Ways We Stay Active Every Day With Jax (Plus A Mini Workout)

Getting active with your pets, in the winter months especially can be challenging! Here are ways we stay active with Jax daily, that are great for him and for us! Having a built in exercise buddy is the perfect way to keep yourself accountable, especially when the weather is less than ideal! This post is sponsored by Stella & Chewy’s, our favorite trusted dog food for Jax! P.S. grab a $5 coupon here!

If you’ve read my other posts about our sweet pup, 10 Reasons Why Having a Dog is the BestGetting a Dog 101 & Happy 3rd Birthday Jax, and The Best Food For Your Dog & Why We Changed Jax’s Diet you know this little (okay, big) guy is so precious to us and very much a part of our family. So it’s no surprise to hear that just like we care about the food we eat, we very much care about his food, his exercise, and all of that good stuff!

Stella and Chewy's Kibble

One of the most awesome parts about having a dog, is the built in accountability to get active. But sometimes things come up and life gets busy, so I wanted to share some of the ways we get active with Jax!

  • Head to a hiking trail where dogs are allowed! Getting out in nature is so good for your well-being, and for your little buddy, too! We really notice how good we feel when we get out, phones away, for a walk in the woods. By our house within driving distance, we have a few trails that dogs are allowed, and whether we are there for 20 minutes or an hour, Jax is always wiped out and we are always left feeling refreshed.
  • Schedule a time and mark your calendars! Make it a priority for yourself, like say every Monday and Wednesday at 6pm you head to the park, out for a walk, or a hike trail. Put it on your calendar as if you would a meeting.
  • Make a mini agility course in your yard. If you have a fenced in yard this is especially great! You can make your own, or you can even buy them online, but it’s a sure way for them to stay active if you can’t get out for daily walks.
  • Make a workout for you and your dog: We go to the park daily with Jax. Instead of standing around playing fetch, try this simple workout while your dog fetches the ball (p.s. this is what I use so I can throw it far to him). Repeat this circuit 3x.
    • 15 squats as your dog fetches a ball
    • 15 push ups as your dog fetches a ball
    • 15 lunge jumps as your dog fetches a ball
    • 15 jumping jacks as your dog fetches a ball
    • 15 calf raises
    • 15 arm circles
  • Don’t forget to exercise your dog’s brain: Just like humans, stimulating your dogs mind is another form of exercise. Teach him a new trick and practice it for some brain exercise! A few favorites here are paw/high five & touch.
  • Have kids? Get everybody involved! Kids are a sure way to get your dog tired, and vice versa. Schedule some active time that involves both your human and fur babies!
  • Don’t forget to feed them nutritious foodMaking sure Jax is fed with the nutrition that he needs after a workout, just like nutrition we as human need, is so important! I always fuel up post-workout with a nice breakfast or lunch bowl, and Jax get’s his bowl of Stella & Chewy’s raw kibble made with grass-fed and cage-free proteins, no added hormones or antibiotics, no grains & no gluten, and he loves them!

While Your Dog Fetches Workout

Tips For Keeping Your Dog Active In The Winter/Rainy Months

  • Play dates! If bundling up and getting outside isn’t an option, schedule a play date with a dog friend or consider a day at a dog daycare where they can socialize and play with other dogs! This will keep him active and it’s a win-win if you can’t get out!
  • Play in the snow: Jax LOVES the snow. I’ll throw a tennis ball and he digs through it, hops around, and gets great exercise. If you live where you get a lot of snow, snow shoes are a great investment so you can stay active outdoors in the winter months!
  • Indoor activities: You don’t need much space to chase your dog around the couch or the kitchen island! Grab some toys, play tug of war, run around, and get moving for a few minutes on a rainy day! Jax loves hide and seek (not kidding), so we’ve come up with some fun games in the house to get him, and us, moving!
  • Pet Store: When in doubt, I take Jax to the pet store for a toy and he loves it. We love Polka Dog Bakery! Even those few minutes of the smells, the other dogs, and the human attention is a great way to get out!

This post is sponsored by Stella & Chewy’s. All thoughts and opinions are always 100% my own! This is the actual food we feed Jax, so I am thrilled to partner with them! I love the integrity of their products and think you’ll love them too. Thank you for continuing to support LCK and the brands I work with!

What Do YOU Do To Get Active With Your Dog??

February 23, 2018

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  1. These are great ideas. Love the tips of WHAT to do while he’s fetching, rather than just stand there freezing;). What do you use to throw the ball far? We have a big labradoodle and I just cannot seem to throw it far enough or fast enough for his liking!

  2. We take our dog to Home Depot too! Especially on the frigid days in Northern Minnesota! Most staff there have a stash of treats hiding somewhere and we often see lots of other dogs there while we are there. We also play hide and seek with toys! He stays and I hide the toy, then he runs and finds it and brings it back. We play this for hours while I multitask cleaning house or making dinner!

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