The Whole30 diet eliminates grains, legumes, dairy, added sugar, alcohol, and processed foods from your diet. While following the Whole30 diet, you’ll focus on whole foods, such as vegetables, fruit in moderation, protein, and healthy fats. There are a tremendous amount of benefits to eating Whole30-compliant meals and snacks. Limiting the intake of these foods may help with reducing risk of disease, unhealthy eating habits, digestion issues, and low energy. It may also help you narrow down any allergy or intolerance you have that causes unpleasant side effects like bloating. If you choose to follow a Whole30 diet from start to finish, my number one tip for you would be to be sure you plan ahead and meal prep as it is very easy to fall off track with quick snacks or eating out.


  • Spindrift Sparkling Waters
  • Chosen Foods Avocado Oil
  • Carrington Farm’s Ghee
  • Primal Kitchen Avocado Oil Mayo
  • Larabars (Not all are Whole30, so make sure to check ingredients)
  • RxBars (Not all are Whole30, so make sure to check ingredients)
  • Pressed by KIND Fruit Bars (Not all are Whole30, so make sure to check ingredients)
  • Bonafide Provisions Bone Broth
  • Chomps Snack Sticks
  • Epic Snack Sticks
  • Bubbie’s Kosher Pickles
  • Galactic Paleo Trail Mix
  • Vital Proteins Collagen
  • Nut Pods
  • Siete Foods Hot Sauces
  • Tessamae’s Dressing
  • Primal Kitchen’s Dressings
  • Red Boat Fish Sauce
  • Artisana Nut Butters
  • Justin’s Nut Butters
  • Coconut Aminos
  • Primal Palate Spices
  • ButcherBox Meat Delivery

Dinner 1

Instant Pot Pot Roast

The Instant Pot is by far the best way to cook Pot Roast when you are short on time, but still want to enjoy this classic comfort food. This Instant Pot Pot Roast recipe is largely hands-off cooking which makes this a breeze to put together. It’s a hearty and delicious dinner that also happens to be Paleo and Whole30 friendly!


To reduce waste and save time:

Dinner 2

Immune Boosting Feel Good Soup

This hearty vegetarian soup (with a protein option) is packed with immune-boosting properties, and is the perfect easy soup to help kick any cold or sickness. It’s quick to make and has become a family favorite healing soup that we always keep on hand frozen for when we need it!


To reduce waste and save time:

  • Use your 3.5 cups of beef broth remaining from Dinner 1 before you open another 32-Ounce carton for the other 3 cups of stock. Save 1 cup for Dinner 3’s Easy Turkey Bolognese
  • Save 2 celery stalks for Dinner 3’s Easy Turkey Bolognese
  • Save any leftover kale or spinach by storing in the freezer to add to a smoothie later

Dinner 3

Easy Turkey Bolognese

Whole30: Serve over Zucchini Noodles!

Imagine a healthier, quicker but just as equally delicious recipe for bolognese that you can make any night of the week to the delight of the whole family. Enter this Healthy Turkey Bolognese recipe, which is rich, meaty and the perfect hearty meal. We’ve also included options to make it Paleo and Whole30 friendly.

To reduce waste and save time:

  • Leftovers reheat great!

Dinner 4

One Pan Morrocaan Fish

This One Pan Moroccan Fish is a super flavorful and easy-to-prepare weeknight dish! It’s got a nice hint of heat and is loaded with hearty veggies! Made in under 30 minutes, this Paleo and Whole30 friendly dish is your ticket to healthy and comforting dinner.


Green Smoothie

Use up the kale or spinach you stored in the freezer and make a green smoothie:

Blend up coconut water, spinach and/or, kale, avocado, frozen pineapple and/or mango and banana.

Baking Project

A Whole30 staple! Homemade Paleo Mayo is so easy to make, using a handful of ingredients you likely already have on hand and made in under 5 minutes! Want to make it even more special? Turn that homemade mayo into 4 easy and delicious flavored ones in just a matter of minutes.


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