Slow-Cooker Beef Stew

A hearty beef stew is the perfect lunch, ever. Seriously. The slow cooker is an amazing phenomenon in my opinion. Even some of my guy friends who aren’t big cookers use it! Throw all the ingredients in with the right flavor combo and BOOM, perfect stew.
Slow-Cooker Beef Stew

This stew is: hearty, flavorful, tender melt-in-your-mouth beef, and packed with veggies!

Slow-Cooker Beef Stew

Slow-Cooker Beef Stew

Preparation 10 min 2017-08-17T00:10:00+00:00 Cook Time 8 hr 2017-08-17T00:00:00+00:00



  • In a skillet, heat oil and brown the meat for 5 minutes
  • Chop all veggies and place into the crock-pot with the meat
  • Add in broth, tomato paste, tapioca, and spices
  • Mix well to combine
  • Set on low for 8-10 hours
  • After 7 hours, taste and adjust spices to your liking (i.e. add additional salt, cayenne, or red pepper flakes)
  • Remove bay leaf and serve hot
  • Slow-Cooker Beef StewDo you use a crock-pot? What’s your favorite thing to make in it?

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