The BEST Paleo Chocolate Truffles

It’s here! The week of Valentine’s Day and let me start by saying, or if you’ve been here a while you already know, I love any good excuse to celebrate something! Whether something small or on a bigger scale, I just love a good party or celebration. Valentine’s Day is clearly my favorite. Even when I was single. I mean… a day of love and chocolate? Who cares if Hallmark made it, I’m in! Along with my new hobby of DIY homemade cards.

Paleo Chocolate Truffles rolled in cocoa powder

The BEST Paleo Chocolate Truffles

In preparation for Saturday, all of my friends and family are getting truffle gift bags, because there are just THAT good. I like rolling them in cocoa powder, but unsweetened coconut is delicious as well. Roll them sprinkles for an even more festive treat for those who aren’t super clean eaters!

The BEST Paleo Chocolate Truffles

One or two truffles are the perfect way to satisfy that chocolate craving. Rich, chocolatey perfection!

Valentine’s Day Recipes:

The BEST Paleo Chocolate Truffles

How to make chocolate truffles

Paleo Chocolate Truffles

Prep Time 10 min Total Time 0:10 Yields 36



  • Break up chocolate into pieces if it's in bark form
  • In a pot heat coconut milk and chocolate
  • Add in espresso powder and maple syrup
  • Mix until combined; the mixture will be thick and look somewhat gooey
  • Remove and add in dash of sea salt and lavender
  • Set the bowl in the refrigerator for 4-6 hours, or in the freezer for 1 hour or until mixture hardens
  • Set on the counter to soften for a few minutes before scooping
  • Scoop out about 1/2 inch balls with a spoon and lay them out on parchment paper covered board. Refrigerate for about 30 minutes
  • Roll truffle balls with your hands to make them evenly round
  • Roll truffles in cocoa powder and serve
  • Keep refrigerated when not in use
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