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Hi my friends! How is March almost over? This month, we have been focusing on celebrating ourselves a bit more, so I thought I’d wrap the month up share 5 things I have personally been doing this month that have allowed me to have some more self-care, in a realistic way.

Self-care is defined as the practice of taking an active role in protecting one’s own well-being and happiness, in particular during periods of stress. We often hear of practicing self-care by getting a massage, taking a bubble bath, focusing on the good, setting a new goal, or drinking more water. While I love all of that, let’s talk about some things I’ve been doing that aren’t the most obvious forms of practicing self-care that have left me feeling more whole.

Not-So-Obvious Self Care Hacks

1. Tidying Up & Organizing: Okay, it’s no secret that everyone is using the KonMari method lately — It’s all the buzz! I call it Marie Kondo’ing personally as it just rolls off the tongue. So I jumped on board, but I decided to not get too crazy and do a version of it that was realistic for me. I started by mapping out some new organization systems I wanted, went to the Container Store and Amazon, and got some storage solution stuff (which was inexpensive and on sale since it’s not a permanent solution at the moment). Then, I started to purge belongings that were old, had expired, or just that *truly and honestly* weren’t ever going to be used again. ORGANIZING is the ultimate rewarding self-care, in my opinion. Discarding, donating, and then having a cleaned up space is the total best. Don’t get overwhelmed having to do it a certain way, just do what works for you.

2. Limiting Screen Time & Reading More: I wrote a post all about how limiting my screen time has really improved my quality of sleep. Aside from that, it’s opened up so much more time in my life that I use to read, to spend time with my husband, and do things around the house or for others. I didn’t even realize there was so much I wasn’t doing until I had no access at certain times. It really has changed my life in wonderful ways!

3. Learn To Say NO: “Remember, “no” is a complete sentence.” I recently heard this and it resonated with my in such a strong way. Probably because I’m the ultimate people pleaser! Can anyone else relate to this? For starters, saying no to something that doesn’t bring you joy can be such a weight off your shoulders (and it doesn’t insult people like you might think it does). But more importantly saying no to things can open up opportunities for more things that you want to say YES to, that you may not have had the time for otherwise. Remember, if it’s not a hell yes, it’s a hell no!

4. Give Yourself Credit: We are always running through life doing things for other people, taking care of our homes, and worrying about what other people think. And honestly this can be so exhausting. I’ve been trying to step back and give myself credit when credit is due. Maybe it’s a small compliment to myself, or maybe it’s “hey, it’s been a long week, those Trader Joe’s flowers are calling my name!” Whether it’s treating yourself or just giving yourself an internal pat on the back, try to remember to give yourself a little more credit.

5. Making Time To Check In: Sometimes life can get so hectic and you’re too busy to keep in touch, or time passes and relationships naturally fade, even if you don’t want them to. For me, I’m not the best at keeping in touch so making a conscious effort to pick up the phone, send a text, or pop in to check on your important relationships can have an impact on your own well-being. And of course, it has a positive effect on your friends and family too!

6. Changing Your Mindset: Something I’ve been doing when I’m feeling down, self-conscious, or defeated (yes, we all have those moments), is to try and turn those negative thoughts into more positive ones. It’s not always easy, but when you can alter your mindset, manifest and visualize the situation differently, you might feel more at ease. You can step back with awareness, and see what’s really important.

What not-so-obvious things are you doing for self-care?

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