DIY Chocolate Coconut Body Scrub

Want to make an awesome DIY gift this holiday season? This DIY Chocolate Coconut Body Scrub takes ingredients you likely already have on hand in your kitchen and turns them into a delicious scented body scrub that leaves your skin moisturized and smooth. It uses only 4 ingredients and takes less than 5 minutes to make and is a great, inexpensive gift for the holiday season! I have been leaving my jar next to my kitchen sink and it’s a game changer! Soft, moisturized, exfoliated skin!

How do I make my own body scrub

DIY Chocolate Coconut Body Scrub

As the winter creeps up on us, this means dry skin season, especially if you live in a cool climate. Every week I use a purchased sugar scrub to help exfoliate dead skin and thought it might be great to look into making a DIY version that also moisturizes and has the most festive scent! Most people know that coconut oil is good moisturizer for you skin but when coupled with an exfoliant, in this case one found in your pantry, it turns in to magical DIY body scrub. All you need is 5 minutes, 4 ingredients for this DIY Chocolate Coconut Body Scrub.

This also makes a great gift to give during the holiday season, or really any time of year! The recipe makes enough for about 2-4 ounce jars but can easily be doubled or tripled to give away to all your friends and family. Just put on a cute label with instructions on how to use and bring with you as an easy and inexpensive hostess gift or secret santa!

And YES this is edible! But we don’t recommend this for anything other than a body scrub, though it certainly smells super tasty. Honestly, we love this body scrub so much that we plan to make some different variations in the near future to share with you as well.

How can I exfoliate my body a naturally

How to use a body scrub

The LCK team has been using this DIY scrub for a few weeks now and have been loving it. Not only does it smell AMAZING, but it leaves your skin feeling rejuvinated and moisturized. We recommend using it on the body only, not the face!

Soften your skin in a warm shower for a few minutes and then grab a dollop of the body scrub and gently scrub in a circular motion on rough skin. Rinse completely and do not use more than twice a week or so. We recommend about once a week!

What we used:

Diy body scrub coconut oil

How do you make a natural body scrub?

Combine the sugar, coconut oil and natural scent (in this case cocoa powder and vanilla) in a bowl and then gently scoop into a jar with a tight fitting lid. Make sure not to pack down the sugar mixture or it may be hard to scoop out with your hands in the shower.

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P.S. Want to buy something instead? Check out my gift guides here, and here is my favorite store-bought body scrub.

DIY Chocolate Coconut Body Scrub

Prep Time 00:05 Total Time 00:05 Yields 8 ounces



  1. In a medium combine all ingredients and mix with a spoon until fully combined.
  2. Place gently (do not pack it down) in a jar with a tight fitting lid and use weekly or every few days on body.

Recipe Notes

  1. This makes a great gift! We found this amount was enough to make two small decorative mason jars (we used two 4 ounce jars) to give as gifts, but it is easy to scale up the recipe to be doubled or tripled.
  2. The coconut oil does not need to be melted, we mixed it all up with room temperature coconut oil and it worked just fine!
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4 comments on “DIY Chocolate Coconut Body Scrub

  • I had to make this as soon as I saw it. It smells divine. I found a fork helpful to mix it up. Is there a shelflife to this? Can’t wait to make some for gifts. I love being able to make something that I already had all the ingredients for!

    5.0 rating

  • This looks great! Do you ever use salt in any of your scrubs? I’ve never made them myself but heard that salt can be used. I wondered what’s the difference, if there are any benefits to using one or the other 🙂

    5.0 rating


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