Mason Jar Layered Lunches

Happy Healthy Food Friday from American Express and I! Many of us, including myself, are gearing up for the school year to begin. I can’t even believe it’s early August! For me it means a complete change in routine, and time to start seriously meal prepping for Mike and I for the work week. For you it may mean lunches for you and your hunnie, PLUS packing school lunches for the kiddos. Overwhelmed? Don’t be. I always suggest making a family effort to dedicate some Sunday time to shopping and prepping for the week ahead.


The Benefits of Spinach


We eat a ton of spinach here. Especially now, since my local farms have an abundance of fresh, organic, and delicious spinach ready. There are so many health benefits to eating spinach regularly, and I bet you can even sneak it into a yummy smoothie for the picky kids in your house! 

So, this week I want to share with you FOUR layered lunch ideas, bound to satisfy the various eaters in your home!


Mason Jar Layered Lunches

These mason jar lunches are easy to throw together and of course, completely customizable. Simply dump the contents into a bowl when you are ready to eat and voila!


                                             Let’s start with a Cajun Shrimp JarMason Jar Layered LunchesWhat you’ll need: Homemade Guacamole, sautéed red and green peppers, sautéed onions (lightly in extra-virgin olive oil or oil of choice), and shrimp (seasoned with paprika, garlic granules, chili powder, cayenne, and Himalayan sea salt).

                 Now… you know I love Taco Night! Can you say leftovers for lunch?Mason Jar Layered Lunches
What you’ll need: salsa of choice (homemade or store-bought), tomatoes, onions, scallions, ripe plantains (fried in coconut oil, taco-seasoned ground beef, and of course, spinach. 

                                               Now, Pesto Chicken Antipasto Jars
Pesto Chicken Antipasto JarWhat you’ll need: Roasted red peppers (homemade or store bought), pesto chicken (marinate cut up chicken in pesto then cook in a skillet), and the other fixins’ noted above!

                                         Last but not least, a Mediterranean Medley!Metditerranean Medley JarWhat you’ll need: Loaded turkey meatballs, my lemon vinaigrette, and the other Mediterranean inspired veggies listed above!

I was selected by American Express to contribute to their Tumblr community. As such I was paid for my services, but all opinions in general and about American express are my own. 

Pin it for laterMason Jar Layered LunchesWhat do you pack for lunches? 


August 8, 2014

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47 Responses

  1. What size mason jars did you use? How long do these keep? Could I make them on a Sunday and eat for a couple lunches?

    1. I used Wide-Mouth Quart Jars and they make for quite a big lunch. You can use any size, as long as it’s enough for you of course! Yes, they’ll last for a number of days 🙂

      1. I am trying to decide which salads to make. My questions are this: if you do 5 days worth of one salad, do the ones with avacado and shrimp stay fresh until day 5. Does the shrimp make everything taste smelly or bad by the 5th day? Or do you not make these ones for a 5 day week?
        Thank you,

      1. On 8/8/14, in your response to ‘Nakia’, you used the word “wa-la”. FYI, the correct spelling of the (French) word is ‘voila’.

        I made the Cajun shrimp jar recently, and it was delicious!

  2. These are all really creative mason jar salad ideas – I especially love the Mediterranean Medley one. I think it’s great they also last a few days…it helps take the guess work out of making lunches durning the week! 🙂 Yahoo!

  3. Thanks for this idea! Now I know what else to do with Mason jars. I just love the concept because leftover meats such as chicken or ground beef etc. can be layered in along with everything else in the order you want it to land in a salad bowl or plate or simply eat out of the jars!

  4. I just made your Cajun Shrimp Jar salad for lunch, and it was fantastic! My boyfriend said ‘great’ and ‘salad’ can finally coexist in the same sentence. I look forward to trying other recipes on the site.

  5. These look awesome! Can you tell me about how many calories these are? I thought I saw somewhere under 600 calories, but just making sure

  6. I was wondering also about the guac. If I make this the night before, will it turn brown during my husband’s hour and a half long commute?

  7. Do you need to vacuum seal it shut? Or can you just close it regularly and it will still keep? I had seen a similar post a while ago, but they said you had to vacuum seal it, and I don’t have one of those.

  8. I try to make at least three of these on Sunday. I make my taco meat turkey) and shrimp for weeknight meals and pull some off for my lunch. I add beans or grains cooked in my steamer and squeeze lemon or lime juice on my guacamole to keep it pretty!

  9. Thanks for an awesome post. I am SO doing this. I assume this is customizable and the wet ingredients go in first and the greens on the top – any other tips on the order of ingredients?

  10. Hello thanks for sharing amazing pics of mason jar salads id like a print button to print them all so i can take it to the kitchen and make along with the salad dressing you have in each one of them.
    Thanks You,

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