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It’s about that time, folks! In under two weeks I’ll be heading to the beaches of Jamaica for a much needed vacation! I can’t wait to lounge on the beach with a good book, and shut off from the internet for a few days. I also really can’t wait for some amazing cuisine, of course. There’s so much to celebrate and some much needed relaxation to take place. I can’t wait to share with you all about our trip, but it couldn’t be an upcoming event without an infographic for Healthy Food Friday with American Express to start it off!

You see… traveling can be exhausting on your body and on your mind! It can also mean tons of unhealthy food, drinking, and going off your normal day-to-day healthy lifestyle plan. I’m here to help. These are eleven of my tips to travel healthy!

Healthy Travel Tips from Lexi's Clean Kitchen

1. Load Up on Your Vitamins

Airports, public places, new territories can drag your immune system down. Get ahead of the game and take vitamin c days leading up to your trip, and pack some for the duration of your trip as well- and don’t forget the daily vitamins you normally take!

2. Choose Water

Don’t be tempted by the fruit juices and sodas- stick to water. Make sure to stay hydrated and always have a bottle with you at the beach.

3. Bring Your Own Airport Food & Hotel Room Snacks

Packing your own small meal for the airport will assure you stay on track in the airport and when on the plane. Don’t let yourself get hungry to the point of resorting to the vending machine! Stock your hotel room with snacks and water bottles. Most hotel rooms now have refrigerators, so you can really bring some good-quality eats!

One idea is to bring a small bottle of olive oil and vinegar with you for your own salad dressing option! 

4. Do Your Research

Look into the food in the hotel or surrounding area before hand. Plan places you want to go to get healthy meals and snacks so you don’t stop into the first random place you see.

5. Eat Breakfast Every Day 

Fuel your body for the day. Load up on protein and good quality fats to fill you up and give you energy.

6. Get a Good Night Sleep

Traveling is exhausting on you and your body. Make sure to get adequate sleep each night of your trip and hey, you’re on vacation- sleep in a little!

7. Make Time To Exercise 

Get MOVING! Check out your hotel’s gym or make yourself a fun hotel workout! If you’re in a sunny place, get outside and get moving. Check out sights in the area you are in for a nice hike, bike ride, or outdoor adventure.

8. Shut Off From The Internet

Leave your computer and cellphone at home or in the hotel room and enjoy the social media break!

9. Avoid Tons of Excess Salt And Sugars

The longer you are away, the more affected you’ll be by the change in food.  Often vacation meals are more indulgent and can be cooked differently than your day-to-day eats at home. Avoiding excess salt and sugars are ways I stay on track and keep my energy and mood up while on vacation!

10. Order Smart While Ordering Out

Look into restaurants with healthy options before departing for your trip. Make conscious choices while ordering your appetizers and main dishes. Include protein and tons of veggies in your meal, and ask the restaurant what accommodations they can make.

11. Live A Little

After all, you ARE on vacation! Whether you indulge by treating yourself to a massage, ordering dessert at dinner, or sipping on some cocktails; enjoy and don’t beat yourself up. Remember: everything in moderation, and have FUN!

What is your best healthy travel advice? What is your vacation guilty pleasure?

I was selected by American Express to contribute to their Tumblr community. As such I was paid for my services, but all opinions in general and about American express are my own.


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3 comments on “Healthy Travel Tips

  • Allison Cook says:

    I love your blog! It is full of great ideas and tips for living a healthy, yet full rounded lifestyle. I have always struggled with the balance between watching what I eat, but also enjoying what I eat. I love how the last traveling tip was to “Live a Little.” I sometimes get so caught up in eating right that I forget to just enjoy the treats and indulgences. I have to keep in mind that anything in moderation is fine!


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