Bananas Foster Chia Pudding

This Bananas Foster Chia Pudding is the perfect make-ahead breakfast! It is a delicious egg-free breakfast option that everybody will love, and the Bananas Foster topping is one of my all-time favorites!

Bananas Foster Chia Pudding

Life sometimes gets busy. Right now, life for me is super super busy. Have you noticed I’ve been blogging less the past few weeks? Don’t worry, it’s about to pick back up! I’m finishing up the school year with my students, then off to embark on my new journey (you can read about that here). So, with the twenty million tasks I’ve set for myself in these busy few weeks, I’ve also set myself on a mission to make some delicious nutrient-packed snacks and breakfasts that have a fun twist to them

Bananas Foster Chia Pudding

Now, I’m currently all about exploring egg-free breakfasts. Not because I’m not eating eggs, but because sometimes you just want to switch things up a bit!

This chia pudding is packed with omegas, nutrients, and potassium, while also throwing in the delicious flavors of decadent bananas foster. I seriously love bananas foster. All this is missing is the vanilla ice cream, but I promise you won’t miss it!

Bananas Foster Chia Pudding

When we were in Jamaica one of the desserts was a bananas foster bar which sparked my current obsession. It’s just so good!

Bananas Foster Chia Pudding

It’s as simple as throw it in a jar and leave it overnight. Then boom! It’s ready to devour. Love me some simple, healthy, and quick snacks!

Bananas Foster Chia Pudding

Bananas Foster Chia Pudding

Bananas Foster Chia Pudding


  • 1/4 cup chia seeds
  • 1 cup Pacific Foods Organic Original Coconut Milk
  • 2 tsp raw honey or pure maple syrup, more to taste

Bananas Foster Topping


  • In a tupperware, place chia seeds, coconut milk, and sweetener. Mix until combined.
  • Place tupperware into refrigerator for at minimum 3-5 hours or overnight
  • Once ready to assemble, remove chia pudding from the refrigerator and taste- adjust sweetener as desired
  • In a skillet heat butter until melted
  • Add in sugar and whisk until combined
  • Add in vanilla and sliced bananas
  • Let cook for 2-4 minutes, mixing gently occasionally
  • Add in optional rum and walnuts
  • Let cook for an additional 3-4 minutes
  • Remove and let cool for 5 minutes
  • Layer bananas foster topping with chia seed pudding in a bowl, mug, or cup and enjoy!

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