Paleo Chocolate Donuts [VIDEO]

When I hosted a brunch with these Paleo Chocolate Donuts on the table, this first comment made was “are they fried?” No, no my friends. These are clean, healthy, and baked… oh, and beyond delicious. Just little chocolate cake in the form of donuts. What’s better than that?

Paleo Chocolate Donuts

 Watch the video:

Paleo Chocolate Donuts

Paleo Chocolate Donuts

Bake, dip in glaze and devour!

Paleo Chocolate Donuts


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Chocolate Paleo Donuts

Yield 8
Prep Time 5 min
Cook Time 15 min
Total Time 20 minutes

Author: Lexi
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1. Pre-heat the oven to 350 degrees °F. Grease a donut pan and set aside.

2. In a large bowl combine dry ingredients. Add in wet ingredients and mix until well combined.

3. Pour batter into greased donut pan and bake for 10-15 minutes, or until a toothpick comes out clean.When donuts are done, let cool on a baking rack.

4. In two small mixing bowls, mix the chocolate and strawberry glaze ingredients seperatly and set aside until the donuts have cooled.

5. Once cooled, drizzle glaze over donuts and devour!

Recipe Notes

  • This recipe was updated on January 26th, 2017.
  • You can place the donuts in the refrigerator to help cool faster while you make the chocolate and/or strawberry glaze.
  • *Calories: 143


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May 25, 2013

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35 Responses

    1. Hi Monica! Those numbers seem to be incorrect. There is a glitch with the macro calculator used. You can enter the ingredients into an online calculator to find out the nutrition, and I will put the nutrition information back up when it’s fixed!

  1. I was wondering how to store these, I just made a batch for my husbands Crossfit Potluck on Saturday and I was wondering should I refrigerate them or leave them out? Thanks in Advance. by the way they look amazing!

  2. Another great recipe! I thought these were delicious although my husband and son said they were too spongy. However I’ve been grain-free for over a year, so I’m use to different textures while they still consume grains so they’re not.

  3. This recipe is just what I needed! It looks amazing and seems simple enough. Is there anything you think I could replace almond meal with, that is grain free? I m new to paleo and unfortunately I m allergic to almonds. 🙁

  4. I made these this afternoon and they are delicious!! I didn’t have a donut pan so I just used a cupcake tin and filled each half full. I baked them for 18 minutes. I may or may not have added a few extra chocolate chips too… 🙂 I was curious about the calorie count for each donut though and was not able to find a good calculator online. Is there a specific website you go to for figuring that out? Thanks for posting this recipe!!!

    1. SO glad you loved them! is a great place to get nutrition information. There are plenty of other free online calculators, too! There are 143 calories per donut.

  5. i doubled this recipe and got 18 donuts. The first round seemed to be lacking something, so I added some coconut palm sugar (2-4 T.) to the remaining batter and the next batch tasted much better.

  6. These turned out perfect! Other paleo chocolate donuts I have tried were too dry, these definitely were not. I used my mini donut maker (the one that’s like a waffle maker) and they turned out perfectly.
    Thanks for the recipe!!

  7. Oh my gosh! I love these! I tried a small sample after it came out of the oven and cooled a bit. I hadn’t even added the icing yet! They taste like chocolate cake but better because I don’t like chocolate cake. My husband is going to love these!

  8. i have a question- what type of mini choc chips are used since we cant have regular sweetened chips? and doesn’t the choc glaze need a sweetener?

  9. How am I discovering this recipe just now? So easy and fast to make! Both my little divas (3.5 years and almost 2 years) LOVED it, asking for seconds! Added in chia and flax seeds and eliminated the honey, since the chocolate chips provide enough sweetness. Next time, sneaking in spinach and carrots! Thank you for sharing this wonderful recipe!

    5.0 rating

  10. Hi, can i substitute or just add more flour instead of the coco powder for something else if i want to make them vanilla?

    Thank you?

  11. Lexi once again hits it out of the ballpark! I wanted to surprise hubby with a non egg breakfast. These donuts are cooling in the frig right now after I drizzled the chocolate and I cannot wait to have a whole one. The only donut pan I could find locally only makes 6, so with the overflow I was able to taste the donut holes? I had to sub sour cream for the applesauce, but these are still so yummy!!

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