20 Things I Buy (Cheaper) at Trader Joe’s

I often get asked about my pantry staples, and how to save money while stocking a clean kitchen! I shop at a variety of stores to get the best deals and the best quality products, so here are 20 Things I Buy (Cheaper) at Trader Joe’s!

20 Things I Buy (Cheaper) at Trader Joe’sNuts: sliced almonds, silvered almonds, hazelnuts, macadamia nuts, etc. (sliced almonds ($3.99/8 oz bag), silvered almonds ($3.49/8 oz), hazelnuts (7.99/16 oz), macadamia nuts (7.99/16 oz), cashews ($7.99/16 oz))

Dried Fruit (dried cranberries ($1.49/8 oz), dried mango ($2.99/6 oz), banana chips ($1.29/8 oz), dates)

Frozen Riced Cauliflower ($2.49/bag)

Canned Coconut Cream ($1.69)

Organic Ginger Turmeric Tea ($2.99/16 bag)

Kerrygold Butter ($2.99/8 oz)

Salsa Verde ($1.99/12 oz)

Coconut Oil ($5.49/16 oz)

Chocolate Chips ($1.99)/Large Pound Plus Baking Chocolate Bar

Saffron ($5.99/.02 oz)

Diced Green Chiles  ($89 cents)

Plantain Chips ($1.99/5.3 oz bag)

Pure Maple Syrup ($7.99/12 oz)

Coconut Flour ($2.99/26 oz)

Organic Powdered Sugar ($3.99/16 oz)

Coconut Sugar ($3.99/16 oz)

Organic Canned Beans ($0.99¢)

Raw Honey  ($5.99/16 oz)

Almond Butter ($6.99/16 oz)

Organic Frozen Fruit (strawberries ($2.69/16 oz bag), raspberries ($3.69/12 oz), peaches (3.49/16 oz), mango ($2.49/16 oz), blueberries ($3.99/12 oz), berry blend ($3.49/16 oz))

P.S. I heard they have a new Everything Bagel Seasoning that is on my list to try next! They also have a marinara sauce without any added sugar!

What are your favorite products at Trader Joe’s? What would you add to this list?

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