I can’t imagine not having it.

I bought two. A full body one one with both sides (more plush), and one that can convert to half. This one is my preferred, and the best for snuggling your partner because the other side comes off (assuming you don’t care about the back support)!

9. Maternity Clothing Items

Due to the current stay-at-home situation, I haven’t needed to invest in too many maternity clothing items, but these shorts, these sports bras, and these slip-on sneakers are awesome. I can’t wait for it to finally warm up for me to wear the shorts! Aside from buying longer tank tops and t-shirts in larger sizes and the leggings/joggers, the below are my new favorites as the seasons changes! I might also grab a maxi dress or two should the weather get warm next month!

  • #1 item: Lululemon Align Leggings/Joggers: Comfy and STRETCHY leggings are a must. I am living in my Lululemon Align Joggers and Lululemon Align Leggings. I did *not* size up, as I was recommended they’ll stretch (and stretch back) and so far so good. My one complaint is with the Align leggings/joggers, is that dog hair really sticks to them and they seem to pull fairly quickly. I did hear the Wunder Under Leggings are another good alternative with less dog hair issues! With all that said, the aligns are worth it though, and literally feel like butter. Lululemon is also amazing about replacing, especially if you are washing them correctly! They aren’t super cheap, but if you live in them like I do, they’re worth every penny.
  • For the shorts I got my normal, pre-pregnancy size as they recommended, and they’re perfect.
  • For the sports bras, I am still rocking my pre-pregnancy size and also got one-size up. Since they’re long and stretchy, they fit really well. I have a few different styles. Make sure you get the longer ones!
  • Why slip-on sneakers? As I’ve gotten larger, I’ve been obsessed with these. Plus, they’re still great and fitting on my swollen ankles in my normal size!

10. Last Two Things…

  • I’m taking a good Prenatal (from Pure Encapsulations), a Prenatal DHA (fish oil), and a Magnesium supplement as needed (for sleep, digestion, etc.). During my first trimester when I couldn’t stomach pills, I took these gummies.
  • And… I am still exercising 2x week with a trainer who specializes in medical exercise and pregnancy exercise, and I’m so glad I’ve stuck with this minimal exercise routine.

What were/are your go-to, can’t live without pregnancy items?

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My Favorite Pregnancy Products

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  1. Belly support bands! Helped tremendously and I highly recommend for everyone. You don’t realize how much you need it until you try it on!

  2. I can totally relate! With my busy schedule at work, I would rather spend my time off and all my energy with my kids instead of cleaning! And it looks like a lot of mothers can relate.

  3. I am 28 weeks and love my wunder unders. I sized up for the growing belly (although can still wear my regular size right now too) and can wear them over my belly or under. Hair doesn’t stick to them! I personally like this material
    vs the aligns especially for being active.