Letter from Lexi: October 2019

Happy October 1st! August and September were quite the whirlwind. We moved (!!!), we renovated a part of our home for our office (details coming this month), we got our second golden retriever puppy named LEO, we traveled for weddings, we had guests, birthdays, and more! Whoa, it’s tiring just reading that! Now that we are […]

Letter from Lexi: August 2019

We're moving!

August is here! While some of you are making the most of summer, I will be moving! So while I am still relishing the summer nights, abundant CSA hauls, and warm weather, we have a hectic few weeks ahead! We are saying goodbye to our first home, and starting the next chapter of our lives […]

Letter from Lexi: July 2019


Happy JULY, friends! June was fun! We we’re on the move a bit! We went to NYC to celebrate Mike’s birthday with my family, then celebrated his birthday a bunch here in Boston! We also went camping in Ithaca, NY (well, glamping) and it was MAGICAL. So magical, I asked them for a discount for all […]

Letter from Lexi: On the Move

June has arrived! May was busy busy with attending an awesome food blog conference, some news I *seriously* cannot wait to share with you already, baby showers, fun photoshoots, to Memorial Day weekend with family in New Hampshire; the month simply flew by. And that doesn’t count the 23 brand new posts on the site this month. […]

Letter from Lexi: March 2019!

Lexi Davidson

Happy March, Friends! HOW is it already March? Are you asking yourself that too? Last month on Instagram I shared a pretty big achievement. After working through some healing from a negative mindset surrounding health issues over the last year, I’ve worked hard to put myself in a pretty positive space recently. And while generally in […]

Letter From Lexi: Why I’m All For New Year Resolutions

Friends, We are now well into 2019 and I know this is going to be a good, good year! But there has been something on my mind that I wanted to discuss. As the New Year came and went there has been so much more negativity around the idea of setting goals or resolutions. I’m […]