Double Chocolate Banana Waffles

The smell of waffles reminds me of the diner I frequented as a kid. The fresh smell of the batter, the first bite with a drip of maple syrup… I think of childhood and weekend breakfasts, hands down! Freeze for an on-the-go morning, or treat yourself to a great weekend brunch; these waffles are perfect. Plus, chocolate waffles would make a great Valentine’s Day breakfast for your sweetie! They feel indulgent but are light and healthy. I topped mine with pure maple syrup and they were requested again and again. 

Double Chocolate Banana Waffles

Double Chocolate Banana Waffles

Double Chocolate Banana Waffles

Double Chocolate Banana Waffles



  • 1. In a mixing bowl , combine ingredients
  • 2. Grease Waffle Maker with grass-fed butter or coconut oil (or spray of choice), and pour batter in
  • 3. Once done, transfer gently to serving plates
  • 4. Garnish with desired toppings (fresh fruit, grass-fed butter, or maple syrup), and serve
  • Recipe Notes

    1. To store/freeze for on-the-go mornings, place waffles in tupperware, and store in fridge or freezer
    2. Servings: 8
    3. Amount per serving: 1 waffle triangle
    4. Calories: 100
    5. Fat: 3.6g
    6. Carbs: 14.9
    7. Protein: 4.4

    Double Chocolate Banana Waffles


    Double Chocolate Banana Waffles5

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    Do waffles remind you of your childhood? What are your favorite type of waffles?

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    7 comments on “Double Chocolate Banana Waffles

    • Just found you today! I’m 3 days away from finishing my first Whole30 challenge and I’ve really discovered allot about myself and food. I’m really going to enjoy you site! Thanks!!!

    • I made double chocolate banana waffle for my breakfast, I enjoyed it till the end. I can’t wait for a repeat. The chocolate oozes in the mouth. Yum yum!!! Thanks Lexi for a wonderful recipe and inspiration on your recipes…

    • Ok so I may or may not be obsessed with @lexiscleankitchen and all of her posts and I may or may not have gotten a waffle maker this weekend so I could try this recipe. I followed this recipe exactly and it was amazing! The waffles did stick a little but I could have been my waffle maker needed to be greased more or I might have needed to cook them longer. Still I got them out and stacked them up. And then devoured them. My roommate who doesn’t eat paleo or even gluten free for that matter asked to try them. She made waffles but used bisquick. She took one bite and was like oh my god these are amazing. She thought they tasted like chocolate banana bread. And wished she had just used this recipe instead. Now she is hooked. I love being able to make paleo and gluten free things that still have amazing taste and that don’t sacrifice flavor. Lexi’s recipes never disappoint me and are filled with flavor and you wouldn’t even know they are paleo unless someone told you. I’ve had so much success with her stuff that I come here first before I make something. Trying out recipes gets expensive and it stinks when they don’t turn out. Lexi’s recipes work and taste good. I never have to throw anything out and I trust that her recipes work. If you haven’t tried this one you have to to! It’s perfect for any meal!


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